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11th January - News

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slosumo - Administrator
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11/01/2017 09:14
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We will reply to this thread throughout the day with any news and any other information!

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We apologize for the lack of News the past week, as both myself and Marc are rushing through various tasks needing sorting. Marc is following my bad example from December, and is currently sick - let's hope he gets better soon! smile

There's various projects nearing completion right now, and in the following weeks we will introduce a couple more projects for funding. We've been discussing a couple of ideas revolved around Bitcoin-only products, as it is currently in high demand and offers a lot of interesting possibilities with various projects. We just need to settle down on the details, get some estimations and then open the projects up for funding. Some very interesting options that we can't wait to get out!

Overall development update

Finally we have found some decent replacement options for monetizing CoinFlip Evolved without reliable video ads inventory - quality banner advertising, on top of using CPA banners from offerwalls, that with a few changes to the game flow (with minigames that have been implemented), will allow us to still give incentives to users and at the same time fill the lack of rewarded videos.

So we should finally be at a point where we can launch CE with some basic monetization, and not have to wait until our video ad provider can refill their inventory. We will release the game with lower PV-related incentives, and work from there and increase them as our monetization options are improved.

Sumo Roll faucet game app is progressing nicely (best to simply follow the portfolio update topic) and where monetization should not be an issue from the get go, as quality mobile ad inventory is simply so much easier to fill these days, compared to quality web ad inventory.

At the same time, banners will soon be added to the PV app, as we now have quite a decent amount of PV app users that we can monetize additionally and increase the viability of the app, and with that justify potential future improvements/additions for the app.

The secret freemium game project is coming together nicely and being finalized. We are focusing on it heavily this week, as with a bit of luck we want to deploy a temporarily available test version for mods before the end of the week. With that we will perform some stress tests, get some feedback/final bug testing, that our programmer can sort out next week and polish the game as much as possible.

We are really on the clock here, as myself and Rok will be on vacation next week, and want everything sorted before then. Then verify all the changes and improvements as we are aiming to get the game released the week after that (end of January). It is a deadline we do not want to miss, so are focusing heavily on finishing it in time right now.

On top of that there's the PaidVerts rework of separate advertiser/user flow and UX, retention and user progression improvements to finalize specifications for, so a lot of things to do! But that is something we do not want to prepare poorly as it includes so many potential changes/additions, so the final decisions there will drag into late January/early February. Just too much of my focus currently had to be on CE improvements/getting a viable version out along with pushing the freemium game out as soon as possible.

The programmers have completed/are also working on various things besides the main projects:

- Some adaptations to the BMF profit tool, for it accurately take into account volatility profits. A few changes that once done, we should finally have a very accurate picture of the profitability so far.
- Tracking improvements for marketing on PPMG and PBG, to make sure we make better use of any marketing budget for marketing campaigns
- Looking into improving the sometimes annoying/buggy login process for the paidverts forum


SUPPORT UPDATE since 24th October 2016

Over 400 multiaccounts have been cleaned manually and over 500 automatically, and between them over 5.25mil BAP, ~20k Rps, $590 in rejected cashouts and $1,230 in balances have been frozen. The list is definitely growing much smaller lately and taking less time to check through, but the checks are still proving worth it.

We will also be using the multiaccount detection and auto ban tool now regularly, that detects connections between accounts and allows us to simplify and quicken the process so much, and show connections between accounts that a simple manual check does not.

Traffic Value: $498.65935 Pakistan
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11/01/2017 10:29
slosumo - Administrator/CEO - Marc de Koning

Why don't you add PTP option for advertisers It is most popular way of advertising and earning in 2016
Also help to get new users if referral link is embeded in PTP
Traffic Value: $5,987.35339 Saudi Arabia
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11/01/2017 12:23
I think there is a little problem with today's ad issue. It seems like group 10 didn't receive 20×mini ads. (I checked only 2 other accounts.)
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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11/01/2017 12:34
@babycare you are correct. I've sent the missing ads now, my mistake!
Traffic Value: $472.94319 Netherlands
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11/01/2017 12:41
would be nice if the new products will bring in a nice amount of daily money so we can scale up the programming hours to get all those new ideas getting out smile 
Traffic Value: $5,987.35339 Saudi Arabia
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11/01/2017 12:44
That was real fast! Thank you
Traffic Value: $54,219.84749 United States
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11/01/2017 14:13
Scary to see how bitcoin plunged almost 100 dollars since yesterday. I hope you are protected agst unpredictable nature of bitcoin. Marc .. I hope you re not going to let that 50 k parked in there but being aggressive to buy and sell. Even it is just a few dollars increase !
Traffic Value: $1,654.17 Spain
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11/01/2017 14:47

And this is how accounts get burned tongue
Traffic Value: $472.94319 Netherlands
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11/01/2017 15:21
i dont do with big amounts but i profited from the 100$ drop today, i sold high and bought the same amount of btc back for about 10$ and made almost 1$ profit
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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11/01/2017 16:00
Polish office update:

In the last week we fixed some issues related to Development Fund Accounting and we had test it on the live server.
We also started adding native banners to PaidVerts mobile app Android version. Currently we are focused on implementing InMobi/AdMob banner's mobile integration and we will consider making a more dynamic ad, perhaps even admin system where we can enable/disable various type of ads.

Regarding Sumo Roll game development: many things getting more clear for us while develop process is progressing. We were able to establish proper dimensions for textures and scale them regarding on device resolution in Unity project. We also managed to work on main menu handling and overall user interface with usage of received graphics. Some implementation was done regarding game physics, we established initial environment variables for main character. Also simultaneously we worked on game backend implementation. Below are actual changes which was made:

- added separate camera for UI and game itself,
- added simple player interface,
- added generic overlay,
- added scrollable carousel into menu
- added canvas rescaling depends on device resolution
- working on main menu handling,
- added player related calls to api,
- added game related calls to api,
- added error handler for api calls,
- added part of storage related models,
- added optional subdomain for api routing

We did some tests to see how our scaffold project (one that handles api now), would work with the one of the most popular Laravel CMSes.
Traffic Value: $4,110.98509 Czech Republic
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11/01/2017 16:27

I'm in a group of 9 and i still haven't not received the rest of my 20 mini ads.

Please look at this.

vecors - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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11/01/2017 17:25
That`s really nice to see a loooot of progress.

Although it doesn`t show, there is some much happening in the "background" that I am really excited on what will happen in the next weeks/months. 

RP`s price will surely increase a lot. $0.003 is very close and I`m going to grab now as much as I can while some people are still selling for such a cheap price.

Buy & hold. If you really want to make some money, this is the best option right now wink
Traffic Value: $5,987.35339 Saudi Arabia
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11/01/2017 17:31
@ Fatma49

I think the problem was that you were in group 10 before the initial ad issue and have fallen to group 9 since then and failed to be included in the supplementary issue too. Please send a support ticket if you feel like it, and they will correct the mistake.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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11/01/2017 17:33
I got back to my computer for a bit, but it doesn't work out for me.
I am not feeling okay at all..
I hope I get better by tomorrow as I had/have lots to work on.

Andraz told me they will attempt to launch CoinFlip Evolved tomorrow morning, fingers crossed that it works out without too many issues.
Traffic Value: $4,969.3683 Spain
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11/01/2017 17:55
@vecors 379RPs won't make any difference heh
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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11/01/2017 19:11

50mg of zinc every day will keep your immune system strong. Balance it off with 2mg copper since one depletes the other

also 400 mg minimum of vitamin d3 twice per day

Take these whether you are ill or healthy
vecors - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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11/01/2017 19:16

every single RP makes a difference wink I`ll buy each and everyone I can... 
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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11/01/2017 19:47
Are the banners for free on Paidverts? (or is it just a display-problem)?
These numbers don't add up.
Total Cost: $1.558 (50 * $0.03100 per visit price + $0.25 banner impressions + $0.01 cashier fees )
Total Cost: $2.93 (50 * $0.04500 per visit price + $1.00 banner impressions + $0.68 cashier fees )
Total Cost: $1.65 (50 * $0.03300 per visit price + $0.60 banner impressions + $0.00 cashier fees )
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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11/01/2017 20:55
Those per visit prices are quite high...

I'm not even sure how to calculate how they went up by those increments.

For instance, base price is $0.002.
Forced view would make it $0.0025.
Then longer time (which the 45 isn't) would be 2.5 or 5c more for 50 aka even if
forced and 30sec the per view cost is $0.0035.
And, like I said, I previewed that 45 ad and it was 5 sec and not forced.

BTW, I couldn't confirm the ad, just got rotating circle.

I looked deeper into the 45, and the 68c fees from Payza makes the cost $2.25.

$1 for the BA
$1 for Banners
And, while not forced, but maybe it should be b/c that's what is left $0.25.

BA...673 and 633 ARE 30sec. Though that only makes the cost go to $1.05 b4 banners.
Traffic Value: $4,969.3683 Spain
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12/01/2017 00:38
Guess we should say Good bye to Colasander
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