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Traffic Value: $1,581.80953 Spain
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01/08/2022 00:01
Hello. I believe that yesterday the 12-month term of the project that we financed with crowfounding for SEO of the Play perfectmoney casino expired. I don't know if you have news of how the compensation for this campaign will be for investors (it will be with RPs I imagine...). All the best.
Traffic Value: $1,581.80953 Spain
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02/08/2022 16:47
Seriously no answer for my question after 2 days?
Traffic Value: $1,827.4207 Moldova Republic of
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07/08/2022 08:12
I've opened a Support Ticket regarding this almost a month ago, and was assured that the profit distribution was gonna happen in time.

Needless to say, that ticket has just been reopened... getlost
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11/08/2022 10:09
Is there any news about paying back the investors of the crowdfunding for the Play Perfectmoney Casino SEO campaign?
Traffic Value: $158.82572 Barbados
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12/08/2022 03:03
Aren't we suppose to be getting our money back plus interest in RP or cash?
Lending my voice to this thread. 
slosumo - Administrator
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12/08/2022 06:47
Posting this here as well as in the Daily News reply:

4) PPMG Project funding repayment - This is absolutely our fault and should have given a clear answer on-time. It is something I should've followed up sooner as well, and take it as an excuse or however, but since start of mid June, I had to focus most of my energy in finding 3rd party work, find and setup clients to make a living. Despite popular belief, I can't live in a box and work from a cafe, I need to make a living. Setting up good and consistent freelance work takes time, especially early on - but because I'm committed to still help run MTV, is why I'm doing that, and not just taking a well-paid full-time job, in which case I wouldn't be able to work for MTV at all.

The project funding will be re-paid in RPs soon. We won't announce exact details in advance until it is done, as several of you (who are not even invested in the project) will otherwise try to take advantage of RP manipulation.
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