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How do I fund my account balance?

1. Click on your balance at the top of the page:

Top of Page Balance

2. Click on "Add Funds" next to the method you wish to use:

Balance Popup

3. If it's your first time depositing, you will then be asked to enter your account information for the given payment method (where we'll pay your withdrawals to).

4. You will then be taken to the deposit form for your chosen method. Follow the instructions on the page to complete your deposit.

Can I cashout to a different deposit method?

No. You must always cashout back to the same deposit method and account number (or Beneficiary) from where your original deposits originated. This is for your security, and ours.

The only exception to this rule, is if the payment processor you used closes, or has a significant change in their terms and conditions (for example, prohibiting users from a specific country from using their services any further). In which case, arrangements can be made to transfer your balance out via another means. Please submit a support ticket for help.

How long do bank deposits take to add to my balance?

Bank wire deposits generally take 1-5working days to arrive in our bank account. As soon as they clear, we'll add them to your account balance the same/following day.

If your bank wire takes more than 2weeks to arrive, submit a support ticket to check nothing has been missed on our end. (But more than likely the problem is with the sending bank, for which you'll need to contact your bank, and they'll usually fix the problem very quickly)