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24/06/2018 10:10
Something I thought about for a while now and now also got approved by some posts in the "Why selective withdrawal?" thread, but has nothing to do with the thread topic: Paidverts misses a "Guide" site.

I like the tour and that there are little boxes explaining some sites in a few sentences, but this is also the problem, the explanations are not going in-depth and are spread all over the website. It would be nice if there were one central site, which had extended explanations about everything important.
Some minor detail I just found:
at "My Ad Campaigns" in the information box in the second line is written: "(i.e. PayPal)", shouldn't this better be changed to some other payment processor...?
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24/06/2018 16:13
In the guide it would be nice for an explanation of all the abbreviated names mentioned in the forum
ppmg, cfe, bap, aps, ftq, etc
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24/06/2018 20:14
Guide site, well we do have this:

Though it's a bit of a mess and I used Google to look for it as I don't know where to find it (nor sys stats) with the new layout.

Also, advertisers have PV guides out there, even one in spanish, ofc none are 100% approved or hosted by this company. But, if the members work together on one, I could see it being hosted and approved by the site. It has to be user generated though as there is no time/money for our limited PV staff to create it.
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25/06/2018 12:39
Yes we should have a guide but maybe that is a job for each member.

I try to guide my referrals as much as I can with blog posts and mail list created with my referrals email. This is not an "ordinary" PTC site so they feel lost around here and tend to quit :\
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25/06/2018 21:10
@druth8x There is a link to FAQ on
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02/07/2018 12:05
hi, i want cashout my bitcoin balance but i need to change my registered Bitcoin Wallet address first, i cannot find where i can do that, can you help please
DomingoX6 - Forum moderator
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02/07/2018 12:14

You have to send a support ticket to change your BTC address.
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