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FTQ repayment

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Traffic Value: $1,064.96663 India
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07/10/2018 02:53
will the investment be repaid after the zero growth estimation time or it can still take longer after the zer growth repayment time period ?
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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07/10/2018 04:10
Anytime listed with FTQ is invalid.

FTQ payments require profits (more revenue than expenses).

Don't worry, while it will almost assuredly still be awhile longer, the FTQ is a top priority when it comes to profit and they do see it as a visual stuck in the mud issue.
Traffic Value: $667.01 Viet Nam
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30/10/2018 07:39
I feel that the time it keeps increasing is not decreasing
Traffic Value: $62,710.15909 United States
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30/10/2018 15:29
It will probably be awhile unless Warclicks somehow becomes a wild success.

These guys are all in on Warclicks & its a product that is labor (programmer) intensive ($) w constant upgrades, glitches, etc. 

Its very nice looking game & addictive for a % but that its so labor intensive is a congenital flaw.

I've thought it was a flawed strategy from the start but its what we are stuck with.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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30/10/2018 16:49
Once it runs, it runs.
Then we will be able to stick to event-related work and occasional updates, while working on a new game.
That's how you gain profits over time, especially due to the fact that we now have established relationships and experience with these platforms, where we can launch any other games as well.
Traffic Value: $62,710.15909 United States
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31/10/2018 01:00
How much $ into Warclicks so far vs how much has it made?
How much more $ into before it reaches "once it runs. it runs"

We need to know that before addressing whether its close to $ well spent. (taking into consideration- 
"we now have established relationships and experience with these platforms" )
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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31/10/2018 09:31
We expect to be able to either build a mobile version or move on in Q1 2019.

In Q1 2019, we are going hard on Paidverts again as well.
SEO, improved guides/explanations, more offerwalls, better methods of presenting our products etc.
(Most of these things are being worked on already by Orlando and Paul, but more people will join the cause in Q1)

I hope we will be able to present a very decent Q4 for Warclicks, which I would present to you in the final days of the year.
So far we have improved our results by a lot and our sales are very profitable.
Traffic Value: $62,710.15909 United States
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31/10/2018 15:01
Numbers not words please. How much has it made vs the cost.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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31/10/2018 19:54
As said before: I'll present the exact figures at the end of the year.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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31/10/2018 20:38

Since he is not even saying it I won't again here, but we were given an update a couple months ago that you won't like based on pure in vs out. Also, when we were new to Kong (and we still are somewhat, there was at least 1 player who really skewed the expected revenue).

Also, take into knowledge that they aren't going to spend much time on WC in 2019 as they are going to create another game. Still get some updates but it's the bigger ones that cause all the bugs etc that require a lot of labor to first create and then track down.

Also, realize that a huge % of buisnessesfail in the first few months/years, those that are still around are often in the red for a few years (even big companies today, like Amazon). It takes time and money to make money so unless you get the rare lightning in a bottle, both of those requirements must be met b4 you can even think about more or less going on autopilot. Heck, many buisnesses never take their foot off the peddle and thus never have much of a margin in case the economy for their buisness turns downwards. I know they have more ideas for the game, big ones in fact, but they feel like they can get close to autopilot in only a couple months speaks volumes for how much revenue they feel they can get with the product after the go on autpilot and how much it can just grow w/o major updates. Also, probably indicates that big updates aren't increasing revenue as much as a new game would.

Numbers won't really tell us much. They are only one small part of a much larger picture.
Traffic Value: $62,710.15909 United States
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01/11/2018 01:56
So still $100k in the negative. (maybe much more)
Why cant we address it in a professional manner until in Jan?
Its just putting off the inevitable. 

I wont even address the overt idiocy of comparing this with Amazon & the other lame/crackpot excuses in that post above. 
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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01/11/2018 08:56
Obviously you put in more at first than you make, but as stated several times before, we more than tripled our income during the past months and are gaining 1000s of users per day.
These users ARE converting into paying customers, especially during our latest sales (Which is why I stated that our sales have been profitable)

Why do I "put it off until January"?
As described before: We are chasing a target we have and plan to make or even break it.
That target should be met at the end of the year, which is when we plan to publish our results.

Being a skeptic is okay, but when you notice the game is attracting millions of plays and gets accepted on the most wellknown gaming platforms, you have to perhaps start wondering if we are on to something with the game.
Traffic Value: $9,518.95615 European Union
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23/07/2019 21:29

Is there any news about open FTQ?
Yes, when there is enough profit.. I know, but this has been said for years now.
We invested in MyTrafficValue for many years and still waiting for the promissed returns.
I don't mind about BAP, or games etc. I'm an investor and waiting!

orlan12fish - Administrator
Traffic Value: $5,500.61933 Guatemala
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24/07/2019 05:53
I know this is hard, to always get the same answer (or even none at times)

But the thing is that results haven't been exactly good all months. I might be mistaken but last time Marc shared the monthly revenue we need in order to breakeven and if I remember correctly it's about $33,000 (or $28k?)

Now have a look to the Accounting sheet:

Go to "Dev Funds" and check the very last table. The "TOTAL" column indicates how much we made every month. You can see yourself that we weren't able to breakeven all months, so the months we do really well, the money is used to pay the debts from low months

Also consider that the new project, PTCShare, was developed in order to generate more revenue for the company. If we were generating profit all these months, maybe this website would have never been developed as the focus would be on paying the FTQ first before trying to look up for new ways to increase our results such as building a new PaidVerts

It's been just a month since PTCShare was released. It's performing good. Let's give it a few months to see what happens! Again, I know it's been a long long time and for us is also hard not to have a proper response about this but what we can truly say is that we're working our a**es off for this to work as we all want it to! 
Traffic Value: $9,518.95615 European Union
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25/07/2019 16:20
OK, thanks for update!
Traffic Value: $9,518.95615 European Union
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29/10/2021 08:17

Any news about FTQ?
When will payments be reveived?

Traffic Value: $2,329.91182 Germany
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21/04/2022 08:46

another 6 months passed so I thought I would bump this thread up again.

Not that I expect that something changed, but rather that I think after 6 years it would be a courtesy to get at least quarterly updates on this topic summarizing the main reasons why it is not moving forward and actions taken to improve the situation in the next quarter.
Because from my standpoint MTV is struggling. The "games" that are being created are from my point of view half-assed at best with outdated concept, graphics and for me personally ZERO fun factor. In that regard i am completely unsurprised that they fail.

As for the rest. I went through the results of last 3 weeks and it's basically zeroes/peanuts everywhere with the exception of Coin Flip. Basically the whole daily result hangs on a single game, so no surprise there that the results fluctuate.
Based on the linked excel, the only "good horse" is PV with a few thousands each month.

The main reason given until now why the monthly results are not used for FTQ is to run the servers (overheads, that I can understand) and pay the developers working on the new stuff.
I understand the concept, that once we don't pay them they will move on. However paying them without actually having quality work for them is also a bad decision.

I consider myself investor with MTV. And since my investment does not give me any control of the company, I expect to be payed in a timely manner. I don't care to play games, whether casino or casual.
At some point "the company" moved from the old model, where new projects were crowdfunded and then either were profitable and people got profit or not, to a model where it tries to finance new development from operating revenue at the cost of not being able to pay its investors - MTV is actually holding its own investors hostage, there is no better word for it. I think at this time it is safe to say, that the new model failed, because it is hardly able to sustain itself.

As an entrepreneur myself I see 2 possibilities:
1) return to the old model, where new development has to find investors first. and those are then the first to reap the profits if there are any, but also take the loss if the project flops.

2) the current model needs restructuring in a way that it is not only sustainable but actually generates enough revenue to pay the debts.
For example, instead of paying the developers to produce half-assed games, rent them out as a team to another company. That way MTV gets to keep them, cover their cost and maybe get something on top.
Traffic Value: $5,518.78321 Germany
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24/04/2022 12:51
Well roared lion...
Unfortunately nobody will hear you...sad
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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25/04/2022 13:41
I understand why these questions keep popping up, but we've addressed them to a big degree several times, most recently in this below topic - please first read particularly my responses in pages 83 & 84, so I don't need to repeat & type everything again:

To reiterate some points/add onto that:
1) everyone keeps having this misconception that "all money is going into games", which couldn't be further from the truth. Specifically, right now about $4k/month is going into development of 2 games simultaneously (4k out of ~$25k urgent monthly payments to KEEP THE LIGHTS ON.

Could we cut this $4k? Yes - but then we lose essentially any sort of chance at developing new products/projects that we have control over, and that have potential upside that if/when we reach that, it will help put us out of this slump. Also, cutting this would mean we'd have to find ourselves other work to survive, which would mean I personally wouldn't even be able to keep doing the things I do to keep things going and filling all the blank spots. In essence, cut that, and with our current team we essentially cut the chance of making any controllable & consistent effort to get to an eventual upside. MTV's revenues would just keep going lower and lower and lower, and VERY soon we'd have to close out completely.

2) PV & PTC are more or less break even, hardly profitable. Ad issues cost money, that doesn't come from the air. And there's no easy way to change that, not without massive overhauls or development effort put into it. Overhauls/Development we don't have the staff/money/resources to do.

Like it or not, the main sources of revenue are Casinos games atm (MTV & PPMG in particular). The massive downtime issues since September have been a big reason of the decline as well, after having some good consistent months of improvement with promotions/Activites. We're currently organizing some sort of “tech cleanup” that would allow us to reduce server costs by 1-2k/month going forward, and improve website stability a lot as well. This has been dragging on since unavailability of sys admin & core programmer, but we're hopefully finally getting them to begin on it. Once those things are in place and user experience is much more consistent again, we could then start doing more regular improvements instead of as much maintenance again, allowing things to steadily improve bit by bit.

PTC/online marketing industry declining over crypto has been a big issues as well, and it's hard to make significant jumps here.

3) "Return to the old model" would change nothing. Changing to that, doesn't suddenly make the monthly costs needed to keep the sites going go away. Instead of using revenues(actual money) you'd just create a ponzi and money that people invest, will be used up for THOSE costs, not new developments. It also creates this “invisible sink/control of money”, and makes it even worse for investors. Why do you think back in the day debt swaps were done on a regular? Because costs were paid with new investments, and there was no clear way of seeing revenues and adjusting monthly costs to them – because all money to run things came out of investments, and Jo didn't care if we'd simply have to do another swap to keep this perpetual circle going, and keep investors waiting even more indefinitely.

“The old model” is why the business got into the state it is in today in the first place. All the loops, unpaid debts, missing money, unfinished & unmanaged projects & overstaffing & shortcuts & unrealistic expectations is one of the main reason why business is as is in the first place.

4) Many of us are essentially running a charity working for MTV to keep it going and trying to improve it. At least I can say that for myself, and our other 2 slovenian workers, we'd be better off doing practically any other job (freelance or fulltime) – Marc hasn't been taking any salaries in ages either. But because of that initial opportunity MTV offered us we're trying to do our best to create something that we have control over and can be a stream of products to help create more revenue consistently. That said, we are actually currently looking for some 3rd party limited work, that would allow ourselves to get more decent salaries ( a member just recently got a baby, I'm essentially getting by month to month) and reduce the monthly cost on MTV a bit as well, but that will also mean that any work we do for MTV will inherently take longer to get out, release and make profitable.

TLDR, we can't just “generate revenue to pay debts”, if there is no staff or work being done to improve them, that's nonsensical. We can't just pay out FTQs with money/profits that don't exist.
Traffic Value: $10,524.3446 Australia
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09/05/2022 01:32
$4k a month going in to game development.

PPMG makes (almost) all the revenue.

Press. Your. Winners.

At least until there is cash to do other things.
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