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Litecoin cash flow problem ?

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26/06/2018 03:42
I requested a much higher litecoin cashout and it went on pending for too long so I decided to reduce it. So I have requested 200 dollars Litecoin cashout and yet it is pending 9 days ! What litecoin balance will go beyond 7 days normal waiting period ? 50 dollars ? I always thought Marc favors Litecoin so much over bitcoin that he would be willing to do litecoin payout much faster than bitcoin payout .... What is the problem ? 200 dollars is too much ? thanks
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26/06/2018 04:31
Someone requested and got paid:
LC ok $183.65 $176.054

Only ~$27 ($7+ right after server reset today.) has been paid to other users since that one.
And, b4 that 4 days cashouts were not being proccessed.

Seems like you have bad luck with regards to picking what will work the best at that moment in time.

Well, keep your head up, 14 days is almost here, so unless he has to give notice, you should be getting it soon.

And, posting here does not speed your request. They have no intention of fully letting you down.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
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26/06/2018 11:44
Noone is depositing with Litecoin OR Bitcoin for many months, since crypto has been in a bearmarket ever since January.
Litecoin has dropped like a brick from $400 to $75 and it is still crashing at a very fast pace.
Bitcoin on the other hand has been crashing from $20k to $5.8k.
Managing these cashouts hasn´t been easy at all.

At the same time, people are no longer exchanging their btc/ltc for Pm/Advcash/others on BMF anymore neither.

Our best chances for a constant inflow of new cryptocurrencies are our upcoming marketing efforts for PlayBitcoinGames.

As of now I have been able to pay everyone on time, but a constant stream of new users on PBG would seriously speed things up.
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26/06/2018 13:04
In the last week I deposited litecoin to move me up some bap groups. Thought there is no money being made holding it so might as well use it. My $75 is probably a drop in the ocean compared to amount required.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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26/06/2018 13:44
All money coming in is used for cashouts.
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