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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
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20/10/2016 18:28
Here we'll be reporting about the upcoming "Project funding page".
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21/10/2016 03:51
Hi guys! I'm gonna be keeping you guys up to date on this project as I get information about it. I already have a tidbit!

How are the Project Revenues used to repay Investors?

Revenues are categorized into three sections:
A) – The part of Project Revenues that get distributed to all its Investors - [default: 80%]
B) – The part of Project Revenues that gets distributed to MTV as Dev Funds/Company Profits, and can not be owned by any Investor - [default: 20%]
C) – Possible extra part of Project Revenues that gets distributed to MTV as Dev Funds/Company Profits --} This happens in the case where Investors didn't fully manage to fund the Project, and the excess is covered by MTV's Dev Funds, and therefore MTV becomes an Investor, itself, and gets a share based on the covered funds (besides the fixed part from Section B)

I'll see what else I can dig up here in a while. Later!
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21/10/2016 19:48
Alright, got something else for you all:

How does Funding Work?

Users can fund a project buying a portion of [shares] for a project. (These shares are by default sized at $50, but can be specified for each project when creating it.)
All investors will share the Section A Revenue of the overall NET revenues of a project (whenever paid by an admin), based on their invested part.
Overfunding of a project IS allowed – if any overfunding happens it will be used for extra features, better product, marketing etc.
All funding projects end on end funding date.

What happens when project is overfunded?

Example – project fund goal is $100k.
Share size is $100.
By a [perfect] fund goal, there would be 1000 project shares around, meaning that every share would net investors 0.1% of the Section A Revenue (1/1000 * 0.8 of project revenues).
But, if project gets overfunded, i.e. $150k is funded, then there would be 1500 shares, and each share would net investors 0.067% of the Section A Revenue (1/1500 * 0.8 of project revenues).
Obviously, funding animation bar ends at 100%, but progress can be displayed as over 100%.

What happens when a project is underfunded?

Example – project fund goal is $100k.
Share size is $100.
Investors only fund $70k.
They take 700 out of 1000 shares and the rest of the shares then becomes MTV's (portfolio's), and MTV will help fund any extra project costs with up to $30k.
So, MTV would then own 300 out of 1000 shares, meaning that it would, on top of Section B Revenues, also get 30% of the Section A Revenues.
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21/10/2016 20:43
Thank you for the news, I am looking forward that all these new projects is finally born. But I have a suggestion. In fact, I invested in the FTQ, and I invest in the project financing. Unfortunately, I was not $ 50 to invest. That's why I wanted to know if you had thought of putting the minimum to invest $ 1 (for example).
Thank you
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21/10/2016 22:19
I am curious to know if there will be any contribution to RP shares with the project funding page. What is the point of having shares for each project if we have RP shares ? It makes no sense to add in different shares. This might lead to confusion to which shares to buy... I am putting all of my money in RP shares knowing that my money from RP shares will go to fund everything in MTV... SO if we are going to talk about SHARES... just stick with RP shares and adjust the funding from there to proportionate to different projects.... This is one corporation so therefore we should have just one class of shares... unless if shares get too expensive then form class b shares... Of course this would not happen since there are too many outstanding shares in the market... In a nutshell... don't call it shares.. call it donation or pledges... just like in crowdsourcing sites... If Rp shares become redundant due to all the different shares popping up in different projects then I will definitely be one unhappy camper !
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
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21/10/2016 23:00
They're called project shares and allow you to earn a part of its revenues.
In case 20% goes to mtv this will be added to the total amount of development funds.
In case we make a profit during that month it will be paid as profits as you're used to.
This will add more value to the rp's, not reduce.
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22/10/2016 00:00
The project shares can earn me the percentage of revenue earned from its project's lifetime use (meaning until the end of mtv or when they are no longer earning revenue so they are taken offline. (this never happens). so its monthly passive revenue income coming to me in addition to Rp's monthly dividends? talk about more way of making money ! Would be awesome to have 5 different incomes coming to me per month..... woo hoo.. I will definitely  buy alot of shares in coin flip evolution considering how much revenue they generate per month... definitely no brainer there ! 
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22/10/2016 06:46
My understanding is that there would be a time limit or percentage cap on how much beyond 100% that a user could earn, but this is still a project under development, so details about that particular point are sketchy and presumptuous. I agree, though, it would be interesting if at least some projects provided long term residual income to the Investors, however, unless someone in upper design/management announces that, it won't do any good to presume it.
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23/10/2016 04:47
I got some raw layout discussion from the Programmers. Nothing else at the moment...

Project gallery:
-clicking on the small pictures changes the big picture in the gallery. Clicking on the big picture opens up the picture in full size (if possible, some neat gallery scroller)
"view my project investments" button should only appear to users who have funded a specific project.
-By clicking on "Fund this project button" (either home page or project details) redirects the user to the funding process, if logged into MTV. If user is not logged into MTV, a modal login/register screen appears with the note on top, "Project funding is only available to logged in MyTrafficValue members. Please login or register to be able to fund this project."
The modal login popup should convert to a register popup, instead of redirecting users to the register page.

Project funding page:
Payment methods should be availble to make direct deposits/purchase of shares, with the note: "Purchase of X project shares for Project_name", as well as direct balances. In case of purchases from balance we need to make sure that the changes will be visible in MTV/PV account balance history obviously, but for direct purchases, there is no need to dispaly that in their MTV history, if it will mean going for "bad practices", and just a new table for these purchases/logs can be made.
After completing step 2, user is taken to the details of his project fund page, with the green success note depicted by rayner on the HTML layout.
Make use of the warning and error message layout for any other messages we might be sending to users/admins on submits/actions.
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23/10/2016 20:39
I think $50 is high for the share price. There are many who can afford it but that is not the majority of our members. So this will come off as a bit exclusive. Just looking at the breakdown of the BAP levels will show that not many members have that kind of money to spend whereas, if you were to go with $1 I think you would make more on the volume than you would with $50

I think charging $50 means you are expecting more money to come in but we have expected that in the past and it hasn't really materialized

We know a lot of people will jump in at $1 or maybe even up to $5 but I think it is a bit of a gamble to expect them to jump in at $50. The more popular builds like the coin flip will probably be oversubscribed but the ones that may not be as popular might struggle.

now I know you're not going to like to hear this but part of the problem many would probably have is repayment. Because of our history, repayment is a higher risk here than average and that makes a bigger investment a gamble. With smaller investments it is easier to throw smaller amounts of money in the pot and not worry about losing it. I'm not saying this to hurt the situation but trying to get into the heads of potential 'investors'

Otherwise, everything else looks great about all this
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24/10/2016 00:18
Ive been following the amount of money MTV pays for cashout's and it amazes me how much we pay per day almost everyday.... So don't say were not paying, you can say that it's harder to make money here but were still paying, and a lot.
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24/10/2016 00:26
put price at share $100 usd with this prevent poor people troll the project.
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24/10/2016 02:06
I would guess that RP holders will jump from RP to project shares, bringing the price down.

And BAP holders might buy shares with their BAP to sell them for cash, bringing the BAP price up.
Traffic Value: $54,219.84749 United States
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24/10/2016 02:36
Richiem - That is why it is very important to show consistent dividend payout for RP shares.. Rp Shares pays forever.... Project shares does not... It would make no sense to see project shares to become more valuable than RP shares since RP shares cover the entire company and project shares just cover one piece of it ... That better be the case !
Traffic Value: $54,219.84749 United States
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24/10/2016 02:38
OMG Mysterious Thiago speaks ! You could very well fund the entire project if you want smile .. Welcome back and I hope you start to get interested again !
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24/10/2016 05:59
maybe an idea you can buy with rp's and the rp's go to portfolio account then i guess it wont effect the share price to much
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24/10/2016 06:05
I think the main idea of Project funding is to get fresh funds to build products. Transferring of shares would not help much :/
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24/10/2016 06:08
if thats so then it should say only fresh money smile
its not possible to avoid that people will sell their rp's 
Traffic Value: $29,464.72207 Slovenia
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24/10/2016 06:15
To sell shares someone has to buy it with cash what may bring fresh money too.
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24/10/2016 20:53
We are all aware that our current products (aka games) are struggling to generate the required revenues to pay for our operational funds.

Then, perhaps, we can turn our current products as well into temporary projects, can we?
What I'm saying is applying the new approach towards getting dev funds for new products to current products as well. People will, let's say, buy temporary profit shares of the current Coin Flip product and get a portion of its profits for themselves until they reach a certain ROI. That way, MTV might get instant liquidity for itself while at the same time continue to have the remaining portion of profits from its products.  
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