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slosumo - Administrator
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15/04/2015 17:09
This post will be edited with rules on posting tutorials.
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16/04/2015 14:30
I got some, but I do not see how to post whole document? Should I just link it in here or can I create just new topics and then put links to tutorials in group?

(When I said new topic I mean, I have one for MTV, one for PV, and one for together (but on that one is needed some visual improvement).

Maybe they are not perfect in language, but they are more than good enough for start.
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16/04/2015 18:15
@MisterDD I am also waiting on slosumo´s directions to post the ones I got in my site....
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17/04/2015 13:03
Ok got some directions from slosumo. Posted the first tutorials.
To all interested people: if your website is approved by slosumo, you may post a link to the tutorial in here.. if not, please copy and paste/ reformat them in here.
Traffic Value: $7,429.94412 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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18/04/2015 07:18
Catt - Forum moderator

Well in that case, since my tutorials about MTV-PV, visual presentations, and slideshows are from FB group and people need permission to log in FB to see them, and about my internet site: It is not MTV-PV only, so will be hardly allowed and since FB is not something what 100 % of people use I am out of that. You can put yours. 
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23/04/2015 05:21
why not just msg slosumo about it? I am sure he can decide about that... I don´t really know if facebook would be allowed, that is up to him
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16/08/2020 18:24
Thank you for your support.
Please send me the update rules?
dang ky nhan hieu
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