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Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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03/02/2014 00:22
Shareholders earn weekly cash dividends, paid every Monday, based on the volume of new investment into our Fast Track Queue plans that week.

Turnover This Week: $5,894.00
Shareholder Cut (19%): $1119.86
Dividend Per Share: $0.0002947

Dividends have now been paid on all turnover up to $5,894.00

Buy/Sell shares on our marketplace:
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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03/02/2014 13:00
The first fast track payments will be paid on Wednesday. As per our new 7day rolling reserve.

357 Poker
We've just launched Pauls newest game. And i've added the development costs to the portfolio. Bit of funky accounting going on there, as the graphics were paid pre-swap. So they're basically free as far as our portfolio is concerned.

And Pauls programming hours, we'll combine into the next product he delivers. Which will actually be two products: 1) Shut The Box Rebuild - to fix the competition structure there, and make it worthwhile playing! 2) Pyramid Solaitiare. Both of which should be ready by the end of this month.

So get investing! We need development funding ASAP! And in addition to that, Brian is also beginning PaidVerts this week. And that'll cost a fair whack by the time it's done. (And again, the graphics for that are already done, and paid for pre-swap... So that's cool!)

Share Bids
The bidding system is totally broken; we've tried fixing it a few times. But some bids are still going AWOL... So we're disabling the entire bidding side of things until we have time to rebuild it. (Which will be after PaidVerts)

Meanwhile, you can continue to list your shares for sale on the marketplace. And buy shares that are already listed for sale. You just can't make low-ball offers.

If you spot any bugs with the website / your account, post them here today: and you'll earn $1 per issue!
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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03/02/2014 17:13
$337.00 Jo Salary TopUp?

And I see we're all out of development funding now, great -.-
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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03/02/2014 17:31
Yea... efficiency! wink
Investments come in, and instantly turned into products. That's the ideal way to do it. But obviously a reserve would be comforting.

But so long as we get $1k/day invested (1/5th of my target amount)... That's $400-$600 dev funding. Which is $5k every 10days, or three products a month. That'll do for now!
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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03/02/2014 17:51
But we still got tetris queued for over a month and another 1-2 games in the pipeline and paidverts, those need cash!
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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03/02/2014 18:07
Yes. It'll come as the products arrive.
The programmers maybe on top of things right now, but they'll fall behind the funding real fast. Don't worry about that.
Traffic Value: $54,219.84749 United States
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03/02/2014 18:20
This once again has become JO's personal ATM machine ...How can you rely on MTV for your living. I see no hope with this unless you refrain from using MTV as your only source of income... I cant emphasis enough of this but MTV will not survive this way... ONLY you can save MTV by getting a job and doing your part to put your money in development fund.. I find it extremely unfair that the investors have to put in another 20 to 30 k to build paidvert... ENOUGH... Where is your part ? If this post gets deleted... then it shows your true character.. JO
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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03/02/2014 18:31
MTV is the financing mechanism for me to build my ideas. That's what I created it for. That's what you're investing into. And there is a compensation mechanism built into the model to give you incentives to do that.

If you don't like it. Don't invest.

MTV is a business, not a charity. It is entitled to nothing, and it'll pay it's way in this world or it'll go bankrupt... And for you to presume that you're entitled to my time, effort and creatitivity, for nothing. And that I should work 2 jobs just to make you a bit of money. Is naive and offensive.
Traffic Value: $40,205.23673 United States
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03/02/2014 20:59
Los accionistas obtienen dividendos en efectivo semanales , pagados todos los lunes , con base en el volumen de inversión nueva en nuestra Vía Rápida Cola planea esa semana.

Facturación de la semana: $ 5,894.00
Cut accionista ( 19 %): $ 1,119.86
Dividendo por acción : $ 0.0002947

Los dividendos han sido pagados en todo el volumen de negocios de hasta $ 5,894.00

Compra / venta de acciones en nuestro mercado :

Los primeros pagos acelerados serán pagados el miércoles . Según nuestra nueva reserva 7 días a la rodadura.

357 Poker
Acabamos de lanzar Pauls nuevo juego . Y he añadido los costes de desarrollo de la cartera . Bit de la contabilidad cobarde pasando allí , como se pagaron los gráficos pre -swap . Por lo que son , básicamente, libre en lo que respecta a nuestra cartera.

Y Paul en sus horas de programación , vamos a combinar en el siguiente producto que ofrece. Que en realidad serán dos productos : 1 ) Shut The Box Re construcion- para fijar la estructura de la competencia que hay , y que sea de juego que vale la pena ! 2 ) Pyramid Solaitiare . Ambos de los cuales debería estar listo a finales de este mes.

Así que a invertir ! Necesitamos fondos para el desarrollo lo antes posible! Y además de eso, Brian también está empezando PaidVerts esta semana . Y eso va a costar un golpe justo en el momento en que se hace. ( Y de nuevo, los gráficos para que se ya se ha realizado , y se paga por pre -swap ... Así que eso es genial! )

Compartir pujas
El sistema de licitación está totalmente roto, hemos intentado fijar un par de veces. Pero algunas ofertas son todavía va AWOL ... Así que estamos desactivando todo el lado de licitación de las cosas hasta que tengamos tiempo para reconstruirlo. ( ¿Qué será después PaidVerts )

Mientras tanto , puede seguir una lista de sus acciones a la venta en el mercado. Y la compra de acciones que ya se encuentra a la venta . Usted simplemente no puede hacer ofertas bajo -ball .

Si encuentra algún error con el sitio web / su cuenta , publicarlos aquí hoy : y usted ganará $ 1 por tema !
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