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PPD program

Play and share WarClicks - help MTV grow faster!

MTV's second freemium game WarClicks is out and showing tons of potential.

Make sure to check it out as just by playing it regularly yourself and sharing it to a few of your friends you are helping MTV grow faster!


Same goes with CoinFlip evolved game - play it regularly and share it with a few friends to increase its revenues.

That's all it takes - have fun playing one of our games every day, share it a bit, and you're helping MTV grow faster and doing so increasing the value of your investments here!

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Traffic Value: $390.59796 Netherlands
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10/01/2017 14:14
I suggest MTV group to make a PPD program , and put at Project Funding I think it's a good Idea . what u think ?? question
Traffic Value: $28.3459 Brazil
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10/01/2017 14:33
Could you please explain your idea? I had to search it on google and it was very confuse.
Traffic Value: $390.59796 Netherlands
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10/01/2017 14:58
it's a program for sharing files and earning, u share your files on a upload center and get paid every time your files are downloaded.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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10/01/2017 15:20
Where does the money come from?
On top of that, how does FBG benefit?

Bloat and Mal ware are typically how free programs are able to pay for the hosting of the website.
Traffic Value: $4,969.3683 Spain
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10/01/2017 15:25
@Druth I guess by advertising
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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10/01/2017 18:26
What kind of files? Like illegal downloads?
casio8978 - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $14,531.83197 Slovenia
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10/01/2017 18:35
Traffic Value: $773.5176 Portugal
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10/01/2017 19:29 eheh
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