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Coastal City

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We sincerely apologize for any downtime and issues we are currently experiencing.
Fact of the matter is that we only have 1 person who can get us back online and he has been on the road without an option to help us out.
Our BAP sales will be extended by 2 days and any ad issues you might have missed will be refunded, with monday´s ad issue being twice the size as usual.

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29/01/2020 21:04

Coastal City is a game where you build a city. Each building that you buy gives you a RENT REVENUE.

RENT gives you SILVER and GOLD (50/50). Both can be used to upgrade your buildings. GOLD can be withdrawn, spent or converted for silver in 102% ratio.

You get one building FOR FREE worth of 0,78 USD and start withdrawing...

If you decide to deposit BE CAREFUL PLEASE. Nobody knows how long will the game be available...

There are many deposit options including crypto.


It has 3 LEVEL referall structure. You get your commission counted from withdrawals.

If you have any question, please comment below.

If you decide to use my referral link for letting you know about this I thank you in advance... wink

(If it is not allowed to have the link here I kindly please the moderator to remove it.)
(I created the monitor listing...)
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