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May 1st - News

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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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01/05/2017 15:52
** Security Tip **
Secure your account with 2 Factor Authentication: Go here!

Lock any payment option you don't use: Click here - Read what it does carefully!

We will reply to this thread throughout the day with any news and any other information!

Click the "Show only administrator posts" button above this post, to see today's news notifications. That'll hide all the user comments and chit-chat. (You can press "Show All Posts" if you want to read through all that).
PIN security feature has been added. You can set it up here!

When set you will need to enter it once per session when making actions/accessing areas of our websites that deal with money, shares, BAP, account settings or investments.

If you lose your PIN/enter it incorrectly 3 times, the only way to reset it, is by contacting our support, who may require additional identity verification.

Marc de Koning, CEO - Facebook
Paidverts - Facebook
Paidverts - Facebook
My Traffic Value - Facebook
Barter My Funds - Facebook
CoinFlip Evolved - Facebook
Warclicks - Facebook
Sumo Roll - Facebook
PlayBitcoinGames - Facebook

General development update:

During the last week we successfully finished the implementation of the panic button in the Sumo Roll application.
The game became far more enjoyable with this new feature.
Moreover we were able to introduce new ads into the game, Interstitial Ads from Google AdMob.
We truly believe that it will help a lot to achieve assumed application goals.
Also from the users point of view this shouldn't be annoying since the Interstitial Ad is pleasant to watch and appears only in game after being in the game for more than 3 minutes.

Below are the bigger changes which were made during the last week:

-Introduced handling of the panic button
-Introduced boost handler into app
-Added boost state handling on backend
-Introduced Interstitial Ad handling
-Added Interstitial Ad invoking on game over
-Changed game validators to take into account upgrades time modifications

Furthermore promo codes & free spins were added to both of our casinos:
Playbitcoingames and Playperfectmoneygames, so we successfully started campaigns on bitcointalk forum, allowing users to play slots for free. (To create exposure)
It should be much easier to encourage new users to register by giving them something for free.

We also provided several minor changes into other projects like displaying current rates in admin panel dashboard on BMF or handling unlimited number of promo codes (PV). progress:
-Password reset option from login form is now available by sending verification email.
-Ability to set social media links on home page has been added. Worth to mention a small improvement preventing AdBlock from removing icons.
-Sub Page module is ready to use from admin panel. Allows to create and fill additional information sub pages easily without code changes.
-Menu building for home page connected with Sub Page module has also been added.
-Internal performance improvements by overwriting permissions and settings implementations provided by vendor.


You have until May 5th, 23:59:59 to fund the newest crowdfunding campaign with which you're investing in us to trade cryptocurrencies on your behalf.

We have very good terms for you to profit from, don't pass up on this new, direct earning method on our platform.



I have a lot more to talk about but I want to end this post for now while adding just 1 more thing.

I have a request to everyone here.
Please go around on all of our websites and come up with whatever bugs, inconsistencies and improvements we can make.
We are currently trying to increase the quality of our products.

(We know that our Frequently Asked Questions and such are terribly outdated, which is something for another day)
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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01/05/2017 16:37
I bought vacaition mode for the first time on Wednesday. I haven't clicked any of my ads yet, and it clearly stated it only blocks new ads, so I bought it first before clicking, so I wouldn't forget. But, it blocked me out from clicking even the ads I already had there, hence I lost the ad issue.

It's wasn't a "terrible" occurrence and yes, I could have clicked the ads first, but still... as per inconsistencies/improvements, a fix for VM to only block new ads or a note that says that everything gets blocked immediately might be a welcome addition smile
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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01/05/2017 16:45
You've got it!
What more?
Traffic Value: $520.60691 United States
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01/05/2017 16:55
Warclicks is still not showing WZ graphics when using Firefox. This problem started after Firefox's update a week or so ago. Far as i know all other browser are fine. Ads do not work in Edge. You just get a black screen. You still get credit if you wait 30 seconds or longer. Both zones of the game for that one. Ad is both zone also seem to have some strange connecting to browsers in edge i will get at least 4 out of 6 video ads in BC. If i use firefox i am lucky to get 2. In WZ it 5 for 5 on video ad in edge but using firefox it 1 or 2 video ad. Not sure if this is something our team can fix or if it something with the provider.

Which leads up to my last find. Not sure how it was planned to work out in BC. But it seem every day it 4 video ads and 2 thank you for trying. if i do break that cycle one of them does not count and when i reopen it i get the thank you for trying. The only time i every managed to get the full 24 hours was the first week we had ads added to the BC.

Wow that is still around. Yes i remember having the same problem when i did VM a couple years ago. That would be a nice fix.
Traffic Value: $440.45087 Netherlands
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01/05/2017 17:03
i still see old banners here on MTV for PBG, those should really be updated
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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01/05/2017 18:31
The Monitor definitely needs continuous attention. You started some cleaning the last day(s) but that's not enough.

Putting any new additions or features aside, it is for now important to have it regularily monitored for program statuses and to approve new lsitings in reasonable amounts of time.
Traffic Value: $520.60691 United States
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01/05/2017 18:34 WZ in Firefox. loading page for WC in edge have to click on the click here to view more stats to fix this.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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01/05/2017 18:35
Anything regarding Warclicks we are aware of, but Andraz is on a short holiday until wednesday.

The PBG banners are already on my list.

Current list: (We've done many changes in the past week already)

-Vacation mode also blocks current ads, which it shouldn't (only new ones)


-Add visible ID number
-Implement new banners (Install them on the various cross referring spots on other websites as well)
-Pagination issue promo code-list
-Fix visual mahjong bug
-Mahjong monthly competition bug:
-Pyramid solitaire is not in the "Skill games" section

Games missing MD5 Hash:
- Super Slots (Also on PPMG)

Games missing house edge in the instructions

- Casino War
- Multistrike Poker
- Keno
- Compound Boxes
- Jacks or Better
- Super Slots

Show cash total right above the games (also on ppmg)


Show max balance AFTER fees for that pair to prevent errors/being unable to exchange
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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01/05/2017 18:59

Traffic Value: $291,721.65544 Netherlands
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01/05/2017 19:45
Improvements / suggestions?

The most people have left MTV / PV because they don’t earn money for a long period or even worser they lose a lot of money because the debt swaps. So you need to focus to let people earn money again instead of only MTV earn money / daily revenues. What can people care if MTV gets daily revenues nobody see anything from it back for how long now 2 years? The only way people can earn money here is by clicking ads en playing SumoRoll (really small amounts but you can earn) so thats not enough. Simple said I know but I like the idea of the funding page and the try out for Crypto trading. Is see MTV as a crowdfunding base and we have a very bad name because of all the debt swaps. So we need to get of the ponzi and HYIP bullshit. -> Remove the monitor and investment page on MTV.
Crowdfunding base
- Make sure there is always at least one project the crowd can fund.
- Let the fund investors  earn small amounts of money each week. Its good for the trust and people have a reason to come back every week. (example the marketing payouts for ppmg)
- Change the yellow MyTrafficValue logo in the left corner with a crowdfunding slogan under it.
- The funding page is a little bit hide on the MTV website and not even visible on the other Future Business websites. So make a small square banner (like the BMF, PBG, PPMG banners in the left) from a funding campagne and place it in the same spot as the other square banners.
- Let people pitch ideas and if it is a good idea and will be funded and built give him / her a share of all the revenues.
Marc you said to me that the marketing is a real problem and especially on facebook. Such a small range of people, less visitors and not much likes? Why don’t let people earn between the $0,10 - $0,50 (random) for every facebook like on the Future Corp facebook pages and likes on the placed messages over there?
- Pay very very small dividends every week so people have a reason to come back to the site every single week.
- Allow only one bid / sell offer from the same user. So we don’t have full pages from one user with offers.
- Create a free play mode for all the games on both casino’s.
- Make the PPMG layout the same as the PGB layout only with a red background and images instead of the purple ones from PBG.
- Make more video slot games with multiple lines. You can use a big part of the same code and only need to change the graphics and slot layouts.
- Make a live casino table with blackjack or roulette.
- Make a reward / loyalty system so people want to come back and play more often so they earn more points.

How about to translate the whole website in more languages? I don’t know if there are a lot visitors from example big nations like China / Japan? For some reason thinking about a SumoRoll version in their own languages.
Sumoroll (2.0)
- Create levels and a level ladder (dont know if the translation is right) like candy crush.
- Make more elements. Only the small and big pillar are to boring and always the same. I think about levels and elements in the style of different nations. A Dutch level with mills to jump over and that kind of stuff? wink
- Why we cant pickup things like coins or coin multipliers? Yes I played sonic and mario very often in the past.

I Like it and a very good real product. Is there no possibility to add more coins in some way?

........No inspiration. 
My post is good and long enough for now xD
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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01/05/2017 20:35
Thank you for your suggestions.

We are not after new products as of now.
Most of the ideas you brought up are unrealistic, which you could have known after our conversation 2 days ago.

All these things either need an army of programmers or a lot of money which we don't have. (You made it sound like we are living a very luxurious life while offering you no options to earn yourselves in my opinion)
Everyone who has been around for a while knows that "making money for mtv/the portfolio" is the method for you to earn once we run profitably, which currently we are not.

For example the games with fun money sound like a good idea, but it's simply not realistic.

3-7 days per game just to change the code to support some fun currency and then spread it across the websites.
x27 games= No products being built for a looooong time.

Live dealers= Cash we don't have
Paying people for likes = Something I will never do, you either like the business or you don't.. But paying for likes really means nothing and it's a bad way to spend your marketing budget.

PPMG's design works perfectly as it looks and feels like Perfect Money and people feel like it's an official partner of PM.

Dividends = Cash we don't have

Constant products on the funding page would require far more programmers


The only thing we can do is create a set of banners for the campaign page, that's something we will do.

We are about to finish a portuguese translation for Paidverts.

We don't have any chinese or japanese people on the team or even have any in our network (google translate does not work)

We are planning to build a number of unique slots in the near future.


I made the post to get bugs ironed out and make small changes/improvements to the current products.
Most of our programmers are already very busy with MyMatrix, Paidverts and more.
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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01/05/2017 23:58
A few comments/suggestions

Paidverts (Android App)
Would be great if you didn't have to login all the time.  It even logs me out sometimes whilst using the app.

Paidverts (BAP games)
I've mentioned this before (but would like to see a comment from Marc).  What are your thoughts on bumping the house edge by say 1-2%? (could even just be on CoinFlip).  Obviously you still want the games to be attractive to users, but I feel this would be a relatively simple change, which would possibly control the BAP debt.

I keep seeing mention of a panic button and shop, but don't see in the App.  Has this happened or is it happening soon?

Would like to hear an update on how this is performing.  It seems to me that the frequency and value of transactions is increasing, but would be great to have that quantified.

Would like to see a running transaction total for each processor on the site, as this allows us to track progress and gives potential new users confidence.

Oh...and this just occurred to me.  In the places you have the BMF logo advert (i.e. under the Paidverts balance) could this be changed to the widget?  Think people would be much more likely to use it.
Traffic Value: $283.24108 Philippines
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02/05/2017 00:55
PaidVerts App

I can't buy bulk ads on the app because I have PIN enabled and the PIN security system is not available on the app.
Traffic Value: $520.60691 United States
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02/05/2017 01:09
BMF is completely useless to USA users unless we want to using it to exchange
crypto currencies. Cause all the other processor do not deal in the US. Then again that always has been a major drawback to this whole program lack of processors for the US.
Not anything i except to see change any time soon cause the main US friendly processor would have a fit about being added to BMF.
Traffic Value: $100.39598 India
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02/05/2017 02:34
I suggest 'an automatic upgrade' in my matrix this feature will make it unique and convenient for members.

Without this feature after some time all matrix get stalled as people stop upgrading at higher levels.
Traffic Value: $683.06885 India
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02/05/2017 04:31
Agree with Folx ideas, except the idea to remove monitor section. We really underrate that product, and actually don't even consider it a product. While the reality is that many people just visit MTV to find about new monitors, refbacks, status of the monitor or just discuss about a particular monitor. Like in the past FBR and Bitluna did. Many of the members never comment in MTV news, but are very active in monitor section. Also many visitors from organic search or regular visitors keep an eye on monitor section, even though they are not MTV members. So removing the monitor section from MTV would be a sin, in my opinion!!
Traffic Value: $283.24108 Philippines
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02/05/2017 04:38
And I still have the "visual bug" of having a different displayed cash balance and a real cash balance.
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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02/05/2017 05:13
Its time for understanding importance of Dividend in stock. So, plan to give any little amount dividend to top holders, which is better than no dividend.

like, if someone have more than 1 million share, then they have eligible for weekly dividend.

dividend paid from earning of market exchange fees.

30% earning from RP Exchange fees will be paid weekly as dividend to RP holders, who have more than 1 million stake in account.

Total RP value of top holders = app. 345 miilion .. In company account 229 million (including marc)

if you reject company account then top holders stake value is 120 Million only,

Avg weekly earning from market > app. 300$ +

if you paid, 100$ dividends from market earning, that is worth of approx 1$ for 1 million RP.

In this way .. more than 50 peoples in near neck of 1 million stake.. so they will try to reach that 1 million group and keep market price as steady while competition between neck of 1 million stake holders.

dividend earning will be raise, if RP price increase.

This dividend plan script changes take one day only.

1 > build top holder who one have more than 1 million, and remove company member.

2 > divide RP value with 1000000 and round of that RP value as 2 point decimal .. like if have 3240000, turn to 3.24

3> input box for dividend value and divide it with total rounded rp to calculate share for 1 million.

example : Dividend 50 $ , total RP 135.47
>>> 50 / 135.47 = $ 0.369 for 1 million

 0.369 is the dividend value of 1 million RP.

multiply this value to every account Rounded RPs for distributing dividend.

example : R.RP = 2.17 * 0.369= $0.8007 dividend, if he have 2170050 RP.

So, i think it will be drive RP price to top level as minimum 0.03 to 0.05 in 3 months, because of Dividend announcement.

Purchase now in lower price and earn big return in shortly.
Traffic Value: $7,212.45963 Malaysia
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02/05/2017 06:44
if want to give dividend better for the benefit of all RP holders... not everyone here is afforded to buy 1M RP..

just settle down FTQ first and then we talk about dividend... MyMatrix is coming..that our huge potential revenue to pay FTQ...
Traffic Value: $8.37862 India
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02/05/2017 11:37
 Solving the frequent login problem in paidverts app will be so helpful. Also i have another suggestion. I dont know if it will be profitable or not. I believe SumoRoll is server based. So if we make a channel between Sumoroll and FlipcoinEvolved to tranfer coins we earned in the Sumoroll to flip coin evolved and vice versa i think it will be great.
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