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Replace sidebar link

Paidverts wagering competition, BIG PRIZES!

Paidverts wagering competition, lasting 1 week only!


From the 17th until the 23rd of September, you can win a piece of the 3 million BAP pool.

Who ever bets most, wins!

Link for more information

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12/09/2018 01:39
I suggest the admins should remove the FTQ link in the sidebar and replace it with a link to the royalty positions page.

This change will prevent confusion from new members thinking FTQ is still active.

(And besides, I have always been making two clicks going from forum to RP page and vice versa. Making doing this change will drop it down to only one click. smile )
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12/09/2018 02:45
Good idea @richiem

There still should be access to it somewhere though, to allow those currently invested in the FTQ to check the progress of its payment.
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12/09/2018 04:36
accept... Richiems...  Good

replace link with active program.


FTQ link inside, Invest .. so that is enough for inactive program..

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