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Traffic Value: $1,687.19051 Spain
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22/11/2018 20:25
Has Black Friday started?
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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22/11/2018 20:28
@popesaw Yes, that was the purpose of the above post, to clarify we have indeed started the sales a bit early smile

Timewise Friday actually stars in 3:30 hours, but all the sales and bonuses already work, so no need to wait smile
Traffic Value: $1,687.19051 Spain
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22/11/2018 20:31
Well thank you very much Slosumo, I'm going to make my first purchases grin
Traffic Value: $564.96146 Venezuela
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22/11/2018 21:55
Congratulations for the changes made in paidvert, the place is more pleasant to work. good job!
Traffic Value: $2,209.45324 Macedonia
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22/11/2018 23:00

Can we combine the Black Friday Cheap Ads discount with FTQ-to-Ad Coupons ?
If the answer to the above is Yes - then please hurry and check my support ticket please, this might be a great opportunity... smile

Still haven't tried out the new flow for ads, but I have simple Q:
What's with the HUGE font on Homepage and About Us? grin
Traffic Value: $283.24108 Philippines
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23/11/2018 01:15
I would like to suggest that there should be a REGISTER button beside the LOGIN button on top of the home page (and other pages when people are not logged in.)
Traffic Value: $294.60488 Philippines
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23/11/2018 02:38
I can't go to Market place.

MyTrafficValue Down For Maintenance

Traffic Value: $294.60488 Philippines
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23/11/2018 03:04
Its ok now.
Traffic Value: $60.0947 Canada
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23/11/2018 03:47
The new PV has eliminated some speed bumps.
I have a question about what the system is for processing the oldest ones first? Or is it just random? I had a really big problem signing in earlier today. Then my computer had the red ball of death and locked up. When it was finally working there were some old ads that should have been first. Have no idea what happened with this new system.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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23/11/2018 08:32
@cakiPakovska - yes you can indeed. Just make sure to submit a ticket, FOLLOWING the below guidelines:

Regarding the FTQ refunds via promo codes for ads on PaidVerts:

You can request a FULL FTQ (each FTQ investment separately) refund in exchange for free advertising on PaidVerts, with a 20% bonus based on the due amount.

I.e. if you invested $100, you are due $130, you will get $130 * 1.2 = $156 in promo code value.

Ad types available as promo codes:
Ad Grid Fixed, Ad Grid banner/image, BAP banner spot, Cheap traffic, Target ads, New Users
*in case of BAP banners conversion will be in $1 = 2000 BAP

Each promo code can only support one type of ad type, so if you'd like to split your refund into 2 types of ad types, simply state so.

So submit a support ticket in this format (if you already have, reply in it with this format):

FTQ refund to ad promo code request.
FTQ round: XX
FTQ investment: $100
FTQ due: $130
Ad type: Ad Grid Fixed (full amount)

Or i.e.
Ad type: Ad Grid Fixed (50%), New Users (50%)

As this is a manual process we will NOT be making 10s of small promo codes, so please stick with 2 ad types max.

If you have several FTQs you'd like to have refunded, and would like one only grouped code for them also let us know.

In case of larger FTQs (several hundred dollars+), we might consider splitting it into several smaller ones if requested.

For now, please allow up to 2 weeks to get your request sorted via a ticket, once we have a few sorted, we might be able to simplify & prepare instructions for others to check/sort this out as well.

Note: This refund procedure will involve paying your FTQ and then deducting it from your balance. Don't be alarmed by this, it's merely the only way we can make this happen smile
Traffic Value: $461.98399 Russian Federation
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23/11/2018 14:00
I can not buy Royalty Positions does not display the paidverts balance.
Traffic Value: $461.98399 Russian Federation
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23/11/2018 14:29
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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23/11/2018 17:29
10000 banner impressions for $.60 with an ad pack?! All this bonus BAP?! 

Your making PV great again good stuff team.   I still see those adds on other sites floating around advertising making hundreds a day from PV like the good old days still though haha.    Were on our way back.    

Its been rough since he who shall not be named pulled his stunt a while back and took all the sites money and left you new admins to pick up the pieces but you never gave up.    

Time to stop investing in crypto and buy RP, or get BAP.  Thats the hard decision.

I love this place. Its all coming together.
Traffic Value: $354.01015 Serbia
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23/11/2018 18:16
The new ``Index`` and ``About Us`` pages look nice... but...

When pages load completely (which now takes too long) it actually doesn`t show anything eye-catching on either of them...and both require users to scroll down to see anything worth while.
Both have pretty useful info on them but hidden...
My humble suggestion (which can be used for both pages) is to simply cut out those big green (mostly just blank green background) and slide the rest of the page up...make the texts, pics and the content the first thing showing...
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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23/11/2018 19:44
Great sales this first day both on Paidverts and Warclicks.
Not unexpected as we are offering amazing deals on both ends wink
3 more days until the end of our Paidverts sale, after which we will be hosting the biggest ad issue of 2018!

Make sure not to miss out on this event and stock up on some advertising at 75% off!
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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23/11/2018 19:45
now only change the 30s ads is left and then i am all happy with the improvements.

after the sales give some better promotion on the FTQ trade option and be sure nobody will miss this. Maybe try to send out a targeted email to everybody with a FTQ investment ?
Traffic Value: $65.2878 Canada
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24/11/2018 08:51
I don't know where to post this question and i can't open new forum post myself so here:
Is there a way that the daily ad issues or somewhere else have a statistic of how many points the lowest in each group of APS have? For instance, i'm in group 5%, but how do i know roughly how many points i would need to be in the top 1%? Or how close am i to dropping back into 10% category? That way me or maybe others can be motivated to try and complete more tasks to get into the next % or keep from dropping down.
Thank you for reading this and i hope i get some answers
Traffic Value: $3,456.01946 Belgium
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24/11/2018 10:31
I suggest that everytime there are sales and promos and discounts for Paidverts, that these promotional banners should also be shown on the Paidverts front page itself. The banners are only seen on MTV pages, but not really on the pages of Paidverts itself...

How about people who do not log in to MTV, will they see these promotional banners for the sales/discounts? It is very important to put the promotional banners on the FRONT PAGE of Paidverts, that's one reason why some people will sign up..... That's what I looked for when I joined new PTC sites before, when I saw they have a discount promotional banner on its front/landing page, I got more interested to register/sign up in order to avail of the discounts as well. I think putting the promotional banners on Paidverts visible pages even without logging in, is good promotion for possible "new members" to sign up. Just an opinion... 

The viewing ads on Paidverts is now easier and faster... good job smile
Traffic Value: $5,893.23193 Slovenia
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24/11/2018 16:03
bodyguerdson, If I'm not mistaken, slosumo already answered to that a while ago.
It's to much of programing behind that, because it changes daily.
Traffic Value: $65.2878 Canada
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24/11/2018 19:31
Klemen50, Thank you for replying, I'm usually never on MTV so i didn't see that. And as for programming: even though it changes daily I thought that it could display the points that the lowest/highest person in the group has and that shouldn't be too hard to program but I'm probably wrong. Anyways thanks for clarifying smile
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