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Traffic Value: $203,540.80977 Malaysia
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01/12/2014 07:53
early bird catches the worm
a semi finished copycat nothing is transparent mean the owner can manipulate the statistics to payout

I imagining how he repay everyone 150% returns?
1. running and paying same the old ponzi game and make the empty promises and fake investment and repay depend on his moodsick
2. or maybe he gathering all money into his pocket and invest into MTV 250% plan to repay everyone 150% so this is his everyone wining formula?LOL

and the owner claim this is a revolution site? what a joke?grin
the more copycat showing the more comparing and the more faith to proven jo and MTV are the genius one and the best site ever saw because PV is comes from MTV the real crowdfunding and revshare site

my conclusion this site is a copycat money game and totally unable to compete and compare with PV, I am not going to be accomplice to drag people into this pyramid
Traffic Value: $1,181,925.44366 United States
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01/12/2014 08:03
Yeah they could basically pay the members with 250 fast track plan returns.  The only point of originality would be if they developed the e-commerce marketplace they list as coming soon.

I have to login again to try to finish my 10 daily ads, took a long time to get through just two.
Traffic Value: $203,540.80977 Malaysia
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01/12/2014 08:23
it proved PV model is successful and revolution
i can imagine tomorrow there's more new copycat appears with 160%, 170% returns
and people aren't going to play the $0.001 rr bux site anymore
Traffic Value: $1,181,925.44366 United States
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01/12/2014 08:26
Yeah I've noticed neobux dropped a lot in the alexa ratings recently, could be partly due to migration to paidverts.
Traffic Value: $13,115.40303 Belgium
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01/12/2014 10:17
@Mike: I think it's more because they were getting 3-5% of their traffic from Probux which scammed around the drop you seen angel But yeah, maybe a part comes from people noticing they can earn more here too grin
Traffic Value: $525.45188 Serbia
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01/12/2014 10:21
Traffic Value: $1,181,925.44366 United States
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01/12/2014 18:37
Digadz is about to get real.

Marius just posted this on facebook:

Important Update:
1. we need upgrade software on new server
2. site may down about 30-60 minutes
then it back, we will start distribute VALUE ADS!!

Traffic Value: $145.43395 Bosnia and Herzegowina
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01/12/2014 18:55
i couldnt even login all day to dig shit points lol
it was even slower than pv before going off 
Traffic Value: $671.55481 India
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02/12/2014 05:28
funny thread
go paidverts reach group 10 and above then see the sky rocket profits
wub paidverts
Traffic Value: $1,181,925.44366 United States
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02/12/2014 07:04
Site is running really quick, it takes about 7 days to get over 800 points and then you can start earning from value ads.

They might do really well, none of their sales are going toward any portfolio revenues to repay investors.  If they're successful at setting up an e-commerce marketplace, maybe we could see how paidverts could do something similar.  They certainly have the potential to grow bigger than the $600 million Zeek Rewards ponzi.

I'll still be fair as a monitor admin despite my enthusiasm for their program.
Traffic Value: $115.33786 India
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02/12/2014 07:23
Dear Friend MikeMazzone,

                    But ad purchase not available using account balance and they delete my support ticket without an answer.... Not to think before any huge deposit.!!!ermm
Traffic Value: $593.00493 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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02/12/2014 07:51
digadz looking good...more trusted and good site better for us smile
Traffic Value: $4,714.86897 Denmark
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02/12/2014 08:05
Please everyone, could you go to the Digadz forum, and discuss whether it is good or bad. Go and click and play with your money on Digadz. Please spare the PT/MTV from this crap.
Traffic Value: $12,691.63746 Australia
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02/12/2014 08:10
flouens1 .. this is the monitor section where talk of the programs being monitored is allowed amongst the members. I had that reaction over a different program a while ago before I realised what section of the forum the discussion was listed under lol
Traffic Value: $4,714.86897 Denmark
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02/12/2014 08:21
Missi, I understand and know that. But then people should not write ref-link etc. But thanks, reminding me about the opneness in this forum. smile
Traffic Value: $2,148.94717 Philippines
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02/12/2014 08:44
The admin still hasn't provided any new update regarding the state of their other site which is Abonuz. The last instant payment noted in the Adbonuz website was on Nov 26th. Others have posted in the MMG forum that they're getting an error when requesting a cashout. It's understandable that earnings have stalled since it's a revshare (albeit capped). However, disabling the withdrawal button is something else entirely. Although, my gut tells me that AB's non-payment will just be ignored by DigAdz members. For those who don't know just yet, the admin also owned TrackYourIncome. It's a matrix program that was launched after Adbonuz. Unfortunately, TYI was abandoned by the admin after switching the comp plan midway. Members who joined felt they were played. It seems like the money were stuck in the program itself. I have a feeling that the funds were used to continuously keep Adbonuz running. As we all know, AB's track record was the reason why many joined DigAdz. It was the selling point of the main promoters of the program. And when someone brings a topic of TYI at MMG, the same promoters ignore the comments.

Admittedly, I joined DA but I'm not promoting it because of what I mentioned above. However, I think this may last at least 3 months without them introducing a new portfolio. A lot of members are confused about how the program works and they're bound to make mistakes and lose their earnings by buying upgrades without understanding how they actually work.
Traffic Value: $4,007.84228 Netherlands
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02/12/2014 09:01
Who is the programmer of the the Digging Dog. Also Songpon? 
If so we should steal him. 
Traffic Value: $2,148.94717 Philippines
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02/12/2014 20:36
They still haven't distributed Valued ads yet. However, the Dig Bonuses have at least arrived. Even though I'm just in Level 4, I got $3.4 Valued ads and 1700 Points from the Dig Bonuses section. So not bad.
Traffic Value: $540.8694 Spain
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02/12/2014 21:12
¿Digadz uses a ponzi scheme?

I'm reading several different reviews.
Traffic Value: $1,053.10686 Serbia
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02/12/2014 21:25
Digadz is up and running now, really smoth. Jo made quite a revolution on the online moneymaking market. Unfortunately now they are going to copy paste the system all over the internet and make those small scam sites, like bux. Not sure about digadz though, they seem professional and they quickly reply. I made couple of bucks just with bonus ads. But I think that MTV will be even more outstanding with multiplayer poker.
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