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February 6th - News

Perfect Money back to being operational!

Our perfect money issue has been solved!

All cashouts have been processed and all new ones will be processed within 24-48 hours max again.
Thank you for your patience!

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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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06/02/2019 21:31
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Right now I am about halfway my stay in Slovenia and boy has it been productive!
We are about 85% done discussing the details of our new project, we've discussed a ton of things about Warclicks such as the growth of the past few months, the approach for the upcoming year, marketing, financial goals etc etc.
But we've also looked into Paidverts and decided we can tweak a bunch of things to make it even better without having to invest too much time into it.

-Make the achievements/rewards widget smaller
-Show achievement/ref ad issue's next group info for incentive to climb
-Point out "convert BAP to cash" better
-A ton of offerwall display/UI/UX improvements
-Add a button for payment proofs next to cashouts
-Fix the "Report ad"-bug on top banners
-Disable/hide multiplayer games because they don't currently work
-Hide CFE link from daily tasks (As it's currently simply confusing and doesn't contribute at all
-Check all the processor fees, adjust them if needed
-Look into changing the % of ref/achievement ad issue distribution
-Make some changes to CFE to make it viable to be reenabled and start earning some money again
-Add new PV achievements – for games, ads, diff ad types separately
-New offerwall achievements
-Add referral competition link on referral page and possibly on other places
-Look into additional ways to reduce BAP debt on PV (mainly improve free BAP giveaway!)
-Change delivery of group 0 to start at 0 BAP instead of 100? (What do you think about this?)

Regarding the new project:

We aim to provide all of the information and start the project funding around the 20th.
This gives us time to fully specify the website, give the programmers some time to run through it and estimate how much time will be required and it will give us the time to contact 1/more of our old programmers to speed this project up.

We are very excited about it and expect it to be very attractive for both the user and the company.
I will personally definitely help funding the build of it.

Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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06/02/2019 21:58
That's only 5 days after my paycheck comes in. I'll keep a 100$ aside, should it really be a good project smile

As far as the achivements go, I've always kind of expected them to be more fluid in nature - more in the way of activity rewards than achivements alone (some users are already guaranteed top-achivement for life, all based on long forgotten actions).

If you'd ask me, I'd put preety much the whole reward system entirely in the way of procedural activity. All of the specific parts (games, logins, ads etc.) would still remain, but they would instead add up only for a limited period of time (a month, half a year or maybe the whole year). After that time they would reset for everyone (maybe add some extra points for the next round for best achievers) and start anew.
The money distribution for the achievement issue would as usual take into account current achievement points gained, but, I would see it handy and hassle-reductive if levels for all members would only be calculated on a weekly basis. The system could do it over the weekend, on sunday, and for the whole week users would be placed into the groups as calculated. This way users could have time to do some planing and prepare for every week separately and, it would aleviate some of the stress from the system as it would only be doing the calculations once weekly.

All in all, with achievement system like this, we could really have some wind blowing through PV that would boost overall activity. It would preety much translate into big users still being big, but it would add a fairer chance of fortunes for smaller players aswell, as the system would continually refesh itself, having nothing carved in stone too hard, and always offering another chance for users that might have missed it this time.

Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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06/02/2019 23:00
 as long as long time members that have been loyal for so long still get a lot of benefits i could agree on those kind of changes. We have been the members that are still around after some tough years where 95% of them walked away.

I still think an option/button to donate to the site could be doing good, If like 5000 members daily give back 100 baps to the site that could result into some nice bap debt reduction. You give the members the option to donate and you dont force them. Eventually we would all benefit with a lower bap debt.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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07/02/2019 09:44
@Vixthra I see your point, but in a way the achievement groups already kinda "reset" constantly, every day, as users quit/go inactive (Which is natural occurrence on any site), as the system only takes into account active members for the distribution/groups.

So new members gaining a bit of ACH points can already easily enter the lower tier groups of ACH. And to get into the higher groups, you have to be consistently active/grow your account, to get into over the mid/long term, and with that unlocking additional "guaranteed" earnings.

That long term account building is the main idea and incentive behind the whole APS system, as it incentivizes users to a long term commitment. It is the only part of the earnings one can get that is not only reliant on BAP, making it an important part of account growing for a regular PTC user (not a big spender).

Changing that to a rolling system, would devalue that part of the APS system a whole lot, and also devalue the groups themself - as if more members can reach the "high tier" groups via constant activites, it would simply result in the APS ad issues to be far more diluted between the members.

That said, a rolling system does have some benefits (we are actually considering if we should add some rolling achievements), so it might make sense to make it a hybrid, but majority of the weight should still stay with the non-rolling achievements, due to above reasons.

Another thing to note is that we can't forget about the daily BAP rewards, which are mostly a rolling system by themselves, and cover some of the things a "longterm" APS system doesn't.

I personally don't see much benefit from doing calculations weekly, as it removes instant gratification. Might make it more casual for a long time member, but definitely not for a new user (which is where we should improve our system the most). Still thanks for your input, always good to double check all angles smile

@jordy I know it's not "completely the same" psychologically, but if you want to donate, you can just play some of the games, accomplish the same thing and have some fun doing it. Or just not click your daily activation ads.

Furthermore, I think you vastly overestimate how many members would do that. If such a system was implemented, I would be surprised if more than a few dozen members would choose to do so regularly. And that would hardly result in any sizeable change.

Everyone is here to earn, and I don't see why anyone with such a purpose would like to "donate" in that way. If anything, various daily lottery ideas, account customization options, membership/benefits would make a lot more sense, and have a bigger effect on BAP reduction.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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07/02/2019 15:55
With usually a minimum ROI of 70% I think you should make it a plan to direct maybe 1% to 5% of all daily earnings from the site to buying shares and converting them to BAP and then deleting this BAP. I'm pretty sure a buy program would be easy. We have had bots do this kind of thing in the past before we stopped them

Where else are you going to get a 70%+ ROI safely?

If the market reacts negatively (and thus attempts to lower the ROI), you can always set a floor at something like 50% and then you can put a hold on
Traffic Value: $952.82322 Hungary
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07/02/2019 18:44
It's good to see these improvements/adjustments on PV.

Regarding the payment processor fees, the Bitcoin cashout fee is way too high, it should have been set back long ago. The Neteller deposit fee is also very high, which wouldn't be such a problem if Skrill would be available. I think we could get more income from advertising, if there would be an option to deposit money from bank account/credit card quickly and with low fee. It's not possible since PayPal is not an option, and also Skrill and AdvCash is still not available for some reason.

I agree with changing the lower limit of group 0 to 0 BAP. I think it would increase the chance that new members would stay active.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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07/02/2019 18:58
Bitcoin cashout fee can't really be set lower, as the bitcoin we use for invoice paying and cashouts is far higher than what we receive, hence we have to cover for exchange fees, as well as for volatility.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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07/02/2019 19:02
That was quite the day at the office!
We discussed the specifics of the core components of the site and after about 30 ideas and options we came up with, we suddenly stumbled upon a solution which was a great compromise.
These were the final details we had to discuss in person for it to be effective/fast, now the writing of the project starts and a ton of other things which we can do over telegram such as UI/UX/Design, sale-specifics and a ton of other things.

As stated before we are planning to release the news and start the funding of the project at around the 20th.
Expect a very extensive and detailed news post, which will clarify the full specs, reasoning etc etc as to why we are going to build this product. (I believe most of you like the longer and more detailed news posts anyway LOL)
Meanwhile, try to stock up on some funds so we can fund this project fast.
Even if not fully crowd funded, we are planning to build it anyway as I will most likely fund it myself.

Exciting times are coming!
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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07/02/2019 19:29
What will be the terms of the investment, so I can determine the amount I want to invest, depending on the project.
Traffic Value: $4,969.3683 Spain
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07/02/2019 21:32
Could it be the posibility of funding this project from the money from crypto fund (getting the 90% refund)? Otherwise if I ask for a refund I would have to sell all RPs pretty fast, dropping the market to around 0.0005$ (and also losing about 20-30% of my investment. But in case it could be done, I would probably like to invest 4300$ (the 90% of it) in that new project.
Otherwise I would keep the RPs
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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07/02/2019 21:39
We can't fund a project with debt, sorry.
Also, I was kinda hoping you wouldn't ask for a refund since your investment is by far the largest.. tongue
Traffic Value: $688.34546 Serbia
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07/02/2019 22:21
Please, no offerwall  achivements. It would only give unfair advantage to those members who live in countries that are supported to receive more offers, than countries like mine (Serbia), where 90% of those offers are not available for my country or something. Award those that do offerwall jobs in some other ways, like BAPs or free banners, no need for achivement points.

Achivements should be a section where every member can clear those milestones and have equal chance to get to top 1% as any other member. Offerwalls by itself doesn't offer same chances to members in terms of earning money, which means that achivement points from those jobs  would make it unfair toward members from third world countries and others who don't receive enough jobs to clear that achivement milestone.
Traffic Value: $214.96203 Bosnia and Herzegowina
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08/02/2019 07:57

I agree with you. rewarding aps for offers would kill our chance  to get to 1% . im from Bosnia and i dont even have 5% working offers.
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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09/02/2019 19:24
Have you made any changes to the offerwalls? There are actually some paid surveys there now, lol grin
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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09/02/2019 20:03
Yes Vixthra, there were some tweaks made regarding how we load the offerwalls that might affect it, as well as improving the user experience and visibility A LOT.

If you consistently have issues/no offers in a specific offerwall, you can always let us know (and which browser you are using) so we can have a second look and see if we can improve something. Often it might be just a fill issue, but as we are now taking time for some additional improvements we're happy to look more into it.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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09/02/2019 20:44
On the topic of potential achievements for offerwall completion, I hear your concerns. And while our decision on that is not final, I'd like to ask you all to take a broader look on such a change and what it would bring, before judging it from a negative standpoint only. *sorry for the long post*

First of all, the benefits of achievement related to offerwalls give another incentive for everyone to try and complete as many offerwalls, which could add an important factor of growing this source of revenue, as well as guiding more people to use them regularly and earn more, which benefits everyone.

Secondly, the achievement points awarded for these could be minimal, to not give these achievements too much weight and creating an "unfair advantage". And even with minimal points awarded, it would still maintain its use of guiding and incentivizing more users to complete them regularly.

Thirdly, I'm afraid that a lot of you might be looking at some changes from a too "personal" standpoint, which is understandable to be a first reaction, but I'd again employ you to try to see additional potential benefits this could bring to ALL indirectly. In the advertising industry, rates are different for different targeting groups, that's a fact based on simple math/supply-demand. In case of offerwalls this also means that someone in a higher paying target group/country, might need additional incentives to complete these offers, compared to someone from a lower paying target group, as the relative earnings for them might be smaller.

And if via such incentives we can have more of the users from higher paying tiers complete offerwalls regularly, that's great for the business and the health/profitability of the whole system.

Let me just give an example of how this might help everyone more, even with POTENTIALLY "losing an APS group" due to this (although even this should not be as severe/common as one might think just because of a new achievement added):

Let's say this would help regularly incentivize 5% of our membership (~1000) which is in a high-paying tier, to on average each complete $1 worth of extra offers per month. This would create an additional ~$250 revenue we could use for paying members' FTQ/ad issues. This is about a 3% increase of current ad issues on a monthly basis, for EVERYONE, for all ad issue types. On top of that it'd give all those members an extra $750 earnings - making them more engaged/spending with the website on long term, creating even more site-wide value.

Yes, there would be some cases, where it could result in someone being "thrown" out of a group because of that, and even with that overall increase in earnings, make slightly less, but we're talking about mostly cents of difference here for this small amount of users. While it would help EVERYONE earn more.

Again, nothing is final, and if we do decide to add such achievements, we can always make points rewards relatively small to not shift the groups, but still keep that extra incentive there. Mainly I just wanted to illustrate a more general point of how sometimes what might seem as a negative thing for someone, might actually be an improvement (for everyone) when looking at the big picture.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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10/02/2019 05:31
$250 Revenue vs $750 earnings...that's a 75% user earned to siteearned ratio...I thought our offers were set up to be the best in the industry and thus ~95%+?
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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10/02/2019 06:42
Most sites have a 50-70% ratio.
Traffic Value: $55.15772 Bangladesh
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10/02/2019 10:55
How long need to reply for support team ? I had a missing deposit issue
Traffic Value: $688.34546 Serbia
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10/02/2019 13:06

I guess your idea to give minimal points for offerwall achievements is ok as long as it does not disturb the balance between top groups. Maybe my comment sounded too against offerwall achievements, but essentially what I wanted to say is to come up with some way to award offerwall workers while keeping it as fair as possible for all members.

What is bugging me here is that we are talking about rewarding a job system that does not deliver tasks equally to workers around the world, regardless of how strong someone's will is to do them for an extra buck. In our games, for example, members can choose to insert some money in order to play and clear achievements or not. Depends on someone's will to do so. Offrewalls don't give that chance. It doesn't matter if a member is willing to invest its time in completing offers if he lives in a country for which offerwalls don't deliver enough tasks if any.

I realize advantages of incentivizing people to do offerwalls, it brings extra money to our system, activating dormant part of member base that is here only to click on ads or collect dividends and whatnot. That's good, but it's not ok if profit comes from favoring certain members that come from richer, more populated countries as opposed to the rest.

If you believe that you can make a fair awarding system that is based on something like offerwalls, than by all means do it. I underline the word "believe", because "thinking" you can do it won't help. I give you my full support to carefully consider and create it and not make something that will make things worse and than wait for months for someone to revise what was made. We can all agree there are many things on PV that were made, then abandoned and now are lingering around confusing and frustrating people, like Coinflip Evolved, Multiplayer Poker etc. Those things at least don't affect members groups and levels, but offerwall points will if done in the wrong way, which can alienate people much faster. I hope you get what I mean. I can only compare my point with "Pay-to-win" games since you have experience with the gaming industry and know how that type of games alienate gamers quickly.

I felt the benefits of being in Top 1% and due to my mistake of not signing up 365 days in a row, I fell to lower group, but I would like to know that I can still return to top 1% and not have to curse my destiny, country, systems and whatever else for living in a place that no one cares, even MTV/PV. I know it sounds personal, but it's actually based on experience of 7 years or more working on countless PTC's before Paidverts came. I tried committing to doing offerwalls, but I never had success, due to their business politics.

I find MTV/PV to be the place where everyone can achieve something big, regardless of their geography, race or some other social label. I just wish for it to stay that way, hence constructive criticism.
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