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Wednesday Feb 19th News

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19/02/2014 00:49
Todays fast tracks have been sent.

PaidVerts Launch Countdown:
18-37days (29days until the $2000 speed bonus expires)

Bugs have been sorted. So Paul is back to PaidVerts! Let's see how quickly he can wrap that up, as that's the next big (giant!) step forward for MTV.

Meanwhile, I've sent this to Rayner:
See if he can re-arrange / refine that general idea, and make a really smart + simple splash / front page for MTV... As it'd be nice to have a reall smart front cover, to brand / define MTV as the investment firm behind the development of PaidVerts.

Anyway, we'll see what he comes back with. This is a low priority issue... But if we can get it looking good, we'll then think about improving the rest of MTV to try and improve our overall appearance + communication... As MTV is a lot simpler now; we should be able to explain it a whole lot better.

Jo smile
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19/02/2014 03:35
Pistas rápidas de hoy se han enviado.

PaidVerts cuenta regresiva:
18-37 días (29 días hasta que caduque el bonus de velocidad de 2.000 dólares)

Errores han sido ordenados. Así que Pablo ha vuelto a PaidVerts! Vamos a ver lo rápido que se puede envolver eso, ya que es el próximo gran (giant!) paso adelante para la MTV.

Mientras tanto, he enviado esto a Rayner:
A ver si puede volver a organizar / depurar esa idea general, y crea una página muy inteligente + sencilla splash / frontal para MTV ... Como sería bueno tener una cubierta frontal inteligente reall, a la marca / define MTV como la empresa de inversión detrás del desarrollo de PaidVerts.

De todos modos, vamos a ver lo que él regresa con. Este es un tema de baja prioridad ... Pero si podemos conseguir un buen aspecto, entonces pensaremos en la mejora del resto de MTV para tratar de mejorar nuestra apariencia en general + comunicación ... Como MTV es mucho más simple ahora, debemos ser capaces de explicarlo mucho mejor.

Jo smile
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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19/02/2014 13:56
Random information, concerning 250 plan;

14 Day Upgrade: $100
For a $1400 maximum investment.

Upgrade fee = $7.14/day
Minimum NET ROI: 125% (based on $200: fee + 100 invested)
Maximum NET ROI: 233% (based on $1500: fee + 1400 invested)
Maximum Dollar Profit: $2000.00

365 day upgrade: $1500
For a $36500 maximum investment.

Upgrade fee = $4.10/day
Break Even Requirement: $2500 ($1500 fee + 1000 invested)
Maximum ROI: 240% (based on $38,000: fee +36500 invested)
Maximum Dollar Profit: $53,250.00

365 day upgrade: $10,000
For a $182,500.00 maximum investment.

Upgrade fee = $27.39/day
Break Even Requirement: $16,700 ($10,000 fee + 6700 invested)
Maximum ROI: 244% (based on $192,500: fee + 182500 invested)
Maximum Dollar Profit: $263,750.00


The 14day plan is good. But the two yearly ones could probably be refined a bit.

Though they sorta make bigger investors pay their way a bit. As bigger investors are harder to monetize and less valuable as individuals for MTV... But at the same time, they're kinda useful in terms of portfolio funding.

Tricky balance.
I guess we have to ask ourselves what would we prefer? Tons of small investors ($200-2000) or half a dozen huge people... And the answer is kinda the small people... More ability to pass the buck, more marketing dollars. And more likely they'll spend a huge chunk of their earnings on stuff in-site.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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19/02/2014 14:20 - and looking at our fast track queue. This growth profile is actually really nice.

MTV is currently paying people in 20-80days. And that's awesome. If this was a clean start / our initial launch, we'd be exploding on the back of those numbers.

But what's good, is that we only have 190 unique investors at the moment. And rather than just a few people taking advantage of this mega opportunity and filling the system up before the masses get a chance to figure it out... Our debt is currently contained really nicely at the moment. So the opportunity will remain wide open for a long time to come. Allowing maximum people to experience the best of what we have to offer.

Just $30k to clear the entire queue, and we're into our 4th round now... And this is before any real BIG investors, and long before we regain favour with the 'masses' again.

And with PV right around the corner, that should inject a real fast $5k-20k 'pure' revenues into the portfolio. Along with a bunch of investment plan contributions to cycle the queue around at least one time.

So we're off to a "slow start" (quantity of investors wise) , but this should ramp up really nicely as PaidVerts comes online.

All in all, things are uneventful and a bit boring at the moment, but we've got the beginnings of a really nice growth profile. In terms of time saving, and the overall efficiency of how quickly we can actually apply the funds invested to profitable pursuits.

Living life on the edge, with funding coming "just in time"; but that's technically the most efficient way for this to operate. Plus the pressure serves its purpose; we must perform! No slacking wink
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