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Our new PTC project is in prelaunch! Biggest launch of 2019 in the earnings industry!

EXCITING NEWS! Earlier today our new subsidiary project PTCshare has been put into prelaunch! will be a Paid-To-Click site very much like PaidVerts, but with a few alterations and taking some additional lessons into account to make it even better in several ways.
From today onwards you can register, and build up your team & list of referrals before others do, as this is expected to be the BIGGEST PTC LAUNCH of 2019!

Register at:

More details will be posted in the following weeks and the site will be launched in early June, but we highly advise to prepare yourself before!

Note: PTCshare does not change anything for PaidVerts, it will remain as is and keep being improved just the same. But PTCshare allows us to reach additional people, advertisers, and allows YOU to earn on two reputable sites instead of just one!
We are very excited about this launch, as it will indirectly benefit PaidVerts with new members and advertisers as well :)


During May we will run a special lottery. (May 1st-31st)
In order to take part, you have to purchase over $5 of advertising on My Traffic Value or Paidverts. (Bulk ads not included)
We will then randomly select 1 individual who will win $100.


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Traffic Value: $4,292.18869 Germany
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22/03/2018 09:54
As some of you may be aware of already, Payza is currently dealing with some legal matters in the United States. We cannot give any specific details at this time, but please be aware that this is an accusation and it is NOT evidence of guilt. Right now, we are working on a solution to this, and the technical issues we are experiencing, and we do not want you to worry. In the meantime, Payza’s services are fully operational and available at our new domain All your account information and funds are secure and accessible at We will provide more information as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,
Team Payza
Wie einige von Ihnen bereits wissen, beschäftigt sich payza derzeit mit einigen juristischen Fragen in den Vereinigten Staaten. Wir können zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt keine konkreten Einzelheiten nennen, aber bitte beachten Sie, dass dies eine Anschuldigung ist und nicht ein Beweis für Schuld ist. Im Moment arbeiten wir an einer Lösung dafür und an den technischen Problemen, die wir erleben, und wir wollen nicht, dass sie sich sorgen machen. In der Zwischenzeit sind die Dienste von Payza voll funktionsfähig und verfügbar in unserer neuen Domain alle ihre Account-Informationen und Fonds sind sicher und zugänglich unter wir werden so bald wie möglich weitere Informationen bereitstellen.

Vielen Dank für ihre Geduld und ihr Verständnis,
Team Payza
Traffic Value: $114,601.66988 Spain
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22/03/2018 12:15
Marc should withdrw all fund of Payza, Im so tired that we´re always losing money. 
I still remember we are loss a lot money in liberty reserve, apart in other websites.
Traffic Value: $194.77898 Bosnia and Herzegowina
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23/03/2018 09:52
I was always for holding founds in crypto we have BTC and LTC options.
Traffic Value: $53.92955 Chile
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11/05/2019 05:52
@becker71 i need help with payza, can u ?
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