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Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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27/09/2017 08:24

Etherbanking is the new site from the bitconnect administrator. Its been the best program of 2017.

Like Bitconnect you have 4 ways to earn:

- Invest - Earn Daily interest on Etherbanking Lending
- Stake - Earn interest on holding Etherbanking Coin
- Trade - Earn Profit with Etherbanking Coin Trading
- Mine - Earn with Etherbanking Coin Mining

This is a huge new program that just started. Check the roadmap:

1-Etherbanking Lending & Marketing.

  • Distributing 9 million coin to existing EtherBanking Community as Bonus and other crypto investors.
  • Marketing campaigns will run along with Coin Distribution

2-EtherBanking mainnet Launch-Web wallet & Desktop client

  • Full node software is openly Distributed with Desktop client for staking & Mining the EtherBanking Coin with proper guide.
  • Web wallet will available for coin holders to send and exchange EtherBanking Coin to trading platform.
  • Marketing campaign will run During this time to bring new crypto community.

3-Mining & Staking pool Launch

  • Mining & staking pool launching for the community to earn. EtherBanking Coin reward with mining & minting.
  • Mobile wallet app & paper wallet.
  • Debugging & feature building.
  • Listing at more exchanges.

4-EtherBanking Smart card

  • Development of smart card for every day utility
  • Smart EtherBanking card Distribution to EtherBanking Coin community.
  • Aggressive Marketing campaign

5-Partnership and EtherBanking ecosystem Development

  • Partnership with number of merchants and service providers.
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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Traffic Value: $28.3459 Brazil
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30/09/2017 00:28
If it was bitcoin/eth based i would try it. "Dollar" is too volatile, you have the chance to get a good profit and still "lose" because of btc/eth price. Good luck though.
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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10/10/2017 12:39
I eliminate that risk buy holding the EBC coin. Price increases over bitcoin as bitconnect price is increasing.
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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25/10/2018 07:31
Guys EBC coin is now available to withdraw. If you have USD on etherbanking you can exchange to EBC coin.

You can either withdraw to the or install the and withdraw there. On ebcexchange I trade for ETH and withdraw.

They have also launched the following products:

- EBCwallet
- EBCexchange
- EBCfund
- EBCstartup
- EBCbank
- EBCfiat
- EBCpay
- EBClotto
- EBCswap

Happy earnings.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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25/10/2018 09:48
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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25/10/2018 14:11
Marc that's a great reference! smile
Traffic Value: $30,993.31104 United States
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26/10/2018 15:51
Ha that video had me rolling on the floor laughing. 
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