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Fair Gaming: How does the md5 hash system work?

To prove our games are absolutely fair. We tell you the result, in the form of an MD5 encrypted string before you even play! Then once the game is complete, we give you the code that creates that same string you could see before playing, that you can enter into an MD5 hash generator and verify for yourself

Here's how it works, using Roulette as an example:

Roulette 1

Before you begin playing Roulette, scroll down to the bottom, and look for the "Next Result MD5 Hash". Make a note of the string of characters:

eg:  5631a93f3d8ab04e69188fbe444ccfa8

Now, you can place your bets however you like. And press "Spin" to play the game.

Roulette 2


As shown above, I placed a $1 bet on the middle 1/3 of numbers. And the outcome was Black 31 (so I lost my $1 bet).

Now, if you look at the bottom of the game once again, there is a new Result MD5 hash (for the next play), and there is also the "Result Code":


The result code shows a bunch of zeros, and then the outcome of the game. In this case 31. After that, are 10 random characters, to stop people creating an archive of the 36 possible outcome hashes.

Now, if you enter the Result Code into any MD5 hash generator (google the term), or use the link below:

Roulette 3

It will generate the same hash that was on display before you even played the game. Proving that the outcome was generated before you placed your bets, or picked your numbers. And seeing as we have no control over what number you picked. That is guaranteed 100% fair!