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Sunday, Feb 9th News!

Black Friday deals are coming - some are already here!!!!

You can find the full list of our events, competitions, prize and massive discounts & bonuses for all of our sites in our news post here:

But to highlight the few main ones on MyTrafficValue (lasting during 20th-30th November):
Biggest MTV auction discounts to date of 70% off <- stock up on the most effective ads for affiliate/gambling/investment opportunities and reserve your slots for 2023:
MyTrafficValue cashback on any game losses - 100% cashback up to $5 + 20% extra up to $1000

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Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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09/02/2014 13:30
Todays fast tracks have all been sent.

Not too much news at the moment, hopefully we'll get another update from Paul this evening, and we'll see how PaidVerts is progressing. But we're pretty much waiting on that I believe.

MTV is ticking over without incident at the moment. Nothing special, nothing bad. We're just waiting for PaidVerts to launch, and I think we'll explode almost overnight as that happens.

PayPal is ready to be implemented. And i'm really curious to see how a mainstream payment processor will help grow this business...

Example of Potential
If all our active shareholders (~6000 investors, that have value in their accounts) invest into the brand new paidverts (using PayPal / credit card via PayPal) ; then even with PaidVerts $25/wk limit (per user), that's $150,000 in instant turnover!

1 year of that, and you're looking at nearly $8million in turnover just from new deposits. Nevermind re-investments.

And whilst I don't expect PaidVerts to achieve anywhere near that in its opening week... That is merely the stored potential in our current "traffic value". We don't need to find new users to achieve that; we have them right here already. And undoubtedly adding PayPal is going to expand our pool of potential users enourmously.

PaidVerts in my opinion is an awesome and brand new model. So there's every reason to try it; as you'll make money from it very quickly.

So fingers crossed!
PV should be the catalyst MTV has been waiting for to reach the necessary economies of scale to really work. Plus it's going to be a mega portfolio product... It'll only cost a few thousand to build; and as stated above; it could make near on a million dollars in its own revenues in the first year; if things take off.

And even if they don't. It'll return it's 3.6x return on cost in a heartbeat. Which is all MTV requires from it to repay our current debt.

So this is pretty exciting! Hopefully only 3-4weeks and we'll have a chance at launching.

Jo smile
Traffic Value: $482.09435 Norway
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09/02/2014 13:55
I think PaidVerts will for sure help MTV grow and attract many members that are into the PTC sites and of course current members will make some nice extras as well. Only thing i'm worried about it Paypal. Paypal is known for limiting accounts and freezing/holding funds for 180 days when they see that an account is generating substantial amounts. How are going to avoid been forced to get into the situation where you have to post a message like "Due to the fact that Paypal has frozen our accounts.. blah blah blah" 

Thanks wink
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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09/02/2014 14:05
Our account is business verified. And what we're selling are targeted ad purchases; that we can prove / demonstrate to PayPal very easily.

The PaidVerts website is also designed specifically to sell our ads as targeted ad purchases. There is no mention of any return on investment. It's almost a secret.

And by purchasing ads, you do not earn a single dollar in passive income! This is no investment. The only way to earn is by clicking on ads. So there should be no issues with PayPal. And whatever documentation they require, we can provide.

Additionally, we're performing our own due diligence; in that users can only transact $25/week initially. So there won't be any huge transfers, or large value chargebacks. Just thousands of small ones, where what the user is purchasing is incredibly clear (via a link in the memo line, linking to our guest campaign purchase reporting)

And like any payment processor; we will only keep the minimum required amounts in PayPal.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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09/02/2014 14:32
I've decided to list the mtvasset remaining shares for sale on the marketplace. It's completely the wrong time to sell, price wise, but if it helps get PaidVerts online. Then $1k now will be a lot more useful than $5k later.

And we don't have the programming time available to build my share buyback product. So we'll forget that for the time being.
Traffic Value: $482.09435 Norway
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09/02/2014 14:33
Sounds good!

Will the $25/W purchase apply only for paypal or all payment processors? And i guess to be able to apply any kind of limit a account must be created to purchase advertisement (in other words there will not be an option for guess purchasing advertisments.. offered by many other advertising sites so the question is appropiate). Please explain the purchase limits more in dept smile Many advertisers purchase advertisement for h.... of a lot more then $25 pr week. 

Another thing i think we all would like to know is how you are going to distribute the income from the advertisments. I really hope parts of it will go towards the fast tracking and so on.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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09/02/2014 14:40
$25 limit only applies to PayPal. And that increases after a few months / once you prove yourself as a trustworthy advertiser.

Other processors have no limits (or their respective limits - same as with MTV deposits)

Distribution is as follows:
- $0.10 Referral L1
- $0.10 Admin (MTV Portfolio)
- $0.50 fast track 250
- $0.30 instant ads
--- $0.10 ... 1% value ads, 1 per day for 10 days for this specific user.
--- $0.05 ... Day +1 Random Ads Fund
--- $0.05 ... Day +2 Random Ads Fund
--- $0.10 ... 10x 1% value ads, issued to random applicable users in the Day+1 cron.

Then all revenues from the FT250 investments, get paid back into PV daily. Via a daily global ad issue; that sends however many ads out into the system / to users with available ad points. And those ads reycle between users every 18hrs until clicked.

If you don't click your ad, you miss out on that part of your return. And those forfeits, are what will make the system so strong... As it's viable without any forfeits; but with people sacraficing parts of their return -- it'll accumulate huge amounts of excess value in the system. That will get converted into huge value ad clicks. (ie. we'll have more money to pay you back with, than what you can possibly handle -- thereby super fast earnings for active users / ad clickers).
Traffic Value: $385,783.27887 Switzerland
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09/02/2014 16:03
What if I will buy 1000 ad spots at once? I will have to see milion ads at 5cents each or I will receive ads issued at higher price (50$?)?
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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09/02/2014 18:12
The more ad packs you buy at once, the bigger your "1% Value Ads" will be for the first ten days.

But the quantity of ad packs you buy has no impact on the quantity of paid ads you'll receive daily. It just gives you more "capacity" to receive more ads, and potentially individual ads of higher value.

If you invest $1... your bonus ad points capacity is 3100 (1 point = $0.0005). And reduces with every ad you receive. Thereby, if there is a $2 ad in circulation (which consumes 4000 bonus ad points); you cannot receive that ad. As you don't have the capacity.

But if you invest a larger amount, and have 1million available capacity... and there is a big ad going around; then you will be one of the few people that has the capacity to receive it. And thereby, more likely you'll get it.

Example 2:
If someone invests $1000. They create 10 * 1% ads ($10) for themselves, that will issue at a rate of 1 per day, for 10days. And at the same time, they create 10x 1% ads that get issued the following day, at random to ANYONE (with available capacity)... But to receive a $10 ad... you're going to require 20,000 of available bonus ad points capacity.


But as I said, this is no investment.
You have to click on ads to get paid. So the more ads you buy, the more work you're lining yourself up for to receive all 155%. (Unless you're just interested in the advertising)

Some big ads along the way will be great, and effortless boosts. But there'll inevitably be a bunch of low value ones mixed in there too. And you'll have to decide whether you click on them to unlock the return, or sacrafice that tiny part of your return.

Jo smile
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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09/02/2014 18:19
And at first, there maybe lots of tiny value ads going around. People click/don't click.

Then as more and more people sacrafice parts of their return. (And as the FT250 investments mature) ; lots of money will be coming into the system. But there'll be less and less people to repay.

So now we have loads of money, and little debt. So we can start throwing ads of big value around.

* And each ad "fails" when it's been recycled 24x. So if there are a bunch of junk ads $0.005 for example. That nobody can be bothered to click on. After 24x recycles; they go back to the admin area.

Lets say there are 1000 of those in circulation. ($5 worth). So at first they go around 24x (burning $120 worth of debt, as nobody bothers to click on them, and collect the cash)... Then they "fail" - and the $5 value goes back to the admin area.

Then with the next day; we now have $5 to re-issue. So rather than re-issue 1000 ads at $0.005 ... we could just create 1x $5 ad. Or 5x $1 ads. (Remember that these ads have already cleared 24x their value worth of debt... they're a massive bonus to the system)

So we can give them away at any value. And happy days all round.


But this is why I think this system will get super appealing to ACTIVE users. If you're prepared to click on the ads delivered to you; as fast as you can click on them, you can earn your full return. It'll require some effort; but you're making money. Happy days!

(And refer friends; and earn 10% of the value of every ad they click on... So if they get a $1 ad. When they click it and get paid; you earn $0.10 for nothing!)
Traffic Value: $40,205.23673 United States
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09/02/2014 19:46
Pistas rápidas de hoy han sido enviados .

No existen demasiadas noticias en este momento, espero que podamos conseguir otra actualización de Paul esta tarde, y vamos a ver cómo está progresando PaidVerts . Pero estamos más o menos esperando a que yo creo .

MTV está haciendo avanzes sin incidentes en el momento. Nada especial, nada mal . Estamos a la espera de PaidVerts para lanzar , y creo que vamos a explotar casi de un día como esto sucede .

PayPal está listo para ser implementado . Y estoy muy curioso ver como un procesador de pagos corriente principal será contribuir al crecimiento de este negocio ...

Ejemplo de Potencial
Si todos nuestros accionistas activos (~ 6.000 inversores, que tienen un valor en sus cuentas ) invertir en las nuevas paidverts marca (con PayPal / tarjeta de crédito a través de PayPal ) , y luego incluso con PaidVerts $ 25/wk límite ( por usuario) , que es de $ 150.000 en instantánea el volumen de negocios !

1 año de eso, y usted está buscando en casi $ 8 millones en la facturación sólo de nuevos yacimientos. No importa reinversiones .

Y mientras yo no espero PaidVerts para alcanzar cualquier lugar cerca de que en su primera semana ... Eso no es más que el potencial almacenada en nuestro " valor del tráfico " actual. No necesitamos encontrar nuevos usuarios para lograr que , nosotros los tenemos aquí ya . Y , sin duda, la adición de PayPal se va a ampliar nuestro grupo de usuarios potenciales ocasionaban enormes .

PaidVerts en mi opinión es un modelo impresionante nuevo y de marca. Así que hay muchas razones para probarlo , ya que va a hacer dinero de él muy rápidamente.

Así que crucemos los dedos !
PV debe ser el catalizador de MTV ha estado esperando para alcanzar las economías de escala necesarias para trabajar de verdad. Además de que va a ser un producto de la cartera de mega ... Sólo va a costar unos cuantos miles para construir , y como se ha dicho , sino que podría hacer que cerca de un millón de dólares en sus propios ingresos en el primer año , y si las cosas se quitan .

E incluso si no lo hacen . Se va a devolverlo a volver 3.6x en el precio en un santiamén. ¿Qué tiene que ver MTV requiere de ella para pagar nuestra deuda actual.

Así que esto es muy emocionante ! Esperemos que sólo el 3 - 4 semanas y tendremos la oportunidad de poner en marcha .

Jo smile
Traffic Value: $161.87766 United States
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10/02/2014 03:00
Its all working out just right here at Mytrafficvalue.
Traffic Value: $1,095,877.628 Canada
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10/02/2014 18:57
Jo, if you put the mtvasset shares to $0.05, I buy them all today
Traffic Value: $60.74416 Netherlands
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10/02/2014 19:56
Could anyone redirect me to what PaidVerts will actually be? Will Paypal be only available for that or also for MTV itself (investments).
Traffic Value: $1,095,877.628 Canada
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10/02/2014 20:16
Thanks a lot Jo smile.

I expect a shiny future for all of us
Traffic Value: $40,205.23673 United States
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10/02/2014 20:27
Kytano I believe Jo mentioned that there will be a universal account system. The concept is that paidverts will accept paypal and your balance will be also counted in MTV. This is being done this way sense paypal is very limiting and people could report you and that would force Jo to pay up even if the service provided was genuine.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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10/02/2014 22:31
PayPal will only be available for PaidVerts. Not MTV directly. It will be a "cashout only" payment method for MTV balances.

But that's indirectly MTV anyhow... Plus the earnings you make from PaidVerts; you can move to MTV instantly.
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