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14/03/2022 08:35
There are many people who are mining ETC and the only exchange who accepts them are Binance and Bittrex to play with them,which have both high fees.

I am one of them and if the ETC payment were implemented here I would not need to deposit my ETC to any of such exchanges pay the high fees to get my LTC and then deposit here.

Is there any plan to add more and more crypto payments,just Bitcoin and Litecoin is not that is enough in my opinion but I maybe wrong that is why I am asking here the community.
slosumo - Administrator
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14/03/2022 08:38
Not currently - implementing new payment methods (especially crypto) is quite costly (and in our current activity wouldn't repay itself for a year+, which is especially hard as we're just running by with the bills), and on top of that our lead programmer is extremely hard to get by these days. And hiring anyone else new to do that, would probably cost 2-4x times more because there's onboarding and unfamiliarity of the system to consider.

The one method we intend to add (Asap) is AirTM
Traffic Value: $11,007.43755 Albania
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01/04/2022 06:31
Well there is good news for me and many others like me,no need for you to implement anything for "this" problem.Nowadays 2miners pool offers to give miners who mine ETC payout in BTC and I already took profit from that and am now at near 400K BAP.I used to be much more patient,I lost many in gambling but now I am more than ever determined to just increase this balance,and its been quite a long time since I didn't hit the games button.
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02/04/2022 08:24
Games destroyed many if my attempts to increase any balance here. But for multiple years I have not played games at all. And I'm so proud on me.
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