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mising purchases

Final day to score a chunk of free BAP in the wagering competition!

January wagering competition has started and with it a chance for you to get a share of a 3 million BAP prize pool!

All you have to do is bet as much as possible on any of our games to qualify for one of the top 20 wagerer prizes. 

As of now it´s very easy to get into the list and win over 10% of bonus BAP compared to wagered bets (These are crazy odds and give you a big advantage over the house edge, resulting in about a 8-9% profit if you get into the list)

For more info and to play our games head over to

The competition ends at 23:59 Server Time.

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04/01/2019 17:41
Hello. Sorry to write here, but maybe this way someone will take notice of issues paidverts has.
I have not been on MTV recently so dont know if this is well known issue.
Basically my two purchases via neteller are missing, purchases of fixed bap ads. Its about $50 in value. Today tried purchasing with bitcoins too, think that will not be added too, even if the transaction went throw and I see it in my ads list, but it is not in system, as I can bet on the same ad space without any issues and it starts just from $1 even if few minutes ago I bet $2 on that space.
But that is nothing compared to no response from support. After submitting support ticket I got reply that it is forwarded to different department, and from then on nothing. I am waiting just few days, but even if that is not normally for a respectful company, what MTV makes of them self, it is even worse case for some other members as I have seen if forum who are waiting response for more then a month with their purchase or deposit missing. How to call that, you tell me...
Please do sort out your communication with clients issue and do it as fast as possible, if there is no finances for additional support staff then start making some changes in existing one.
Really guys, do something because its been a long time now when MTV is known for worst support ever.
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04/01/2019 18:12
I can agree that Jo era support had better support but ponzy era often means a lot of new funds with lot of  ponzy promises, thats why it was profitable on that part in past. This era has more sustainable product and that often means harder road but in the end will be long road profitable project.

I had same answer on different aspect of problem, but still I believe they will solve it. I do not want to think about part where I got not answer on where is my money? That would be something totally new from MTV-PV because I never ever had such problems with them, so yes I still do believe they will solve it. They did not answer on some product new ideas tickets, but on problem tickets they always did, so I still believe they do that part professional way.
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