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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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03/08/2017 19:58
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Today we re-enabled all cryptocurrency activities across our platforms!

This means you are able to deposit,purchase, play and cash out as you wish.

It also means that MyMatrix is back in business, with its brand new fee structure!

Level 1:0.005
Level 2:0.008
Level 3:0.017
Level 4:0.034
Level 5:0.17
Level 6:0.34


We all know that last month's earnings for PlayBitcoinGames were not good at all.
We lost over $16000,- to 2 lucky gamblers, while bitcoin dipped $600/coin, which added even a bit more stress.

Our marketing efforts for PlayPerfectMoneyGames seem to be working out!
We achieved a new yearly high last month!

Oct - 16 8018.03169
Nov - 16 4296.63803
Dec - 16 13414.41281
Jan - 17 2770.82593
Feb - 17 9694.92726
Mar - 17 5499.81709
Apr - 17 5942.38512
May - 17 10072.7896
Jun - 17 5765.64474
Jul - 17 10702.74814

We know it's still very, very early on in the month, but we are aiming to beat last month's result and it seems we might very well do so!

Sending free spins to users of BarterMyFunds who used Perfect Money in the past has proven to be successful!

Furthermore we will continue to spread ppmg on review websites who review our site for free, casino forums and we have decided to create a facebook page after all.


In the next few days we are adding Ethereum on a number of our platforms, namely:

-My Traffic Value

This allows us to promote playbitcoingames on ethereum forums as well and opens the possibility of doing additional cross referring between BMF and PBG in the future.


Next week the balances of PlayBitcoinGames will be transformed from USD to crypto.
This takes away the risks of $-fluctuations and makes sure we have a solid house edge.


In about 2-3 weeks from now the Paidverts changes should be finished, which we will use to generate more traffic and as a result make us far more attractive for advertisers.

It will help users to generate the maximum amount of income, help us generate more income as well and decrease the overall debt.
It will also make it worth the effort to promote Paidverts again, as the system is built in a way that it stimulates people to come back and makes it very clear why they should return for longer periods of time, which means that referrers will earn more money.


Currently we have a wagering competition ongoing on My Traffic Value until the 14th of August, in which you are being rewarded if you are among the top 20 wagerers during that period.

Click here to find out more!

Later this month we will have a wagering competition on PlayBitcoinGames as well and there will be many more events and discounts on all of our websites.. Stay tuned!

Traffic Value: $520.60691 United States
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03/08/2017 22:58
Sound good Marc. Glad to see PPMG is picking up users and bring in money. hopefully it keep that upward trend going. Sound like a great idea to switch all  balance over to crypto on PBG. Cant wait to see the changes to paidverts.
Traffic Value: $1,223.3901 Bangladesh
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04/08/2017 06:26
On going wagering competition at the same time prize pool money $530. Lets play......... to keep your position top twenty.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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04/08/2017 16:41
I'm getting a good vibe of energy and excitement from that post Marc. It is good to see you are feeling upbeat
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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05/08/2017 19:59
A couple points about the side banner and this is not to sound negative. Unless those company banners are actually generating revenues(as someone who has experience in this area) then I think it is time to lower the costs of the side banners until we find the clearing point that will fill up the advertising every day. $10 appears to be too high. I know many sites that will sell a side banner to our type of crowd for $1 per day and lower (some even have monthly rates). Just because we think they are worth $10 starting bid it doesn't mean the customer will buy. We need to sell those for what the customer will pay

I suggest you drop the starting bid to $5 for a month or so and if that does not work then drop it lower. Having no customers for months can't cut it here. We need to generate revenue and, as I said, if we are getting good revenue from in house banners then disregard this message.

I'll do what I can here by trying to buy one banner per week there (assuming it delivers the clicks) but I think people will buy when we start competing at market prices

Not everyone is making cash flow here so I can understand their reluctance to spend the ad bucks
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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06/08/2017 00:15
This is very early in the day...

How much did this user spend to get this much to bet that much that fast?

User #41669 +2,000 815,267,840
Traffic Value: $283.24108 Philippines
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06/08/2017 11:17

How about selling the spots for the 10 x 1% personal ads as part of the fixed ads?

There will be 10 fixed ad spots for that.

However, I doubt if more than five spots will be filled up. Because there might only be a few members who buy adpacks every day.

But these are valuable ad spots because these are only shown to proven buyers. They may have better conversion value.
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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06/08/2017 13:21

There are actually a ton of roulette strategies that will let you bet many times with a really small chance for both losses and gains and keep your bankroll fairly steady. Remember the contest isn't about winning, its about how much you bet.  

2 column / red strategy is one.

 Place a flat bet each spin so there is no progression.  Bet the same amount on both the first two columns and on red.   You will see the third column has more red spaces then the other two which is why this one works well.  If you just keep betting this way with no change you have a really high chance of either winning small, or barely losing each spin

Only way you can lose is if those 4 blacks on the third column show up or zero.  The rest will either pay you back or win slightly.  This way you can keep playing for a long time and as long as you stop when your a bit ahead or don't chase a loss you got a shot grin
Traffic Value: $1,274.48527 Romania
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06/08/2017 13:39
Guys is just had an idea on how to increase adpack sales.The mtv banners :3 small +1 big are unused,right?
So why not make everyday a competition on who buys the most adpacks?the first 4 spots will take the mtv banners for few hours-day etc .What do you think?Also,have a live score for the adpacks so users can outbid each other(buy more packs).
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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06/08/2017 13:52
That is one idea Crimson. You can also give extra advertising to the top purchaser or the top five or ten. The ones that buy the most get double or something along that line
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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06/08/2017 15:36
There should also be a chatroom for anyone playing casino games!
Traffic Value: $1,311.728 India
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06/08/2017 16:04

As a programmer myself, I can say it will require much of the programming time (depending on the complexity of the code written, etc)

Even though it sounds easy to implement a small thing, it really isn't.

But +1 to the idea smile

There are many innovative ideas, but we lack the programmers to implement.
Traffic Value: $1,223.3901 Bangladesh
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06/08/2017 16:47

Thank's to explaying how to better play roulette. Actually I don't know how to better play. Because of its my 1st playing. Next time I shall try to best And wining the chance. Thank's again.
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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06/08/2017 20:48
Remeber there is no way to win roulette. Just beat the house edge until it catches up with you. I have turned a 50$ deposit into hundreds on here several times, then lost it all in 10 minutes... The real skill with any of these games is stopping when you should.
Traffic Value: $1,223.3901 Bangladesh
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06/08/2017 21:16
Have any tips to win Coin flip?
gugakip - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $739.34329 Belgium
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06/08/2017 21:25
Be lucky! tongue
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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06/08/2017 22:47
Yeah I stay away from coin flip myself. Only tip for all games is to try and play only when you see nobody else is playing also. Cause any strategy you use only works if other spins or flips aren't messing up the math.

However what I just said is the classic gamblers fallacy since it all really is random. There are a few people who constantly bet 100 each turn in coin flip for hours at a time. have no idea if their winning or not though.
Traffic Value: $1,580.44784 Romania
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07/08/2017 19:39
What can i do with coins from shotout champs? If i remember the coins are counting into a standing? Where i can view it? 
Traffic Value: $6,436.0874 Saudi Arabia
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10/08/2017 10:51
@ Money37

You are inviting a 10k bap fine by selling your rps one at a time to avoid fees. wink
Traffic Value: $46.06379 Finland
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10/08/2017 13:30
This reads on PV Blackjack page: "pen Sans">Play this same game at My Traffic Value with your ad click earnings!pen Sans"> 
pen Sans">No signup required. Login with your PaidVerts username and password."

But there is not blackjack on MTV, or even PBG or PPM sites, why??
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