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slosumo - Administrator
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01/12/2016 18:42
@tomaa While we can understand that can be frustrating and seem as unprofessional. Unfortunately one of our key staff members was not able to be available around the clock for very understandable (and unpredictable) personal reasons, that made the final tasks always be on the edge of completion.

Basically with a "few good days" CE could have been deployed at any time. As the game itself is ready, and needs only a few hours to get up, once everything is prepared. After that, it might also be slightly dependent on 3rd party manager from our ad provider, as we need the game live to make sure the rewarded ads will be working correctly. Everything is set there and works, but due to the way of how these "ad tags" work - if the tags, they've given us do not work off the bat, it might require a bit joggling around with settings from their side. But we've got close contact with their manager, so if we go live during weekday working hours, it should be resolved promptly.

In such case, it's very hard to give a definite ETA (which we initially did), as there was possibility of things dragging on another day, another week. It is in all our interests to get CE out as soon possible. Latest developments indicate that we might be able to go live tomorrow - but in the case we do not, please understand that we are a bit at the mercy of the above variables.

Thank you for understanding.
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02/12/2016 22:00
better say monday then tomorrow then because monday is a weekday and saturday is a weekend day
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02/12/2016 22:07
I hate to give ETA`s. One letter on a code line can mess upeverything and postpone a launch for one or two days.

I always prefer to say "in one month" even though it might only need one week. Or do not say anything at all.

CE is pretty much complete. Now it`s just a question of preparing everything to get it live. This will happen in the next days, that`s for sure. If it`s monday, tuesday or friday, only on that day we`ll know for sure.

But we already waited for so long, 3 or 4 days more won`t make much difference.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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03/12/2016 07:00
Despite everything we managed to get CE live yesterday evening, but as I feared, the advertiser tags did not work off the get go, and it is something we can not go public without.

So that will have to wait until Monday so we can get in contact with our advertising manager, make him do adjustments & tests to the tags, and then we are good to go smile
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05/12/2016 18:11
i am really curious how the game will be smile
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13/12/2016 22:33
Make sure you "LIKE" our CoinFlip Evolved Facebook Page!

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14/12/2016 00:20
Bad robot, bad robot LOL
Traffic Value: $59,525.25001 Philippines
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14/12/2016 06:28
The facebook page is missing the link to the website.  smile
casio8978 - Forum moderator
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14/12/2016 07:30
Of course it's missing the link smile
Game isn't officially released yet smile
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17/12/2016 23:20
Are you going to let us beta test it?
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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18/12/2016 00:20

maybe yes, maybe not... who knows? grin

I have been playing it... addicted! gulp
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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22/12/2016 17:37
Long time since no updates. This is due to the waiting regarding the advertiser(s) but there here are the latest news about CE and some images. Keep in mind this images are still sketches and might not be accurate to the final version but these will give you an idea of what the game will be like.

Due to the delayed release date because of waiting on advertising fill, we'll be using the time to do some game upgrades, to increase monetization with bigger page refresh/banner impression rate.

First thing to note is that we'll be doing the "Instruction" screen as a small popup/note the first time user gets to the game - and they have to click GOT IT for it to be removed. Then that instructions part is not shown anymore.

n place of the instructions there will be 2 icons/minigames:

1.) Power up
Upon clicking this a popup note will show up, with the text:

"You've powered up your robot!
[power up icon here]
You gain a 1% payout boost for the next 4 hours

Basically users will be able to use this option every 4 hours to power up their payout by 1%. The payout bonus should be added to the payout bonus box you've already added (this one should show sum of payout bonuses - also from ads).

Upon clicking to continue the page refreshes. And when power up is active, instead of "click to power up" next to the icon it says "expires in XX:XX:XX"

Which when the timer reaches 0 removes the 1% payout bonus, and changes the icon back to "click to power up"

This option is available immediately when coming to the game.
2.) The next one is "search junkyard" which will be startign a countdown time from the start.
When it opens up, user will be shown 3 junk piles, and they can choose one and some reward will be shown to them(a certain chance of finding some coins). When user clicks on the pile, first a text "You search the pile..." will show up for 2-3 seconds, then "...and find X coins" under it along with collect button. Upon clicking page will refresh.

User will be able to search the junkyard every 15 minutes, up to 5 times a day. (please make sure all these number variables are some settable constants).

Once a user collects the "search junkyad" changes to a timer "15:00", which when gets to 0 reenables the option.
In case of using last option of the day, the time will instead show the time till next server day when they will get renewed chances.

And try to play a bit with scale animations on the minigames buttons on hover/ready a bit, just to make it a bit more cool looking/interactive.

Numbers/chances for search junkyard:

Total chances/random numbers = 4711
1 coin - 500 chances
3 coins - 1000 chances
5 coins - 3000 chances
10 coins - 200 chances
100 coins - 10 chances
1000 coins - 1 chance
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22/12/2016 21:16
So go live is now expected somewhere next year, right?
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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23/12/2016 01:12
We don`t know. It is dependent on those advertisers. But we`ll keep updating.
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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02/01/2017 15:56

And while we keep waiting for the advertisers side, we are still working on new features for CE.

- Power Up fixed "NaN" error after claiming bonus payout

- Redundant exception classes removed

And we added a new mini-game to CE:

- Junk Yard feature added

(design not final)
Traffic Value: $18.78983 Pakistan
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12/01/2017 10:01
Are u going to launch it today??
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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12/01/2017 10:03
So far looking like we will. Just doing some final improvements/fixes
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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12/01/2017 10:05
Fingers crossed wink
Traffic Value: $3,117.03585 Slovenia
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12/01/2017 10:12
since andraz is on holidays next week, who is going to fix any issue on CE if there is going to be one?! is it safe to deploy it today? it's critical to fix any issues asap in a new product!

and btw, when it comes live, this is a stand alone game, right? so we can't play it with bab, right? do we have to make a deposit to that site to play, just like ppmg and pbg, or how will that work? or did i get something wrong here?
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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12/01/2017 10:14
Kamil built it and he will fix it whenever needed.
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