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slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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11/02/2019 07:53
*personal opinion start*

@dj86ns I don't completely agree with the comparison to Games or Ad packs achievements, as completion of those is indirectly related to countries' wages, so in reality most sort of achievements fall under the "unfairness category" to some degree as well. But for some reason, when the same issue comes to a "free source", people seem to be more affected by that, when it all originates from the same thing (more or less).

As in that sense, even offering offerwalls and extra earnings to those members that have more available should be considered unfair and they should be removed, because it allows some users an opportunity to earn more in the first place.

If we could, we'd have the same offerwalls for every user, but that's not how the world and demand/supply works unfortunately. It just depends on what the offerwalls have available, which again depends on what their clients are willing to pay/advertise for. They have no reason what so ever to not give offers to certain country "out of spite" - it's simply that no one is willing to pay for that.

* Enjoying the discussion though, you have constructive points which is great to see and reflect upon.

*personal opinion end*

Anyway, in regards to the achievements themselves, we'll definitely consider it with care, and not put too much weight on them, as it indeed seems to feel unfair to a big portion of the members.

We also want to have a look at the login/activity achievement & daily reward, as it currently doesn't allow for any leeway/random occurrence whatsoever, and is extremely unfriendly to the user. BUT again, if for example, that would be more friendly and allow for leeway of missing a day in some sort of occurrences, it would simply result in more people achieving it and raising the cap to the higher groups.

That's ultimately the thing you have to keep in mind - as if we start making achievements in such a way that "everyone can easily achieve them" then the whole point of the higher achievement groups will suddenly start diluting. So it's a tough balance to hit between "everyone can complete them" and basing them on actual value that a user delivers to the site.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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11/02/2019 10:55
From today onwards we don't support Advcash on our websites anymore.
This might change in the future.
Traffic Value: $126.31496 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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11/02/2019 13:01
hi all , I wanted to ask if its possible to add minutestaff offerwall , I don't know how much it will earn only that is the only thing i can do use to get anything  for my country
Traffic Value: $635.20614 Serbia
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11/02/2019 14:26
@slosumo I am glad this is seen as a discussion and not "just another negative comment war". smile
Ok, I see your comparison between money/offerwall limitations. Just make sure not to introduce too many "filters" that will turn away a lot of people and make PV/MTV exclusive for rich in developed countries only.

*Personal opinion*

Don't get me wrong, I know PV/MTV is not charity for really unfortunate people. There are organizations dedicated to doing just that and our business model is not oriented that way. I am an idealist, but not a blind one. grin Promoting PV/MTV as places to invest defines what kind of place our platform is and who can profit from being its member.

I only care about the fairness of a platform for everyone who can get through "money" filter and afford to participate in the company's profits. Those members should have an opportunity to become a VIP member if they already decided to be part of it, no matter how hard it is to achieve it. What is important here is not to make it impossible. If "not having enough money for something serious" is the first filter, than offerwall achievements could be another one if done poorly. It would further deflect members who can afford to participate to a certain level, but can't advance because they are not allowed to work for that extra incentive (yes, i am in that group of people) due to offerwall limitations that come from nature of marketing market (demand/supply). In other words, not allowing members to advance further by indirectly denying them the chance to work  with "too important" offerwall achievements.

About achievements difficulty I completely agree, they shouldn't be easy, it should be something that proves how devoted member is to PV/MTV causes and business platform. I like how the last few levels are hardcore and scary. grin It's like game achievements and in the spirit of that analogy, just be sure to not make achievements that are essential to completing the game, but are accessible only to certain members.

I know I overkilled with my point and with this topic, but I just wanted to express my concerns and check if your thoughts are in the right place. I find PV/MTV as an entry platform for a wide crowd range where people can get to know this company and decide should they follow people behind it into new business adventures. Then, with time you can build platforms for serious and "privileged" people, charities etc. I know you guys have talent and brains for that. As a matter of fact, I wish you to achieve all that and more. That way I would love myself for making a fantastic decision having stayed with people that are of a good kind. smile Not that I feel any different now... smile

*Personal opinion end*
Don't have an objective one. grin
Enough from me. If you wish your word to be final, write, I can live with that. grin I don't' write often, but when I do...
Traffic Value: $892.42899 India
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11/02/2019 18:37
Nice cash offers. Today I got nearly $0.20
Traffic Value: $952.82322 Hungary
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11/02/2019 21:47
Can we know why you don't support AdvCash anymore?
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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12/02/2019 00:10

I personally do not do the offerwalls, but would it be possible for you to use a VPN to allow you to access some/higher value offers?

This may be seen by some as cheating the system, but if the system is designed to exclude people then perhaps it's the system that's wrong.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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12/02/2019 02:05
Don't use VPN.

I can't be certain,but even if you get the money, the provider may not give the site the money and so you are cutting all of us. Also, I think if the provider detects a VPN you may get it revoked/ and or banned from completing offers in the future.

AS far as "wrong" for not wanting a certain country (or hey, sureys don't like me, go figure), that truly is on the one who paid the provider to get their product out there. It's not exactly the same but Advertisers buy ads for TV programs based on how many 18-49 year olds are watching the show. The number is a bit older for Cable News and younger for Disney/Nick. No matter how we feel about it, thems the breaks, and even if all your 15 year olds are watching the show and not enough 18-49 year olds, your show will be cancelled. Tough luck.
Traffic Value: $892.42899 India
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12/02/2019 19:43
In two days I got 1$ in offer and got daily bonus of 20 bap (21 days)+40 bap for 7 days <3
Traffic Value: $952.82322 Hungary
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13/02/2019 06:46
There are bugs at the offerwalls. I have completed 5 offers and reached $6, but I can see only this.

A bigger problem is that I often don't receive the reward after completing an offer, and the support doesn't answer. It happened with Offertoro once, and now again with a game offer. I can send message to the support with screenshots, but I don't get any email, nor the status changes in the "My Cents" menu.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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17/02/2019 19:06
It seems we're making the deadline of the 20th. Get ready for the upcoming news topic wink
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