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Captcha problem

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10/01/2018 11:38
Hello. I knoe there have been topics before about captcha but this one seems different. I can log in to paidverts on this laptop but when I use my other laptop,smaller so easier to carry, the captcha always shows as an error. It does not matter which type I use. I tried Chrome,Firefox and Opera. Cleared history and cookies. Installed adobe flash. Any ideas? Do I need to download any other programme. Thanks for any replies.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
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10/01/2018 13:30
We have different captcha's, so you can pick which one serves you best.
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10/01/2018 14:08
pv Captcha not working for me so longsad(month+).
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10/01/2018 14:19
Are we doing an update/maintenance right now?

Sluggish feeling in PV, which can make it so captcha doesn't show up and when it does have to force it to communicate with the server.
Traffic Value: $264.40909 Turkey
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10/01/2018 14:39
I have tried different captchas but still does not work. This has happened over a week ago. I use the other laptop as a back-up but cannot access paidverts or mtv on it. No problem on main laptop.
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