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16/06/2021 04:56
I don't know about PV, but at PTCS something went wrong in paying the BAP rewards. I have received significantly less BAP for my ranking, than I should get.

All participants, check how much BAP reward you got.

Slosumo, please check and correct this mistake.

Thank you.
slosumo - Administrator
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16/06/2021 08:38
Hmm indeed, you received exactly 100% less than what you should get, as the competition wasn't paid yet LOL

We sometimes have a day or two delay in paying the competitions, in case we have to do any potential abuse/multiaccount checks, to clear those users from the rewards.

I've paid the competition now smile
Traffic Value: $5,893.23193 Slovenia
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16/06/2021 13:21
Ok, then you really need to check things out, because something went wrong.

I will not take advantage of this mistake. I was paid wagering competition prize yesterday, that's why I was saying I didn't get the right amount. If you paid wagering competition prize today, why did I receive BAP prize yesterday for?
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16/06/2021 19:57
maybe you did buy bulk ads and came into the top ?
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