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27th December - News

MTV wagering competition from the 20th until the 26th!

My Traffic Value is running a competition, in which we reward a few of you with extra money for wagering the most on our games!

From the 20th until the 26th you can get a nice bonus by playing a select few of our games, which you can find in the list below.

The link will also show you the competition table.

Go and get your cut!



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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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27/12/2017 15:36
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I hope you enjoyed your christmas with family and friends and you were able to please at least some of them one way or another! LOL

We have had our most successful Paidverts sale, ever.
We sold over 43000 ad packs and we were able to deliver a number of bigger ad issues.
I want to talk about Paidverts and this sale for a moment.

Even though I am happy with the money the sale generated, I am not happy with the way we generated the funds.. Let me explain.

Ever since I took over the business I have been aiming to improve it for everyone involved and make up for past "mistakes" made by the previous management.
This sale was mainly led by 2 people who bought a lot of ad packs.
1 bought 7000, the other one bought 28000 ad packs.
I have and always will promote Paidverts as a "non-investment", because ever since I took over, it is no place to invest serious money for a big return. (We offer the fast track investments and royalty positions for those that are interested in an investment in our business)

The top 2 groups are there for 2 reasons.
1: Because the previous management created it
2: Because it gives people a goal to work towards (Which they will likely never reach without winning a massive jackpot, but it functions as a carrot)

I am not planning to make the top 2 groups worth the "investment".

We are not matching percentages based on the BAP you have, but based on the groups, favoring the bottom layers of the structure.
We are not going to put the happiness of 1 user over the happiness of all the others and evenly distribute 10% of the ad issues to the top group. (Which makes up for 10% of the total bonus ad points as of now)
In no way, shape or form am I aiming to run a ponzi scheme.

I would be thrilled if we sold 43000 ad packs evenly distributed between 10.000 small users, but that is not the case here.

Even though we have added 10% BAP in the system in a matter of days, this will not equal to heavily diluted ad issues.
We plan to further increase our debt reduction and we are considering to not have any sale during the next month if we are unable to decrease the total amount of BAP at least a bit.
This would reduce our earnings, but if we keep up with the growth in other elements of our business, we don't really "need it" and it might be worthwhile to focus on paidverts' health first and further improve its entire structure.


Today we have yet another $2k+ portfolio result and we are finishing the month/year strong.

Warclicks will have a new years sale and then we're up for 2018! wink

Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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27/12/2017 16:07
In theory, if we were to work the BAPs down to a scarcity level, wouldn't it be wise to balance out the rewards more so as to give people the incentive to move up and put large amounts in the higher levels?
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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27/12/2017 17:15
I'm so confused, you left the carrot out there saying you'd more than be wiling to pay the Top Groups but b/c you didn't like the manner in which it was done (BA purchases over Gambling aka Jackpots) and you have a week knowing in advance that Mike was probably going to do that move, you pull the rug out from under him after he's made the move. The other user is a gambler/advertiser who buys BAP to play with. They bought to be in the 20mil, but we will see if it was just XMAS Issues or if the house gets them.

Look, I'm glad that 10% doesn't go to one user. Heck, I was one if not the first to publicly state I didn't want anyone in the 20MIL Group, at least until the Group Ad Issues $ was more and/or there was quite a number in all the lvls but esp the higher lvls. Which is why when I had a reasonable chance to do so, I didn't.

BTW, did you ask any of our gamblers if the top 2 groups are any incentive to gamble more/try to achieve? It sure seems like that the amount they gamble with in one bet (and they make hundreds when they play, makes the Ad Issue they'd get by leaving their BAP alone once they achieved it small in comparison. Maybe, I'm wrong and once they reach 100mil (which btw, Jo dangled 500mil as the next Group lvl), they'd be satisified and only gamble from the buffer above 100mil. Cause, yeah, I do see gamblers click the 3 biggest Group Ads and even AA ads.
Traffic Value: $489.01092 Netherlands
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27/12/2017 17:21
[right]we are getting something back[/right]

MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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27/12/2017 20:35
Have I ever promoted Paidverts as an investment? No.
Have I ever said: Buy yourself into the 50 or 100m group, because you will make a fortune? No.
I have explicitly advised against buying a large amount of bulk ads if you are doing it for the ad issues.

If you want advertising or play the games, go ahead, have fun.
If you want to invest, it's MTV we have to offer you.

Regarding your statement "You had a week to inform him"
Is it my task to inform him of something we publicly stated multiple times? Why would I talk to him at all?

I can go on and talk about Mike and what he did in the past, but believe me.. He knows exactly what MTV is, what it offers and what we are up to here.
I quite frankly don't understand his move either as it was as recent as a month ago that he was distributing pictures of me in a hospital and called me incapable of running a business.

I will not put the health of the business and the happiness of all users over that of a single user.
The earnings in that group are still pretty decent, just not worthy of an "investment", because it was never meant to be one as soon as I took over the business.

I wrote today's update to prevent others from thinking Paidverts would now become a lot less attractive for small users, not to inform Mike of something he should have known a long time ago.

If Paidverts was an investment pool or a revenue share based on the size of your account, there wouldn't be groups.
Traffic Value: $579.09797 United States
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27/12/2017 21:14
You should then re-arrange the whole groups and make then stop at a given amount of BAP. Maybe something like 5millions would be the highest group and after that... just nothing. This would stop people from willing to get to the upper levels or also it will be easier for those who want to be in the upper groups to get the highest amounts in the ad-issues.
And as much as people would be getting to that said group the lowest the value of the distributed ad-issue, so they will start to think twice before going to upper groups.
Traffic Value: $294.25745 Portugal
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27/12/2017 21:33
Doesnt makes sense to have those "higher" Groups if people will not earn "higher"
I think Paidverts is not ready for big investors like that guy ninja
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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27/12/2017 21:34
The higher groups do pay more, just not percentage based.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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27/12/2017 23:53
I'm not defending Mike, and wow pictures of you in a Hospital, so not called for.
If those weren't doctored (I don't follow you or anyone on FB as I don't have a FB). Hope you are not long term hurt/sick.

What does MTV have to invest atm?

If you already have plenty of RP ofc?

Oh sure Keep buying old FTQ (until they are fully paid/no longer being sold) for a small gain, by which RP should have increased more than those gains would due to ppl seeing that we can indeed get revenue enough to start paying FTQ.

There are no Product Investments atm.

PV while not an investment is a way to "get dividends". And, honestly I'm not sure how many purchases really think of the potential ref income from the ad views as more than a bonus where the BAP is the real reason for it (to gamble or to "invest"wink.

But, like I said, I'm glad 1 person, even if it was Domingo, doesn't get 10% of the Ad Issues.
Traffic Value: $283.24108 Philippines
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28/12/2017 00:23
Any news about Coin Flip Evolved?

I am still getting the "Apache 2 Ubuntu Default Page"
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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28/12/2017 00:42
Can you tell us what the distribution key/%/formula or whatever you call it, is?
Traffic Value: $968.7814 Philippines
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28/12/2017 07:43

Have I ever promoted Paidverts as an investment? No.

Meanwhile on PV's fb Page it is promoted like this

Traffic Value: $32,608.39303 Germany
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28/12/2017 08:23
Just one thought; at least we should stop this in the head of the Ads:

Win your way up to our top BAP Group! And receive $100's daily in paid ads!
Traffic Value: $342.6644 Mexico
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29/12/2017 02:03
when I request a cashout and confirm it by email, do we have to wait to process the pay? if so, when are they processed?
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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29/12/2017 02:12
You have to wait, it's done manually, most of the time by Marc...who does sleep at night, and lives in the Europe Time Zones (Portugal, usually).

If It's with PV balance, daily.
If It's with MTV balance, up to 2 weeks, but usually daily as well or if funds are needed to be moved around or BTC rates changed too much could take a few days.
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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29/12/2017 16:23
I would expect the BAP/rp to drop from 6 BAP/rp to 10 BAP/rp or something.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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29/12/2017 17:27
This is not how I expected to get through christmas.. LOL

28-Dec-2017 +$2,643.30353
27-Dec-2017 +$2,271.44033
26-Dec-2017 +$1,294.85384
25-Dec-2017 +$2,174.28559
Traffic Value: $388.9039 Nigeria
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29/12/2017 21:02
@ Marc. 
Are you disappointed with the result or excited,  I can't seem to understand what you mean. 
gugakip - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $739.34329 Belgium
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29/12/2017 21:11
Very excited! Those resulsts are very, very good. We all thought Christmas would be a slow period with things picking up in January/February again. But things went very well in December... Promising for 2018! grin 
Traffic Value: $388.9039 Nigeria
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29/12/2017 21:35
@ gugakip
 That is Fantastic  I must confess. 
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