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Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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29/01/2014 13:42
My Traffic Value is back online!

With a clean slate, debt free system, huge starting portfolio, and a new set of plans! And we're about to pursue a great set of new products and subsidiary businesses for 2014.

The old system and plans have all been swapped for shares. The swap price i'm waiting to confirm with Brian. But I believe it was $0.27 - likely a few micro cents under.

So if you're wondering where your old investment has gone; check here.. you've now got loads of shares, that you can sell on our marketplace, or keep to earn weekly dividends from:

If you sell your shares for $0.27 , then that will be the full equivilent return that the old fast track queue would have otherwise paid you.

If you're just looking to break even, to free up some cash for our new super attractive (and empty) fast track queue, here's the break even numbers:

Balances.... sell shares for 27cents per share to break even.
125% plan... sell shares for 21cents per share to break even.
186% plan... sell shares for 15cents per share to break even.
250% plan... sell shares for 11cents per share to break even.

The experimental fund is now open for business again; - it's only accepting $1000 initially. And it's going to ramp up its level of risk to 50-100% per day. So the returns are going to be off the charts. Along with the risk! ... But I think this will be the best, and most profitable way to run this product.

We're keeping the limits small initially to guarantee that in the event of multiple loss days; that people still re-invest to refill the system, and give it the continuity required for the 101% refund system to work... We'll slowly increase the limits as we go. But I don't want to open the flood gates right away in case we incur losses. As losing $1k, is no big deal. But losing $20k on day one; won't look good! And might stop people investing again, which won't give the program the continuity it requires to work, and refund any losses.

And finally...
I guarantee that MTV will not be performing another debt swap for at least 12months. I think we have a real shot at reaching the critical mass for this business model to hold its own this year. Especially with PaidVerts in the pipeline.

So until at least 2015; we're going to be rock solid reliable!

If come 2015, the conditions are right, and the share price is sufficiently high. We can think about using another debt swap to propell the business forwards (once the concept of debt swapping has been proven to work; and we have a mechanism available to do that in a positive manner).
But for now; we're working to make this business sustainable as is. The portfolio has a great start, and is going to get a lot bigger. And the investment plans should guarantee our growth is as wide as possible; not buried under one big investor.

So let's see how we go!

Jo smile

ps. The first fast tracks will be paid on February 5th (the result card display will be fixed later today)
Traffic Value: $32,405.21707 Ukraine
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29/01/2014 15:14
when will be the first experimental fund result, today or tomorrow?
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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29/01/2014 16:15
Not sure yet. See how the day goes.


Meanwhile, i've updated the referral commissions for some of the games:

Default = 0.25%


Let It Ride = 0.50%
Compound Boxes = 0.50%
Keno = 1.00%
Three Towers Solitaire = 1%
Shut The Box = 1%
Traffic Value: $1,897.52529 Netherlands
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29/01/2014 16:43
Err... wasn't the share value going up to something like $0.28? It's $0.06 now lol.

So all balances got converted to shares? I can't really see how much shares I received, and you removed all previous share statistics. What is that good for, to hide the previous low results? This relaunch is shady already :|

Edit: "I guarantee that MTV will not be performing another debt swap for at least 12months." 12 months isn't very comforting. Can almost see the next debt swap already tongue rolleye
Traffic Value: $331.34369 United States
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29/01/2014 17:15
Uhmm, alot guys selling for 0.07 or near... uhmm. I will wait its up more sad If I sell for this price I will loose alot money sad 
Traffic Value: $1,181,925.44366 United States
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29/01/2014 17:28
We already got $900 worth of 250 fast track plan upgrades, very good!  
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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29/01/2014 17:43
Shares always drop right after a swap. As people act irrationally, letting fear and impatience drive their decision making...

Just wait a little bit and they'll pop back up, or buy them super cheap; good opportunity to double/quadruple your money in no time.
Traffic Value: $40,205.23673 United States
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29/01/2014 18:10
Mi Valor tráfico es de nuevo en línea !

Con una pizarra limpia , libre de deuda del sistema , enorme cartera de partida , y un nuevo conjunto de planes! Y estamos a punto de seguir una gran conjunto de nuevos productos y negocios subsidiarios para 2014 .

El sistema y los planes de edad han sido cambiados por acciones . El precio de canje estoy esperando para confirmar con Brian . Pero yo creo que era $ 0.27 - probablemente unos pocos centavos micro menores .

Así que si usted se está preguntando dónde está su viejo inversión ha ido ; marque aquí .. ahora tienes un montón de acciones, que se puede vender en nuestro mercado, o mantener a ganar dividendos semanales desde :

Si usted vende sus acciones por $ 0,27, entonces ese será el retorno equivilent completa que la antigua cola de vía rápida sería que haya pagado lo contrario.

Si lo que buscas es el punto de equilibrio , para liberar algo de dinero para nuestra nueva super atractiva (y vacío) cola de la vía rápida, aquí está la ruptura números pares:

Saldos .... vender acciones para 27cents por acción para alcanzar el equilibrio .
125 % del plan ... vender acciones para 21cents por acción para alcanzar el equilibrio .
186 % del plan ... vender acciones para 15cents por acción para alcanzar el equilibrio .
250 % del plan ... vender acciones para 11cents por acción para alcanzar el equilibrio .

El fondo experimental ya está abierto para los negocios de nuevo ; - que es sólo aceptar 1.000 dólares inicialmente . Y se va a elevar su nivel de riesgo para el 50-100% al día. Así que los rendimientos van a ser fuera de serie . Junto con el riesgo ! ... Pero creo que esto va a ser el mejor, y el modo más rentable para ejecutar este producto.

Estamos manteniendo los límites pequeña inicialmente para garantizar que, en caso de varios días de pérdidas , que la gente todavía los reinvierten para volver a llenar el sistema, y le dan la continuidad necesaria para el sistema de reembolso de 101% para trabajar ... Vamos a aumentar poco a poco los límites a medida que avanzamos . Pero yo no quiero abrir las compuertas de inmediato en caso de que incurramos en pérdidas. Como la pérdida de $ 1k, no es gran cosa . Pero perder $ 20k en el primer día , no se ve bien ! Y podría detener a la gente a invertir de nuevo , lo que no le dará al programa de la continuidad que se requiere para trabajar , y reembolsará las pérdidas.

Y finalmente ...
Te garantizo que MTV no ??se presentará otro canje de deuda por al menos 12 meses . Creo que tenemos una oportunidad real de alcanzar la masa crítica para este modelo de negocio para mantener su posición este año. Especialmente con PaidVerts en la tubería.

Así que por lo menos hasta 2015 ; vamos a ser roca sólida de confianza!

Si llegado el año 2015, las condiciones son las adecuadas , y el precio de la acción es lo suficientemente alta . Podemos pensar en usar otro canje de deuda para propell los delanteros hábiles ( una vez que el concepto de canje de deuda se ha demostrado que funciona , y tenemos un mecanismo disponible para hacer esto de una manera positiva ) .
Pero por ahora , estamos trabajando para hacer de este negocio sostenible como es . La cartera tiene un gran comienzo, y se va a poner mucho más grande . Y los planes de inversión deben garantizar nuestro crecimiento es tan amplia como sea posible , no enterrado bajo un gran inversor .

Así que vamos a ver cómo vamos!

Jo smile

pn . Las primeras pistas rápidas se pagarán el 05 de febrero ( la pantalla tarjeta de resultados se fijará el día de hoy )
Traffic Value: $19.91019 Portugal
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29/01/2014 19:17
Last time i lost everything, all my money, on the power plan it said it would grow up until i geta certaint amount, it says it takes around 365 days, weel after a few days i got back half of the money i invest.
So what´s diferente now?
I don´t feel good putting money here anymore, now it says 7 days, but the problem will be when you put the money.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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29/01/2014 19:40
You'll only lose money by selling your shares cheap. Keep them for the same 365days as the old preswap queue would have taken. And im sure you'll be able to sell them at a good price equal to your original due 186% return.

And nothing is new. Same system different day. Just less debt and bigger portfolio. Invest now and you'll likely get paid super fast. Wait for everyone to figure that out, and invest later. And it'll take a whole lot longer.
Traffic Value: $22,303.8091 Netherlands
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29/01/2014 19:55
Great results today grin
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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29/01/2014 19:57
Yes. And virtually no debt either. All legit revenues. Even with games being flat.
Traffic Value: $1,897.52529 Netherlands
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29/01/2014 20:22
Those Fast Track premium upgrades brought in a nice amount of money yes. Lets hope that we will see a lot more upgrades! smile

EDIT: What does this mean exactly though? "We are currently fast-tracking this round using 100% of our entire portfolio daily revenues". Does that mean no share revenues? "entire portfolio" sounds kinda all-encompassing.

Sorry for being a slowpoke, trying to catch up as always.
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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29/01/2014 21:29
It just means all the portfolio revenues are going towards paying those investors. It'll make more sense once there is more than one round (week) in that queue.


And here is the swap report:

The swap was 26.2cents or something like that.

* And the report shows 3,816,622 total shares. However there are only 3,800,000 in total; as MTVASSET had its balance reduced by the over-allocation.

MTVASSET had 19,000 shares pre-swap.
-16k excess.
Leaves ~3k post-swap. (Then add in the pokerbyproxy affair; and that brings it back to its current 19k shares)

You'll see all these shares appear on the portfolio as soon as Brian adds the BuyBack product.
Traffic Value: $1,758.39114 United States
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29/01/2014 23:29
There was a problem with the shares_added field in the database being unsigned which resulted in the mtvasset shares adjustment (which was negative) being counted incorrectly. I just fixed it.
Traffic Value: $3,542.64898 Lithuania
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30/01/2014 08:47
I hope this forum will be good info for all new users. And I hope that nobody forgot me smile

Lets inform new and old people about some specification of MTV.

I guarantee that MTV will not be performing another debt swap for at least 12months.

If this is true, then it means that probably everyone have about 2-3months of "save" investments period. After this time period probably all investments get into "Value Swap" zone.

Before previous "Value Swap" I was hoping, that next swap will not touch investments below round 100. But I was wrong. Everything stuck right after first huge swap, and 2nd "VS" was performed even on 3rd round. Old members will understand this.

I'm sure that in the middle or in the end of February we will see how real is to get 12month without "Value Swap". I can bet, that this is unreal. 

The only one thing that will help survive February will be 250% plan upgrade. But later we will see Who is Who.
Traffic Value: $108,789.63106 Poland
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30/01/2014 09:07
what can I say... you are wrong. Now is completely different situation. Investments are now limited so thanks to it debt will not increase so rapidly. Even if you will subtract cash coming from 250% upgrades , the resualts are still good. Only some extreme situation like scam of payment proccessor can brake the Jo's promise.
You should take into account that there are not many 250% investments so its mean that all 186% invesments will be fasttracked fast (even if the result will be 100$ or less) . When users will notice that its working they will invest more money.
Traffic Value: $3,542.64898 Lithuania
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30/01/2014 09:44
I does not mater what is investments maximum, it only make debt rise slower.
But it does not change that debt will rise, and payment period also will rise.

The one good think, that if you invest 100$ in to 250% plan, you also invest additionally 100$ in daily results by making upgrade. But if after upgrade you invest 1000$ in to plan 250%, it does not help a lot to stop from debt increase.
Traffic Value: $108.43323 Poland
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30/01/2014 12:40
Great confusion .. For me it looks worse and worse...
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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30/01/2014 13:30
We're on a much improved track at the moment... The plans are more in control, making our growth go wide, and not deep. So that should aid the time saving.

Our portfolio is already well established; so that has a great head start on any new investments we get.

And next we're going to put the icing on the cake via PaidVerts, MoneyMyGame and so on. And in doing so, that will open up a world of payment processors - which will be awesome.
Plus a continuing roll-out of ever more games... And the games will start to get more and more complex; as we've got the basic array pretty much. Time to move onto the more advanced stuff.

Anyway... keep an eye on things for the next few months. And everything should start to take shape nicely... And once the water settles from all the "change"; it'll be good I think.

But MTV is outrageously healthy right now. Liquidity is perfect; good development plans. Low debt. And I think the experimental fund is going to deliver some big ass revenues this year... I really think that's onto a good thing with it's inevitable giant result days, combined with limited availability. And the way it uses the crowd as its safety net. Is clever.

That should get very popular as the year goes on.
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