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Texas Hold'em bug and issues report

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Traffic Value: $65.56825 Bulgaria
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23/05/2016 16:52

I'm using Google Chrome. I tried everything, but the game just doesn't want to load more than 83 %... I don't know.
Traffic Value: $8,892.04504 Slovenia
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23/05/2016 17:04
nice work team. I was playing now for 1 hour and it worked perfectly =)

I know this is just a bug issue report topic but i ll leave some suggestions: (for future)

it would be good if you can add the box amount for bet/raise, so we can enter the number/amount we want to bet or raise to.

Or if you can add 3 buttons for betting/raising for preflop and postflop
example :
Preflop: 2xBigBlind, 3xBigBlind, Allin
Flop: 50% pot, 75% pot, pot bet

and some alarm sound or something when your nearly out of time to act.
Traffic Value: $7,130.35531 Lithuania
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23/05/2016 17:33
"For fun2" stuck in the same way as "fot fun"..
Traffic Value: $837.89177 Spain
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23/05/2016 17:44
and I come to play and after one minute the game is to become stationary and stop, no one could do anything and and had to leave the room, I bet 100 baps that were discounted pv, not very well what went wrong.
Traffic Value: $190.63036 Turkey
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23/05/2016 17:50
I get stuck in two rooms now
Traffic Value: $14,823.02214 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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23/05/2016 18:04
All of you who are reporting these bugs/issues, please provide informations that Slosumo asked from you:
1. What operating system and browser do you use?
2. Can you please check your developer console (F12 or ctrl + shift + K on most browsers) if there are any errors?
Traffic Value: $837.89177 Spain
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23/05/2016 18:28
I'm sorry I read this later, and as I closed the game, my browser is google chrome I have no more information than that.

the game stood in the first minutes of the game

23-05-2016 17:31:23 -100 Texas Hold'em: started with 100 BAPs 20993
23-05-2016 01:58:02 -100 Daily BAP Tax 21093
Traffic Value: $1,567.22535 Poland
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23/05/2016 18:57
Sometimes when round ends, cards on table do not disapper, but players have new cards on hand.
Win 7, Opera Browser.
Traffic Value: $3,726.38398 Lithuania
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23/05/2016 19:39
There should be a possibility to write in the exact bet/raise amount. Not only a slider bar to adjust it
Traffic Value: $4,969.3683 Spain
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23/05/2016 20:03
In case you need some help with the "rules" of poker like "when you need to show your cards first, what happen if..." just ask me, I'm studying to be a poker dealer so I might answer you or ask one of my teachers
Traffic Value: $837.89177 Spain
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23/05/2016 23:50
sergiotruji & sergiotruji1 multiacount on play texas holdem
Traffic Value: $283.54589 Greece
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23/05/2016 23:53
How this is possible? Who is monitoring the accounts? If this occurs, they can see each other's cards and play dirty....
Traffic Value: $228.85395 Venezuela
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24/05/2016 01:09
Gotta take care of some connection and refresh issues...

For example I'm regularly getting this on some games:

I've gotta admit i got a slow connection, like 2 MBits download as top...

But as you can see, sometimes the game fails to refresh after the showdown. And i gotta keep playing watching my new cards, but the whole showdown scene is present, and i can't see what's on the table for this new game.

I've also been noticing after playing some more hands, that most of this stuff might be happening if i'm not completely focusing the game tab all the time. I'm a little bit impatient sometimes, mostly when i'm not particularly interested in my hand or some games cards on the table, so i go and do something else in another tab. When i comeback to play next hand, i might get stuff like this and other kind of "non refreshing" errors.

Updated Chrome Versión 50.0.2661.102 m
Win 7 32 Bits Professional
Screen 1366 x 768
Chrome Zoom: 75% (Works for me better than 100%)


Another thing i would like to point out is: It would be nice if you can show me my own cards anytime when i mouse over my picture / name. I Like to see my cards all the time, even when i already did fold. Otherwise i forget what i was even playing and i can't get info from myself, i mean, if i was on the right path or i missed a real opportunity, it makes you reflect on your decisions as a player and it might help you build better strategies...

That's all i got for now, everything else seems to be behaving smoothly. When i'm focusing the game all the time i can play normally and without issues, i think.

Traffic Value: $563.95157 United States
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24/05/2016 03:20
we got a few frozen 1 and big prize are for sure frozen and not disappearing from the refresh list
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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24/05/2016 08:42
Thanks for the reports everyone. We have temporarily disabled poker to fix these issues, will be re-enabled later today.
Traffic Value: $11.11443 Brazil
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24/05/2016 09:54
the money of frozens go back to  the owners?
Traffic Value: $632.82371 Latvia
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24/05/2016 13:06
eh no Poker today...
You should work on some tournaments, with registration fee, to avoid people that join for 1 hand, bluff and leave...
Single table sit n go, prize pool is shared between 3 best of 9 (50%, 30%, 20%) for example...
Everyone would be given same amount of chips for entry fee, no need to take small part of rake every hand, 100 BAP reg fee, 90 BAP goes to prize pool...
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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24/05/2016 13:34
We have refunded all Texas Holdem BAP stuck in game rooms, also new version of the game was deployed with fixes listed below:
- Fix for loader stuck at 83%
- Fix for game freezing during preflop
- Cards animation fix for users with high latency

And game has now been re-enabled.
Traffic Value: $2,209.45324 Macedonia
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24/05/2016 17:18
High Two Pair doesn't win over Two Pair
Just had had a game in which we were:
And the pot got split between all three.
Traffic Value: $4,969.3683 Spain
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24/05/2016 21:56
@Caci you always make your play with the 5 higher cards. Let's suppose you get double AA and 66 with K kicker. It doesn't matter if you have a 7 in your hand and the opponent has a 2 if you both have AA66 with K kicker, it will be split pot.

The other scenario is that you got AA77 and the other two players got AA66. In this case you win all the pot. Your message wasn't clear enough so don't know if you mean the first or the second scenario
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