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20/10/2016 17:59



Everyone knows our Coin Flip-robot, i've decided to call him Max.
Max the coin flip robot has been our loyal friend for a few years now.
But Max, like everyone else, grows up over time.
After becoming very good at what he does he suddenly evolved in a bigger, better version of himself.

We're building a freemium game based on our coin flip game.
Max, the robot that looks like a kid, will be transformed into a big, red robot.
We'll come up with an entirely new character that will be the "adult/tough" version of Max.

We intend to really work this one and if it turns out to be successful (And we sure believe it will be) then we will make an app out of it as well (Which won't offer BAP rewards)

I'll still be at the slovenian office for a week in which we'll be working with Kaya, a fresh designer to come up with a new character that will symbolize Max.
After that i'll be searching a video editor/creator which can make a trailer of about 30 seconds in which you see Max flipping the coin and turn into its adult version.
I think it will be "cool" if Max' adult version punches the coin, as he likes to show off his force.

This will be a very fun project to work on, as i'm totally allowed to let my imagination get the best of me grin

Here are the specs:

Basic (single player) implementation.

Coin Flip evolved will be a game where players get a certain amount of coins daily, via which they can play a coin flip game and try to rank up as much score as possible in order to get to the top of various competition ladders in order to get a share of the prize pools – the prize pools would consist of BAP or other in-game rewards, that they could then add to their PV account (or swap the reward for an in-game benefit). Players will be able to get more coins to play with via completing offers, watching rewarded videos, referring friends. The game would be a sub-site on PaidVerts, so completely accessible to non-PV users, but people who would register as a PaidVerts member would have some slight advantage on it.

So in a sense this would be a simple freemium game that anyone could play for at least a few minutes daily, and for that experience be potentially rewarded on their PaidVerts account. All it takes is a few minutes and completely non-binding for the user.

And as PV users take a few minutes to play the game they will potentially be creating a lot of value for PaidVerts and with spending just time, help PV to make additional revenues to add to ad issues, in return increasing their own potential profits on PV (on top of having a chance of getting that boost in free BAP, for nothing else, but some time, they'd likely spend on some other game). PV will be able to monetize via banner impressions, rewarded videos, offerwalls and in-game purchases. Also, as some of the game benefits will be tied to various PV elements (memberships or even any of the purchases), it will also result in additional sales of various PV advertising/upgrades.

1.) Play implementation
Users place a bet with coins and flip the coin (choose direction)
If they win they win 200% of the bet
The bets range from 1coin to unlimited

Players' winnings contribute towards daily/weekly/monthly competitions where they can win BAP. Basically the score is calculated (payouts – bets)

The winnings also contribute towards country competitions (p. 3).

2.) About coins

Users can get coins via various activities:

Users get 100 coins for free every day they come (visit) to the game. If you are a logged in PaidVerts member this bonus is increased by 50% (incentivizes sign ups – should be noted and incentivized somewhere!). PaidVerts users with membership upgrades get this bonus further increased by another 50% (100% total)
* The first day it's automatically added, the days onward they're shown a small notification that they received their daily coins

*Watching ads
Ads that give them either i.e. 20 points/ad, or (average ad value * $1 worth of coins purchases from shop). The rewarded ads could also give different rewards, like score multiplier for next X hours, next X spins...

that give around (average ad value * $1 worth of coins purchases from shop)
add offerwall notifications/availability if possible

*Shop purchases (top of the head numbers for now...)

SHOP NOTES– Users can use direct purchase via all processors we use now, and if users are logged in as paidverts user also via all their PV balances

One-time coin packs: (ofc make better numbers and not round ones – these are basic)
* Maybe rather skew bigger extra % towards bigger purchases, but then again take into account most of our users are tiny users so we should be aiming at converting at most of them as possible to paying users – the big fish will likely be rare
100 coins = $0.05
500 coins = $0.2 ( +25% coins)
1,500 coins = $0.5 ( + 50% coins)
3,500 coins = $1 (+ 75% coins)
8,000 coins = $2 (+ 100% coins)
21,000 coins = $5 ( + 110% coins)
43,000 coins = $10 (+ 115% coins)
87,000 coins = $20 (+ 117.5% coins)
220,000 coins= $50 (+120% coins)

Basic coin start increase upgrades (lifetime + make some fancy names):
* Incentivizes users to keep coming back daily – as they get bit by bit every day. Would help get more rewarded video views, compared to only having one time purchases ? as users buying a lot of coins likely won't bother viewing the video ads. But if they gain a certain small amount extra daily via this upgrade, they'll also be far more likely to also do the rewarded video ads to get that bit more coins
$0.5 – Gain an extra 20 coins daily
$1 – Gain an extra 50 coins daily
$2 – gain an extra 125 coins daily
$5 – gain an extra 300 coins daily
$10 – gain an extra 1000 coins daily
$20 – gain an extra 2500 coins daily

other items, profile pics, skins....

amount of tosses, choosing head, tail # of times, # of times in a row choosing, first toss, coming back daily,....
- these give out some coin rewards for completing one

*Register on PaidVerts to get 1000 extra coins
*like PV on FB to get 1000 extra coins, follow on twitter to get 500 extra...

*referral program
- get 10 coins (or more, but multi accounting abuse issue!) for every referral who makes at least 1,000 in wagers
- 1% of coin value of ref wages (added on ref spin, stored as decimal in database)
Use achievements as „referral milestones“/additional incentives - i.e. Get 1 ref, get achievement and with it coins...

Is trying preventing multi accounting 100% actually really that important? If someone manages to do it, then they're basically just increasing their chance to win, but overall not doing us/paidverts any real damage. In fact, with more impressions etc they'll basically just add to the traffic value of the product a bit.

Possible prevention techniques:
limit game accounts from the same IP to i.e. 10 (but if there are cases where there are tens of PV users who play from the same Ip, they won't all be able to play the game).
Make a simple tracking tool of users who are likely abusing the system – by basically having a huge % of referrals who only wagered enough for their ref bonus to be added. i.e. if 1000 wagers is required for the bonus to be added, then any refs who made less than 2000 wagers would be considered as an attempt of multi accounting. And if the rate of such refs a player has goes beyond a certain point, we deserve the right to delete their account/void their ref winnings (likely the second is better)

*Surprise bar?
There's a bar that fills up with every flip for the user – when it's filled it gives the user some random reward – coins, some time bonus, score bonus (i.e. Reset to 0 score if under maybe...)
The bar fills up every 100 flips, and gives the user a random reward from these:
10 coins – 70% chance
50 coins – 10% chance
100 coins - 5%
1k coins - 4%
10k coins - 3%
100k coins - 1%
2x score multiplier for the next 1,2,4,... hours - 7%
later we can add items etc., but those are basic things that should be considered in implementation

3.) Competition breakdown idea:
registered users should get an email when they win a reward that links them to the game so they can collect it there
** we can also use this new game as an incentive for people to read potential PV marketing emails ? there can be a promo code hidden in the emails that they can use to get some coins. Same with when making an ad purchase etc. ? for every purchase you get a promo code you can use on the game once to get some coins

Daily – from 00-23:59 ST – reward of 100k BAP (rewards should be editable by admin for month ahead)
1st – 20% - 20k BAP
2nd - 15%
3rd – 12%
4th – 10%
5th – 8%
6th – 6%
7th – 5%
8th – 4%
9th – 3%
10th – 2% - 2k BAP
---------------- 85%
11th-20th get 1% = 10% - 1k BAP
21st - 30th get 0.5% = 5% - 500 BAP

Weekly – 00 monday to 23:59 sunday – 500k reward (editable also ofc)
1st – 10% - 50K BAP
2nd - 9%
3rd – 8%
4th – 6.5%
5th – 6%
6th – 5%
7th – 4%
8th – 3%
9th – 2%
10th – 1% - 5K BAP
---------------- 54.5%
11th-20th get 0.8% = 8%
21st - 50th get 0.5% = 15%
51st - 100th get 0.25% = 7.5%
101st - 250th get 0.1% = 15% - 500 BAP

Monthly – 1500k reward (editable also ofc)
1st – 10% - 150K BAP
2nd - 9%
3rd – 8%
4th – 6.5%
5th – 6%
6th – 5%
7th – 4%
8th – 3%
9th – 2%
10th – 1%
---------------- 54.5%
11th-20th get 0.8% = 8%
21st - 50th get 0.5% = 15%
51st - 100th get 0.25% = 7.5%
101st - 250th get 0.1% = 15% - 500 BAP

There has to be an option for people to choose a country if the IP checks don't pick it up

Monthly – 3.5mil BAP
Top 10 countries get a share of the BAP reward
1st – 25% - 875k
2nd – 20% - 700 k
3rd – 15%
4th – 13%
5th – 10%
6th – 7%
7th – 4%
8th – 3%
9th – 2%
10th – 1% - 35k ? (would mean if 100 contributors they'd each get a minimum of 70 BAP via the equal share of the 20% of the reward)

Every participant (who did at least one spin during the competition) gets a base reward to claim of X coins based on which spot their country won:
1st – 1000 coins, 2nd 900 coins.... 10th 100 coins

The top 100 contributors of the country get the BAP reward shared as: (ofc if there's overall less than 100 contributors in a country, the BAP rewards are shared between them and not “100 people”)
*20% of the BAP reward is the base reward for every top contributor evenly
*80% of the BAP reward is added on top of base reward for player based on their relative contribution (negative scores ofc add 0 to reward and NOT deduct their reward)
player_reward = (country_reward*0.2) /top_contributor_count + (country_reward*0.8) * player_score_contribution/country_score

For PaidVerts users & subsidiaries add some VERY obvious link/banner for the game!

Game account creation
When someone gets to the page the account is created for them on first spin (defaulted values before making the spin ofc):
a) If the player is logged in on PaidVerts already, the game account/profile is obviously linked to his PV account
b) If player is not logged in on PaidVerts, the game entry is stored, and linked to a placeholder cookie ID. Non-PV users will be prompted to register on PaidVerts, which after registering will link their PV account to their game account. In the prompt they'll also have an option - „already a pv member? Login to PV account to conenct your game account to your PV account“

NOTE – PV registration requires date of birth and gender, but this would DEFINITELY DETER people. As we shouldn't require „just some player“ to provide those details. So we should adjust our system to not really require them to provide those if they register from within the game. But if they'll ever go to regular paidverts pages, they'll first be asked to choose gender (like when we introduced gender when TA was implemented), and if they try and go to cashier they'll be asked to enter their DOB – until they don't enter it, they own't be able to use cashier.

We should definitely consider adding some super simple tutorial from the start


If users' ip doesn't get recognized ask them to select country


Since it's coinflip evolved, why don't' we add some extra coin flip evolution!!!
Basically you need to wager XX amount to evolve your coinflip bot.
And when you evolve your bot it gives you certain benefits – such as bigger score multiplier. Awesome.

You can also then get various bot parts as drops, or buy them, that give you extra benefits. And you basically make your own “bad ass” robot over time.

And later on we can have people fight with these robots they built based on their stats. Basically people will see opponents robot, and one of them will throw the coin, and the other bot will stop it and show the result. And the more “bad ass” your robot is, the more chance it has of tinkering with that coin and making it in your favor.

Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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20/10/2016 18:11

These are the new additions to the game that have been recently finished. 


Every day you visit a game, you receive 100 coins;
50% more if you are logged on PV (not visiting as a guest) - 150 coins;
100% more if you are logged on PV and you have membership active - 200 coins.


After filling offerwalls you receive additional coins; 

We will be updating this topic in a few hours so make sure you return!
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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20/10/2016 23:02

More additions already available at Coinflip Evolved:

- New PV account: You get 1000 coins after creating new pv account.

- We have also built "Achievements" which will give free coins to players every time they reach a milestone like 100 spins, 100 referred people, etc. 

- Surprise bar: this feature will allow any member to receive random rewards/gifts.

More updates will follow tomorrow as we are working really hard on building this game and hopefully soon we`ll be able to give you an ETA on its completion!

Stay tuned wink
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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21/10/2016 17:54

Referral Program built. Free coins offered to you per new referral.

Modifications on PV registration form (hide DOB and Gender).

Achievements completed as well.
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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24/10/2016 10:51

We will be able to give some kind of ETA between today an tomorrow as CoinFlip Evolved move towards completion.

Meanwhile, a bunch of features are being finished/edited and so far we have got a few more things ready:

- Front-end. With the contribution of our designer Rayner. Some javascript to communicate with server as well as some animations;

- Offerwalls widgets;

- Facebook / Google / Twitter integration

The overall layout/animations are in constant progress and the whole team is working together to deliver the best product possible in the shortest timeframe.

More updates will follow later today! wink
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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25/10/2016 00:24
Good news! grin

Coinflip Evolved is scheduled to be finished by the end of next week!


Traffic Value: $29,464.72207 Slovenia
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25/10/2016 05:49
Can we make Max stop boxing ? grinangel
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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25/10/2016 15:05

- Started working on layout, bootstrap grid with initial scaffolding was created

- Added database transaction to game core, error handling in case of rollback

- Surprise bar feature created, random prizes every X plays
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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27/10/2016 01:01
We are moving forward towards the completion of Coinflip Evolved.
As stated before, this will be a freemium game and just one of the many projects we have of this kind. 

These are the most recent updates for this project:

- Surprise bar improvements, transactions, and db indexes added
- Surprise bar prize collecting from user side added
- Shop initial database architecture created
- Shop base classes created
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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27/10/2016 15:01
Just a sneak peak of the Coin Animation:

Meanwhile, these are the latest updates on CE:

 - Shop base class extended
- Task written to synchronise referral commissions, increase balances and store stats
- Better data isolation, locks mechanism implemented to prevent race conditions

Who`s excited and looking forward to get their hands on this game?? grin
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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27/10/2016 15:39
Meeee w00t
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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30/10/2016 19:53
And we are moving fast towards completion of this game! It`s getting closer!

These are the most recent updates:

- Achievement class simplification resulting in less code and better performance
- Added handling of winning BAP in competitions on PV side (baplog etc)
- Competitions created base classes and initial database architecture
- Storing stats for daily/weekly/monthly competitions

- Storing stats to fetch user country ranking easily
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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30/10/2016 20:34
Was there an estimated build cost for this for investors?
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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30/10/2016 20:37
Why would there be? We funded it ourselves.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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30/10/2016 23:07
I thought this was going to be funded under the project funding plan
Traffic Value: $54,219.84749 United States
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31/10/2016 00:03
It makes no sense that the coin flip evolution was funded but the marketing for mtv and pv is not ? Why do we need people to fund the marketing project and not the coin flip evolution ? The marketing build requires no build nor programming but just to put money in third party sites. Marc.. What is the reasoning behind the need to fund marketing project ? Thanks ( sorru for going off topic somewhat)
Traffic Value: $14,813.95087 Portugal
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31/10/2016 06:29
Gizmo you answered yourself the question. "The marketing build requires no build nor programming but just to put money in third party sites". And also coinflip evolution is prior to the funding strategy.
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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01/11/2016 23:41
And we are entering the final phase of Coinflip Evolved development. The waiting is almost over. Also, I would like to share some images from the game for you to get a better insight of how it will look like once it`s finished.

First, these are the latest developments:

- Implementation of competition for top scorers

- Implementation of competition for top countries and top scores in them

And here`s a sneak peak of what CE will look like:

Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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03/11/2016 15:13
Last updates from Coinflip Evolved development:

- Final list of user achievements added to database

- Added new achievements category (competition)

- Added new type of achievements (stackable)
Traffic Value: $2,173.146 Portugal
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08/11/2016 16:59
We suffered a small delay on CE development but everything is running well.

A new ETA will be given shortly. But we`re almost there! grin

Right now, these are the latest updates:

- Added referral achievements

- Added competition achievements (which was last achievement type left to do)
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