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10th December - News

Several big improvements coming to PaidVerts in the following months

Today we shared some info on a massive improvement (simplification) of ad viewing procedure for PaidVerts that is coming in November, along with some other interesting points.

The changes are aimed at making your time spent on PaidVerts far more valuable and we are also preparing grounds for working on vastly improving PaidVerts for advertisers and earners in the coming months!

Make sure to check the first details in our latest forum post

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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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10/12/2017 19:29
** Security Tip **
Secure your account with 2 Factor Authentication: Go here!

Lock any payment option you don't use: Click here - Read what it does carefully!

We will reply to this thread throughout the day with any news and any other information!

Click the "Show only administrator posts" button above this post, to see today's news notifications. That'll hide all the user comments and chit-chat. (You can press "Show All Posts" if you want to read through all that).
PIN security feature has been added. You can set it up here!

When set you will need to enter it once per session when making actions/accessing areas of our websites that deal with money, shares, BAP, account settings or investments.

If you lose your PIN/enter it incorrectly 3 times, the only way to reset it, is by contacting our support, who may require additional identity verification.

Marc de Koning, CEO - Facebook
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Paidverts - Facebook
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PlayPerfectMoneyGames - Facebook

I have just added yet another $850 for PlayPerfectMoneyGames to the portfolio!
And as if that wasn´t enough.. We are up $800 for today, again!

November was very slow for PlayPerfectMoneyGames, with a house edge of just 0.5% on about $250.000,- in bets..
Normally the house edge is around 2-2.5% for PlayPerfectMoneyGames.
This month however, we are already up over $5000,- and it is only the 10th of the month!


Due to being part time employed now, the bitcoin balances on PlayBitcoinGames will not be implemented during this weekend but somewhere during the upcoming week.
Completion is near but it needs the availability of a few at the same time to run some tests etc, but we are close to finishing it!


Currently we have a wagering competition going on on My Traffic Value for just 2 more days, you can find all the info+ prize structure right here: Click


Currently we are having amazing results for a December.
We truly can not complain, but I expect our last few weeks to look different from now due to the holidays and the fact that people spend their cash on those.

If we all continue to spread the word about PlayPerfectMoneyGames (It has a referral program), Paidverts (It has a referral program), CoinFlip Evolved (It has a referral program for ingame currency, leading to BAP, which can lead to money LOL), PlayBitcoinGames (It has a referral program), Warclicks (It is a lot of fun!) and My Traffic Value overall (It has a referral program) then 2018 is going to be an incredible year!

If you take a look at this sheet for example and compare the average daily results of October and December to the months before that, you can see that we´ve picked up very nicely from the point at which we made a sudden dip. Click
Since then we have decreased our costs which allows us to now work through our debt.

Signs of our health are available in abundance:

-Paidverts is no longer adding any debt as of now
-Paidverts is selling a lot more advertising and has increased its ad issues
-The forum is a lot more active in many ways: Likes, comments, amount of people reading/posting
-People are positive about us again, old members are returning
-During 2016/early 2017 I didn´t see anyone share our posts or promote us on Facebook, that has changed now
-We are currently repaying our crowdfunding projects
-We are slowly picking up marketing again and have hired 2 designers/social media managers
-Our support team has grown considerably and other than the admin-related tickets support is better than ever before
-We have just finished 2 massive reworks

I would estimate the odds of repaying the marketing fund in full at the end of this month at about 80%.
It´s December, it´s a tricky month, but the signs as of now are very promising!

As stated before: At the end of January I expect to have a better estimate about when the first fast track queue payments will roll out.

I want to use this opportunity to change a statement I made during 2017 regarding the repayment of the FTQ.
Once we start repaying the FTQ, we will use 100% of the cash towards the FTQ instead of the 80% which I stated before. (20% would go to dividends)

When I gave those figures I didn´t expect us to take so long to get to the point of repaying the fast track queue.
As of now I think the investors have waited long enough and it is the most decent thing to do to repay the old debt before sharing profits as dividends.

Once we start paying the fast track queue I expect money to be flowing through all elements of the structure as people will consider buying up the FTQ investments a profitable investment while others will buy the Royalty Positions before we get to the point of sharing dividends.
As of now, everything is underpriced due to both of those investments not getting any return during 2017.
We expect this to change during the upcoming year.

All of the above will obviously result in even more growth as more people will return or join, promotion will increase by both the members and the team and it will all snowball into exponential growth.

Read the above, think about what you have seen for yourself recently and think about your next move. Your next move might turn out to be very profitable if you decide to take action.
orlan12fish - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $1,618.40694 Guatemala
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10/12/2017 20:19
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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10/12/2017 20:25
Are US members Out of luck in promoting PPMG (with direct beneift by having an account)?

Even if we aren't allowed a PM account, can't we refer gamblers and then get the ref $ in our MTV balance (or from PPMG direct to the processor of our choice, that MTV ofc has access to, ofc baring them having funds to pay, so up to 2 weeks)?

By promoting CFE, does this mean bots are/will be gone? It's a top heavy place, thus for daily it's way more than I can reach daily to compete with the Top 30...even Top 50 weekly/monthly is too much....So, I have to settle for Top 100, and even that isn't "easy". I basically play it for the site to get my ad views revenue and for the PV BAP Daily Bonus Reward. Which yes 10 BAP for everyone that plays even once IS worth it, and in itself should be a promotable feature...not just the BAP ranking rewards that you won't reach daily, but might get weekly/monthly.

P.S. WARCLICKS also has a ref program (you get spins and gold, quite a nice amount for not much work on the downline members part (not even a full day, I think, if they get hooked).
 Also, the SPW is not filled with 1DPC anymore (still has a few small gold, but it's gold/TC/refuel)...aka spins are more valuable/worth it.
Traffic Value: $30.64815 Switzerland
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10/12/2017 20:47
I don't want to be a party-pooper but paidverts has actually been losing A LOT of members over these last few weeks (from 40k to 36k, 10% decrease)... The debt may be decreasing (which really is a great thing), but perhaps for the wrong reason. I'm not being a pessimist here, just realistic... so no hate please wink
Traffic Value: $4,069.99578 Germany
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10/12/2017 21:03
My Targeted ad is stuck again. Since around 5 days it seems my banners have completely stopped displaying. Please try to find a permanent fix for this, I don't want to make a forum post every 4-5 days because your website doesn't work. The longer it takes until my campaign is delivered, the longer it'll take until I buy another one.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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10/12/2017 21:49
US members can´t promote PPMG and I see no reason to change our system for it.

Paidverts income has nearly doubled, which is what it is about in the end.
A temporary drop in free users was expected as we temporarily got rid of bots due to a new method of getting in/claiming rewards.

All bugs are being sorted out, please report any bugs in the paidverts rework forum topic.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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10/12/2017 22:29

you should still ask if anyone is willing to take their FTQ funds in shares or even BAPs. I would be willing to do that myself and many others also I'm sure
Traffic Value: $73,032.40453 Netherlands
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10/12/2017 22:32
Great post. Nothing but good news.

I totally agree about paying of FTQ before paying dividends btw.

Congrats on the fact that paying of the FTQ is getting near. Getting this site thru a big debt is a great achievement.

Big smile here, very happy. smile
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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10/12/2017 22:33
Even if active members were quitting (though I believe Marc's explanation), it wouldn't matter because the money would just start concentrating into the hands of loyal members. I'm sure the top 10000 earners would prefer to make that money if that's what it takes. Then we could use it to start really marketing the site and getting it going in the right direction quickly
Traffic Value: $62,710.15909 United States
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10/12/2017 22:55
Also agree 100% to FTQ is the way to go.

Paying out now in RPs if FTQ holder wants it also a solid idea.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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10/12/2017 23:12
" US members can´t promote PPMG and I see no reason to change our system for it."

US is a Top Tier Country so they have the $ to promote it.

Though, I guess you'd prefer they double promote PBG instead, rather than as well as.

I'm thinking of promoting CFE (as a way to get some members into PV), but I'd like to know how soon do they have to claim the BAP rewards (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) aka do they HAVE to login and claim the day the reward is rewarded or can they come back 3 days later and claim?
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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10/12/2017 23:26
As of now it would be one of my worst financial decisions to use the Royalty Positions to pay off the debt.
After having lost millions of Royalty Positions a few weeks ago to repay some of the crowdfunded projects, we have given out more than enough.

At the current undervalued valuation of $550.000,- that is simply not an option.


Druth, perfect money bans US citizens for a reason, so we will simply follow their lead.
Traffic Value: $4,069.99578 Germany
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11/12/2017 01:28
I wish the bugs would get sorted out, I've lost count how many times I had problems with targeted ads. This is like the 3rd or 4th time now that an ad of mine just randomly stopped. All I want is to buy an ad and have it work, tired of writing forum posts or opening tickets because there are constantly issues. And the PV forum looks dead, not posting there sorry.

Edit: Didn't check before I posted this, but thanks whoever fixed it, my ad is being displayed again.
Traffic Value: $4,069.99578 Germany
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11/12/2017 01:51
Also, I can't read apparently, I'm supposed to post this stuff in the PV rework topic, my bad.
Traffic Value: $2,697.0796 Denmark
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11/12/2017 02:18
Is it still possible to be refunded the fee or some of the fee when depositing a large amount? smile 
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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11/12/2017 02:37
No problem.
In the past we did this for a period of time for those depositing over $5000.
We can always do this for those that are interested.

After depositing simply write a support ticket in which you tell them about this offer.
It most likely won´t be a 24 hour ticket as they will have to verify with either Andraz or me on a case by case basis, but you will get it credited.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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11/12/2017 17:51
We are increasing our ad issues with another $100 per day from now on.
During Christmas we will most likely do a bigger one, combined with a nice sale!

More information coming soon smile
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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11/12/2017 20:29
New PlayPerfectMoneyGames promotional material.
All of this will be uploaded in the referral section of PPMG as well.

MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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11/12/2017 20:58
I just noticed that we had 34 Fast Track Queue sales today, whereas normal stats are about 5-10 per week.
It seems that the news of yesterday seriously ramped up the interest in these investments.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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11/12/2017 22:43
It's been so long, and I wasn't that familiar with it in the first place...

What round is first in line for the queue?
ETA: I used debt ahead of the Round 110 investment for sale vs how much is in each round, and turns out that we will start paying Round 110 first.

I didn't find that info readily avl.
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