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Sun 18th May - Daily News

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Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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18/05/2014 10:13
Todays fast tracks have been sent!

MyTrafficValue is now accepting BitCoin:

Report a problem monitor listing, and earn $1:

PayPal will be contacting us on Monday I believe; and we'll try and sort out bulk payments at the very least. And if credit cards and all that stuff get thrown in as well; even better!

So hopefully early next week we'll speed up the PayPal cashout times, as currently they're 5days+ ... And that's unnecessarily slow; as we have the money in the account; I just cannot physically send 500+ manual payments.

The programmers have also updated the PayPal deposit limits for PaidVerts ad purchases:

Week 1 + 2 = $1-$11 deposit limit
Weeks 3-12 = $1-$33 deposit limit
Weeks 12+ = $1-$125 deposit limit

* Weeks begin from your first deposit.
* Weekly limits reset at midnight on Sunday.

And looking at PaidVerts...
We need to do something about the amount of free BAP we're giving away. As up to $0.25 worth daily, per free user. Is going to be unsustainable as we grow... We've already given away 57million BAP like that. That's a lot of money for the BAP tax, games & recycles to recover. Our ad issues won't increase over time if we keep giving so much BAP away for free.

And I want to focus on paid users; valuable users should be earning more. Free users only need to earn a tiny bit; as they're worthless to advertisers if they're not even buying $1 ads to further their earning potential.

I am thinking:

1) Each activation ad will pay 50 BAP, and there'll be 4 of them available each day, for a total of 200 BAP ($0.10 earning potential per day)

2) The maximum period of pre-activity, we'll set to 21days. If you view more activation ads; they'll just reset the active counter to 21days.

3) After your account has clicked on 100 activation ads. You will only receive 1 activation ad per day from that point forwards... If you're not buying ads by that point; you never will. And we'll terminate our efforts to invest in you / get you started.

4) We will introduce some captcha / antibot related features ASAP. To increase the recycle rate. And stop people opening lots of accounts, to view millions of free activiation ads.

Jo smile
Traffic Value: $65,453.30658 Sweden
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18/05/2014 10:49
think we will have more abandon account soon, how can we still have 7000+ user clicking if they earn less and then they will feel like paidverts is like every other PTC, most will never upgrade they only want to earn like standard PTC, we will loose members because most of them is free users that only earn then cashout...

so we must do something to get the user stay and upgrade/invest in the long run if we want to survive, we cant survive if we change the rules all the time and don't think about how to get the user wanting to do more than they are doing now only cashout every 1$.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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18/05/2014 11:38
Free users will continue to earn; 100 activation ads is $2.50 of free earning potential. That's sufficient to make a test cashout + buy one ad pack + change... And after that they'll still be able to earn $0.025 per day; which is the same as Neobux.

But if they are just free loading after 100 activation ads, and no ad purchases, then they are worthless users just leeching off our system. And we'd be better off without them.

PTC is a junk business model. We want to deliver targeted advertisements to users of proven value. That is a business model that can work for both advertisers + valuable users.
Traffic Value: $13,962.16825 Australia
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18/05/2014 13:00
You must consider, PV is rev share PTC. Most of my traffic is PV. My other major source is rev share traffic exchange (AdHitProfits.)

All I want is traction i.e $1 => $1.55

Let's keep this positive!
Traffic Value: $0.2973 Germany
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18/05/2014 13:17
The decision to reduce the value of the activation BAPs is correct. Yesterday paidverts gave 3,346,700 BAP for activation ads, a value of $1,673 and 638,000 BAPs for Milestone BAPs ($319). Users bought ads for 5,784,600 BAPS ($2,892) and they have click ads for $4,482 to get $1,55 for $1-ad back. It is not possible to make $4,482 from the remaining $900. On May 16th user bought ads for $5,400. 

With the actual rule, paidvert has to sell ads for $1,700 every day for activation ads and without earning one cent. And this value is growing with every new user.  Not every user will click, but the actual value is too high.

I agree with rtrplay, that it is not good to change the rules too often, but this change is necessary, also the change of the bonus-ads.  And paidverts needs real advertisers. 
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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18/05/2014 13:22
And i'm thinking we need to simplify the Fast Track 250 plan.

The upgrade system right now is a nice idea; but it's a roadblock for anyone actually investing. And we don't need to drip feed the investments anymore; we need capital to grow the business.

How about:

$200 ($100 upgrade fee + $100 initial investment)
Access to the investment form for 30days; Invest from $1+ , no maximum.

$1000 ($500 upgrade fee + $500 initial investment)
Access to the investment form for 365days; Invest from $1+ , no maximum.


And whilst we're at it; perhaps we should change the 186% plan.... to allow investments of $1+ per day. No maximum.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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18/05/2014 13:36
Actually, for the moment; i've just instructed the programmers to open up the 186% plan; $1 minimum and no maximum.

We will hold out on the 250% plan...
As when people see how quickly the Fast Track Queue is spinning around - we should be able to get the upgrade fees. And those will generate a lot of revenues; and help spin things around even more quickly!
Traffic Value: $13,962.16825 Australia
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18/05/2014 13:48
@KMRHyip ok, sounds fair,,,,but i think you just describe a ponzi.....angel how about bigger incentives for people who are paying 

sounds great, jo.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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18/05/2014 14:27
I don't really see this as a rule change. Ad packs still pay the same, BAP is still worth the same.

We're just stopping free users from running wild, and diluting the results of valuable members that we're trying to reward.

I also think when we insall the Captcha stuff, the number of activation ad views will drop, as the bots stop working. And the rate of recycling should at least double. As people stop using macros to view all their ads. And instead only view the ones of value to them.

Always the way; give people an inch, and they'll take a mile.

Jo smile
Traffic Value: $556.4157 Brazil
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18/05/2014 14:40
I agree with you Jo, Some corretions need to be done about the Free BAP! Your Idea goes what i have in mind. The sustentability of the System is the most important thing.
Traffic Value: $1,734.91622 Poland
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18/05/2014 14:56
What's the story with PayPal withdrawals? Mine have been cancelled and $$ added into balance. Does it have sth with preparing bulk payments?
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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18/05/2014 14:57
I've just sent out a mass email about this:

In the next few days we will be installing bulk payment software for PayPal cashouts. And PayPal has the cheek to charge a 2% transfer fee for bulk payments, so we've had to adjust our cashier fees to cover this cost. Withdrawals now cost 2% + $0.25 per cashout.

All pending PayPal cashouts have been cancelled. Please re-request your cashout under the new fee structure and we'll get you paid much more quickly than before!
Traffic Value: $1,734.91622 Poland
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18/05/2014 15:02
Cool, thanks for a quick update Jo
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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18/05/2014 15:11
Hmm so unlimited investments again..ermm
It's what we changed at first to keep this program running.
At the moment it seems like we're okay but we're doing fine the way it is right now.
We're getting about $1500 in new investments every day and it's steadily chipping away our programming debt.
You might trigger a huge wave of investments this way which can't be paid off by Paidverts alone.
And at that time we really need some quick, new cashcows.

Ah well, I don't see any huge investments coming in soon anyway and at the moment I think it would be great if we get 30k development funds, it would mean we could push out at least 10-15 projects/fixes we got queued.
I've been waiting on slosumo's slots for over 4 months now I think haha
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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18/05/2014 15:30
That's why we need development funds... To realize the mountain of ideas backlogged in our construction queue.

Before we had no serious revenue streams; and we wanted to control growth. To use that as a form of revenue stream, to tick things over whilst we got the basics online. But now the basics are built, we need to expand the business - and for that we need capital. More the better!

PV has unlimited earning potential... that could generate $1m+ in revenues over the next 12months if it explodes... So that's a great baseline product; and that is underway - it needs nurturing, improving and expanding -- but it's basically there.

And whilst that's doing its thing; we need to focus on getting other projects up and running. And that's going to involve more people.

Time to grow this business!
Traffic Value: $0.2973 Germany
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18/05/2014 17:46
@inditech No, I didn't describe a ponzi. Fact is: You buy an ad for $1 and you want to click ads for $1.55. And this is only possible when paidvert earn $0.55 with the 1$ you paid for your ad. And paidverts must also earn the value for the BAPs giving away as Milestone BAPs and Activation BAPs. Jo invested the money in shares from MTV and in the FT250 plan from MTV. People play games with BAPs and the hope is, that they loose more than they win. And when people don't click on the thousand of ads with a value less then $0.01, then the users loose BAPs and get less than $1.55. In the moment Jo uses paidverts to push MTV and when MTV can sell the shares and get the money back from the FT250-plan, then he can generate ads to pay the paidverts user. And when paidverts will grow, admins of websites will buy ads to get traffic and not to view ads.   
Traffic Value: $6,467.88006 Germany
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18/05/2014 18:33
I don't see a problem with reducing the free BAP given away.
As long as Paidverts pays people will still continue to click.
However, it couldn't hurt to introduce offer walls, especially something like crowdflower.
As that would allow free users to earn well even if they would never think of investing. That's the only reason I'm still using neobux.
Traffic Value: $68.52568 United States
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18/05/2014 19:16
Crowdflower is not accepting new channel partners (websites) and likely won't be anytime soon.

@KMRHyip, "People play games with BAPs and the hope is, that they loose more than they win."

There is no hoping involved, statistically, people will always loose more than they win. (The not-so secret reason why casinos don't go bankrupt instantly. tongue)
Traffic Value: $65,453.30658 Sweden
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18/05/2014 19:34
or we could create our own system like crowdflower or "mobrog" that i'm in and is a good system both for mail and mobile, i think this would be the best so we can set the price

business/website owner can use the service to get the right opion about their services
Traffic Value: $76,730.43625 Portugal
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18/05/2014 21:10
I totally agree with the BAP reduction Jo. Although I think that you should already predict this angel
We can view 5 activation ads per day. So after 1 month that equals 150 activation ads.
100BAP*150ads= 15000BAP= $7.50 of potential earnings.
It is non sense free users capable of earning $7.50 per month without investing a single cent!!!
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