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btc cashout still pending?

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13/05/2017 23:39

I cashout not to blockchain, but to coinbase so I can easily convert the BTC to USD and send to my bank account.

My last cashout was indeed processed here fast, but has been pending on the other end for a few days now. Their support said it is because when there is high traffic the higher transaction fees are processed first by the blockchain network.

My question is how can I manually request to accept a higher transaction fee from MTV so withdrawals can be verified by the network more quickly? MTV is awesome at sending cashouts quick, but I assume we use the lowest possible fee (which I understand is great for users, not complaining)
missi - Forum moderator
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14/05/2017 00:28
Hi Tony .. unfortunately there is no way to request a higher fee. 

Thank you for the kind words for MTV.
Forum - Questions - btc cashout still pending?
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