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16/04/2021 06:55
I'm going to be taking a computer break for 7 Group Ad days and 2 weekends.

For PV, I have the Ad filter, and the possibility of selling all 12KBAP (would require acquiring more BAP for that).

For PTCS I have 3MIL BAP and no option to remove BAP.

Trying to figure out what to do.

For PV, I think my best option is to go to the market and get enough BAP, just to turn around and sell all (being careful to sell all, not leave 5K like last time), and then if I want to come back, reacquire BAP either waiting until the end of the month for the double sale, or maybe just get 500 from the market to tide me over (so I can get the APS 20c daily).

FOR PTC Share, I think I need someone to help me wrap my head around spending $2 to save ~$14 in BAPS.

If I do spend $2, I probably should also get to 0 BAP in PV and just take a break from both. I won't then be able to get the free BAP or do AA or AG though, in PV, as then I'd have to click an ad or just lose it all to tax.


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17/04/2021 08:57
cant you change the adfilter ?
Cant you click 1 or 2 ads each on your phone ?
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