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Mtv forum search tutorial

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06/09/2015 23:49
Opening this thread for a person to post a tutorial on how to search the forum.
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06/09/2015 23:50
Thank you Stephanos9 

Since the forum search is not working, here are some searching tips to get around a bit easier...

To search only the MTV forum in google type before your search phrase. I'll tell you a few example of how it can be useful

1. For example, a lot of people were wondering who the user axelay was a few days ago.
If you type in google axelay your search results will mostly include posts by the user axelay or posts that mention axelay, out of with, it should be really easy for you to figure out that axelay is Alex, the programmer.
2. Say, you want to search Tic-Tac-Toe, as a trending topic now.
You can type tictactoe and google will recognize that you are talking about the game, so your results will also include variations like Tic-Tac-Toe and tic tac toe.
3. Searching for development news but you want to avoid posts like "Any news about the development of that new thing?"
Well, you want to search for "development news", as a phrase, and it can be done too.
Just put the phrase in quotation marks and google will do the job.
so, the search query in that case will be "development news"
Go on, try it now smile
it works for every multi word phrase, for example "polish office" or "new CEO" and it is not limited to two word phrases only
4. When you google search, it may omit some of the words you are searching for, and may give you some results you are not interested in. A plus "+" before a word means it has to appear in your search results, and a minus "-" means it must not...
For example, let's say you want to know about Marc and swaps, but want to avoid posts that include Jo. The best outcome will be if you search for +marc +swap -jo
5. One more tip and to finish up... A lot of users ask about different earning programs here. The best way to find the monitor thread of that program, or if anyone else is talking about if on the MTV forum is to search with the name of the program, for example, "passive earner". Don't forget to put the name in quotation marks if it's a multi-word one (see what I did there).

This is pretty much what you need to know to get your way around the MTV forum. Remember that you cannot order your search results by date because Google has no idea when the site was created, it only knows when it was indexed. 
Happy searching wink

I'll just add a snap to make it prettier angel

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06/09/2015 23:54
Those are great tips that I wasn't aware of--well done!!
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07/09/2015 00:03
for me now is working the search on mtv. but good tips
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07/09/2015 00:05
Yes, it's working smile That's cool indeed grin

But google searching gives you more options to filter the results, and also helps the MTV forum get better rankings in google. That was my main idea behind it, as there was a thread started not so long ago, about the pv search results. This is a good way to rank the forum of MTV higher in google grin
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07/09/2015 00:16
Sure is slow to open the results all one page, no wonder.

Does these tips work for MTV forum search as well.

Worthwhile read

did not show me my thread (condensed news) until after the first few scrolls down, and even then it was Michael's first response.
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07/09/2015 03:25

No, the options do not work on the forum search.
Also, google returns the results depending on how they were indexed, so sometimes, when you are looking for a thread by the name, you might not even have the thread on the search result, but at the time it was indexed the thread was in the top 10 so it appeared on the forum.
However, it is very useful. I still prefer it to the build in forum search.
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