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Royalty Positions

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How much do Royalty Positions earn?

Royalty Position holders are like 'admins' of My Traffic Value. And like any admin, you earn a commission on every unit (dollar) of investment made into our main investment plans (186% Power Plan + 250% Fast Track Plan)

As you can see from the investment plan breakdowns, for every dollar invested, $0.19  (19%) gets divided between ourRoyalty Position hikders. And given that there are 500,000,000 Royalty Positions in total, means that each Royalty Position earns $0.00000005 per dollar invested.

Your earnings are compiled, and paid to your account earnings balance every Monday, shortly after the daily result is posted.

How much are Royalty Positions worth?

Short answer: However much someone is willing to pay for them!

TheRoyalty Positions themselves don't have a fixed value. They're sold on an open marketplace where buyers and sellers set the prices they're willing to pay.  And that value is based on two main factors:

1) Supply and demand.... if people want to buy, and there aren't many/ any for sale (as there's only 500,000,000 Royalty Positions in existence). The price will climb!

2) Dividends....  How much cash eachRoyalty Position is generating each week, both now, and also it's projected future earnings. The more it's earning, or going to earn in dividends, then obviously the more valuable it's going to be.

You can view our marketplace to see the current bids to buy Royalty Positions vs Royalty Positions actually listed for sale.

Selling Royalty Positions - how long does it take? Is there a fee?

There are two options when selling your Royalty Positions:

1) List them for sale on the marketplace, at whatever price you like. And wait for someone to accept. (The more appealing your sale price, the quicker someone will likely accept)


2) Accept a "bid". Here users have already requested to buy Royalty Positions, and their funds are held in escrow. So if you accept their buy price, the sale is virtually instant.

Approving Royalty Positions Transfers
When a user accepts a bid, or purchases Royalty Positions listed for sale on the marketplace, they are sent to our security department for approval. This process usually takes a few hours, certainly no more than 1day. Once approved the Royalty Positions will be transferred to their new owner, and the seller will receive their money, minus the transfer fee.

* In the event your transfer is denied, Royalty Positions will be returned to the original owner, and funds returned to the buyer. Without any fees. You can open a support ticket to enquire about why your transfer was denied, and we can work out any issues.

Transfer fee
There is a 0.25% transfer fee deducted from the amount the seller receives from their Royalty Positions sales. This fee, along with our manual approvals system, is designed to discourage money laundering, and creates a revenue to offset the potential losses from any marketplace related fraud / missuse.

All transfer fees are shown on our daily results, and portfolio. Along with a log of every transfer ever made:

Which is better? 250% Fast Track Plan or Royalty Positions?

1. Compare the earnings:
Fast Track 250 plan, pays your money back +150% profit. That is all.
Royalty Positions have unlimited earning potential!

So if you're looking for an opportunity at turning small money into riches, then Royalty Positions are the way to go. If you've only got small money to invest, then the Fast Track plan isn't going to make you rich. As re-investing & compounding will only do so much. But buying Royalty Positions, combined with astronomical system growth - you could well turn very small money, into life changing sums!

2. Time!
Royalty Position holdersbig earning potential is dependent upon growth. With more investors, generating more turnover. Royalty Position holders earn more... And the fundamental pillar behind that growth, is the snowballing development of our portfolio. But that takes time!

Without growth, the value o fRoyalty Position holder dividends is usually already priced into the value you purchased your Royalty Positions for. So in times of slow/no growth, Royalty Position holders earn very little compared to the price they would have typically paid for their Royalty Positions. (Unless you got a bargain, and bought real low!)

Wheras, the Fast Track 250 plan, takes a relatively fixed amount of time to pay investors. You can view the estimation in the "Outlook" section here. And that's always going to 2.5x your money. Making it a good investment!

So you need to judge for yourself, is the system liable to grow sufficiently for the value of your Royalty Positions to spike beyond what an investment would earn in the Fast Track 250 plan over the same period of time....
- If you think we're about to experience a spike in growth, buy Royalty Positions!
- If you think we need some time for the portfolio development to catch up, and debt levels to be reduced. Perhaps 250 plan is the better option. As that's just milking the existing earnings from the Portfolio.

3. Liquidity!
Investing into the Fast Track 250 plan, locks you into the plan for the full term of the investment. Your investment is consumed by the system upon entry, and is subsequently dependent upon that same system to be repaid.

Whereas with Royalty Positions, you can sell your Royalty Positions on the marketplace at any time. And if you're really in a hurry to liquidate your assets, you can lower the sale price (or accept a low bid), and maybe take a small loss to get access to your cash... Which maybe valuable to you.

What are bids? And how do they work? - Take a look at our marketplace.

If you are looking to buy Royalty Positions, but you deem the Royalty Positions currently listed for sale as too expensive. Then you have an option to instead "place a bid" to buy Royalty Positions.

Here, you set how many Royalty Positions you want to buy, and how much you are willing to pay per Royalty Position. The funds will then be deducted from your account balance, and held in escrow until such time that you cancel a bid, or until a seller accepts part/all of your bid. In which case they get an instant sale of their Royalty Positions, and you get to buy at the preferable rate!

To place a bid, first fund your account balance by clicking on "Add Funds", at the top of the page. Then visit our marketplace and click the "Place a Bid" button. Your bid must be at least 1cent lower than the cheapes tRoyalty Positions currently listed for sale.

To cancel an active bid, use this page: - All your active bids are listed here, with a big cancel button next to them. Cancelling your bids instantly returns your funds to your balance, free of charge.