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A Quarter of a Million!

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Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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09/03/2018 00:08
As of right now, Warclicks has 251,079 players (granted not all will be active) but it's a huge jump from 95,000 on 14th February.

That's 156,079 new players in 24 days! Or 6503 per day average.

The Armor Games integration has proven to be well worth the effort and looking forward to seeing the impact on earnings.

With Kongregate integration being worked on now, who'd be brave enough to have a guess at player numbers at the end of the year? At current levels, we'd be looking at adding >1.9 million more. We'll just have to see where saturation occurs.

Let's then consider that we could generate $1 per user. I've no idea what the reality is, but surely that's not beyond possible.

That's >$2 million. Makes the FTQ look like chicken feed. wink

Hope you're holding on tightly to your RPs
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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09/03/2018 00:14
Also...Marc mentioned that many of our new users are from tier 1 countries.  It might just be me, but it appears that the quality of advertiser has improved on the Google ads that appear on Warclicks.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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09/03/2018 01:17
Average is $0.12-$0.15 per active user per month as of now.
This is why we wish to further monetize our users.
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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09/03/2018 01:42
Thanks for sharing.  So even as things stand, $1 per active user per annum is conservative.  Once we see improved monetization, better quality ads and a shop upgrade, things are looking pretty good.

@Marc  Do you care to share what % of users remain active, or how long a user remains active on average?  I think you previously mentioned that users coming from ArmorGames are not as sticky as those that had previously joined.  Why do you think that is, since the product has actually been improved a lot.
Traffic Value: $6,023.4734 Spain
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09/03/2018 07:10
 I would also like to know what is exactly the piece of cake we get, i know it is 60%. but it is from the total generated or from the profits?
if it is from the profits, how much are the costs?
With this data we can understand better what is the actual gaining
Traffic Value: $489.01092 Netherlands
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09/03/2018 09:33
would be nice to see 250.000 active users x 0.12$ = 30.000$ per month
60% of that would  be a nice amount smile
gugakip - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $739.34329 Belgium
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09/03/2018 10:05
It will be of the profits for sure. Costs include the Slovenian office I think, or at least every programmer working on it, the designers and the hosting and technical parts like that. No idea on the profitability, but it's seems like Warclicks is going well smile 

@Fraser, I guess the users are less sticky because the users that joined until now are users that probably don't play a lot of those games and were referred by friends or saw a banner and were interested. Now with AG, they probably are looking just for some entertainment besides all the other games they play. And as you only have limited time available each they, they probably switch between games very often. 
Traffic Value: $489.01092 Netherlands
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09/03/2018 10:09
i am wondering how many of those 250K have actually logged in and played like in the past 48h or so. If that is also a nice amount we could use that as extra info on the site to trigger more people smile
Also a counter what shows the amount of online users can do verry well

Also showing these amounts on the top of the page would be nice . Right now i have to scroll down to see the amount of players
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