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Traffic Value: $294.60488 Philippines
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31/03/2017 00:24
anee24 sell and bid  0.0055angel how?
Traffic Value: $6,016.01548 United States
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31/03/2017 01:09
"This is not a thread to" ... discuss issues with the RP market...  "and discuss RPs ...we have specific thread for RP".

Just Sayin' wink
Traffic Value: $1,016.72433 Barbados
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31/03/2017 11:41
I guess that's the reason why the market is giving problem.
Traffic Value: $14,823.02214 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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31/03/2017 15:53
Could you, please, approve transfer of FTQ investments?
Traffic Value: $1,317.8156 Pakistan
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31/03/2017 17:29
Hi Marc, and all loayal members of MYTRAFFICVALUEtongue

Now it is almost 14 days have been passed and there is still no action on my ticket..............that was about payment confirmation EMAIL

ANYBODY have any clue.......or i can guess...............
Traffic Value: $65,453.30658 Sweden
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31/03/2017 17:46
@Gizmo, even mobiles have a high change getting a trojan without security software, it's not installed at default as you need to install it yourself, it can depend on your mobile, the program can monitor all traffic related to crypto and then take over when you leave the mobile idle even spy on you screen in realtime, the attacker sees your screen and can move around with a remote connection software, it has happen to PC especially when downloading software/apps for testing

it's good to disable those remote services if not using them and only using second hand PC/mobiles for testing not for bank related services
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