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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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01/08/2017 16:51
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When set you will need to enter it once per session when making actions/accessing areas of our websites that deal with money, shares, BAP, account settings or investments.

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Today our 2 week wagering competition on My Traffic Value started!
Last time we were able to give away over $1300 in prize money to the 20 lucky winners!

The prize pool is made up of 10% of the profits of ALL of our MTV games during this 2 week period, but only a few games allow you to take a piece of this pie!
The games that take part in this competition are all low house edge games so you perhaps profit both on the games and the competition itself!

Here you can find a list of the games that take part: Link


Yesterday was the last day to invest in our crypto trading fund.
We were able to raise close to $30.000,- for this round.
Results will be announced in a few months from now.


Until the 3rd of August we will not be dealing with any crypto currency transactions what so ever.
From that point on things will (hopefully) continue as before.


On the 3rd of August we will apply our new fee structure for MyMatrix.

Our new fee structure will be:

Level 1:0.005
Level 2:0.008
Level 3:0.017
Level 4:0.034
Level 5:0.17
Level 6:0.34

We have made an effort to let people know about these changes by sending 2 emails and making a number of posts in the MyMatrix facebook group.

During the following period we will make sure to point it out a few more times as this is a brand new start for the website!


Today we have emailed all of those that ever used Perfect Money on BarterMyFunds to offer them a number of free spins on Play Perfect Money Games.

By doing so we are aiming to generate more profits from our current traffic.

Feel free to come up with suggestions to generate more profit with easy methods like these!
Traffic Value: $489.01092 Netherlands
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01/08/2017 19:46
Good news Marc!

- What i am a bit missing on mymatrix is the aggression on facebook. I remember the launch of my matrix that went wrong and i got crazy about all those messages on facebook but it was really effective i believe. 
I think we should have an approach like that again in the next few days. Tag all your investors friends again smile

- im not 100% sure, but if i see my balance history in paidverts it seems like i have received 2 times an adi issue today or at least clicked 2 times today and also yesterday so total 3 times this week already.

Is this a mistake or ?

- On our profuct funding page i am kinda missing something that shows when a project is being paid to the members/ or what % is already paid out so far. It should show some progress bar. As far as i know the first tradng fund campaign has been fully paid out already but we cant see that without having to go to see all the backers list
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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01/08/2017 22:26

I see that you block your 20 ads.
Which makes it easier to double check your statement.

The "3rd" Ad Issue in question came at server reset, along with your Personal 1%.

Now, you haven't bought what would give you a $0.30 Personal Ad, and it wasn't recycled.
However, that is not what your Group lvl should get. Nor did you get your 2nd highest value that you would get if it were Group Ads.

I think you just got lucky with that weird phenomen that happens from time to time where an ad of unknown originality shows up. I know Andraz has explained what it is, but it isn't a double issue.
Traffic Value: $489.01092 Netherlands
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02/08/2017 07:40
thanks looks like an ad issue because the ad issue is always 2 ads for me and this was also 2 ads showing was a nice suprise smile
Traffic Value: $283.24108 Philippines
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02/08/2017 08:00
How about adding MyMatrix, WarClicks, Sumo Roll and CoinFlipEvolved in the rotating generic ads here at MTV?
Traffic Value: $520.60691 United States
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02/08/2017 17:51
richiem that is a great idea. So when is bitcoin transactions coming back online for MTV and it products? it it tomorrow server timer or are we still waiting for things to settle down.
Traffic Value: $1,580.44784 Romania
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02/08/2017 21:56
I have a few questions regarding a very important game in my opinion who have potential to clear a lot of bap debt and that game is texas hold'em. Is stil working, because i can't access it, for example? Why is not promoted at all? Why are we haveing so many silly games with 0 revenues, like 90% of them, when we can keep the ones that bring revenues and promote them and make them stronger and atractive? Ok, i agree that is good to give to people from where to chose because this way you can make a point of view about what they like but then you should get rid of unusefull and unwanted ones by people.
Traffic Value: $6,436.0874 Saudi Arabia
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03/08/2017 01:58
@ bambarec

"Why are we haveing so many silly games with 0 revenues, like 90% of them".

Which are they?  I don't see a single one (except daily lotto which was disabled for some reason).  There may be some less-popular games, but even they are making profit, albeit in a lesser pace.  The uniqueness of mtv casino is the diversity of it's games.  If you like a game more, just give it some publicity.  Both you and mtv will benefit from it.
Traffic Value: $1,580.44784 Romania
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03/08/2017 04:27
Watch the results day after day ''babycare''. Many games have 0 revenues because NO ONE IS PLAYING THEM. If you consider 0.012$ for example a revenue then i can say is 80% of them.
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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03/08/2017 04:41
When will I be able to deposit BTC again?! I wanna plaaaayyyy smile
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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03/08/2017 05:02

How much do you think it costs to just have the games avl to play?

In our house they just cost a bit of room in the game cabinet, but we have the room to spare, and we already spent the money buying them, so might as well keep them, just in case we or someone else comes over and wants to play them.  Heck, even if we moved cross country, they don't weigh or take up that much room that they can't come along.

Now, if it takes programming hours to update them to the new platform, and they don't generate the revenue, I can see letting them go. In fact, at least while we have limited programming hours "in the day", I can see backburning the updates to them, indefinitely. When the All Processor/Big Promotions Casino gets built, I think they will have to prioritize what's updated/kept.

Thus, you have a point, just it's premature. No harm in keeping them around for now.

Regarding why they haven't fixed Texas Holdem BAP, probably b/c ppl didn't play it nearly enough to justify the hours. Granted, they put so many programming hours into creating it, so they will get back to it, when they can justify it.
Traffic Value: $1,580.44784 Romania
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03/08/2017 07:11
Is not about costs. When you have 100 games and only 3, 4 where people play usually and bring revenue is hard to make people to get through all of them to reach the 3,4 ones, they will probably try a few games and they will not get to those ones after a few ''silly'' games played quiting. The big advantage in our days is that we have many places where we can have a look what can have success, many games, in our case, to create a big confusion for players, is defenetly not the solution. All aroud the world you can see platforms haveing huge success haveing just ONE good product.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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03/08/2017 09:04
Maybe you can offer suggestions about ways to sort/promote the ones that get played more/get gamers hooked?

We already have a few different options available.
Traffic Value: $1,580.44784 Romania
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03/08/2017 14:27
Yes i have, if i just instantly think now i can say to get rid of at least 50% of them and to alocate a very small amount to promote the other ones, like a couple hundreds of dollars every month. This could be a small step because everytime we should start from something.
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