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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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24/07/2019 21:51
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We will reply to this thread throughout the day with any news and any other information!

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If you lose your PIN/enter it incorrectly 3 times, the only way to reset it, is by contacting our support, who may require additional identity verification.

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The time has come for us to put some extra work in Paidverts and make sure it starts performing even better.

Things we´re going to be doing:

-Create a ton of events/run promotions
-Advertise every single one of them on the PTCshare facebook page
-Every day we do not sell the login ad for PTCshare, point it to Paidverts (And vice versa)
-Pay a 10% bonus on offerwalls for a while and try to get the PTCshare crowd to start using both websites. (We will play around with these bonuses on both sites to get users from both ends to use the other site as well)
-Increase taxation on inactive accounts
-Use some of the PTCshare ad issue money to dish out a ton of extra small ads on Paidverts to increase the amount of BAP deducted by recycling
-Use some of the PTCshare ad issue money to keep ad issues attractive/at least at the same level for Paidverts

On PTCshare we have a ton of new things upcoming during August such as:

-New offerwalls
-A referral competition with a grand prize
-Wagering competition
-A special lottery
-Big ad issues
-Offerwall bonuses
-Extra survey walls
-Adsense-like advertising
-A 5th game

I´ve decided to pay the backers of the PTCshare build a bit earlier this month.
I´m sending $6000 to the backers right after finishing this news topic.
Meanwhile we are building up a buffer for worse months, we are keeping some cash for marketing purposes and more.
In August we wish to make even more profit, so we will be marketing a lot and we will have a very busy calendar for users!

I´ve never shared my raw notes of the marketing plan beforehand, (Or even the marketing schedule ahead of time) but I feel like trying it once to see if that changes things.
Here goes nothing:

Free spins ppmg and pbg 22nd July
50% discount pure ads Paidverts 23rd-25th July
20% extra BAP paidverts (25% for crypto) 26th-27th
10% bonus on offerwalls in Paidverts 28th-10th

August 1st-31st : Special lottery in PTCshare
In order to take part,they have to purchase over $5 of “pure ads”.
We will then randomly select 1 individual who will win $100 at the end of the month

August 1st-31st: Referral competition PTCshare
20 winners
Referrals have to watch 20 ads to count
$1k pot

August 2nd: Big ad issue on PTCshare (This also makes sure people stock up on more BAP, which they can use in the wagering competition the day after ^^) “Lay out the possibilities for your users and they will follow”.
3rd August-9th: Wagering competitions PTCshare, Paidverts, PPMG, PBG, MTV

Any thoughts? Any new things you´d like to see? Any ideas for promotions/events?
Traffic Value: $62,710.15909 United States
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24/07/2019 22:17
What is going on with Warclicks?
Traffic Value: $76.13933 Algeria
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24/07/2019 23:11
something wrong with ptcshare too i think  .... am getting error after viewing the ad
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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25/07/2019 04:56
pure ad lottery:

The more ads you buy the more chances you get. Also, you get a chance for each $5 you spend so if you buy 5 ads of $5 you get five chances. If you buy $25 you get one chance. This would help to boost and clean out the mini upgrade, no?
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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25/07/2019 07:16
Well, ok. Pv has such small ad issues now you could probably increase them nicely without taking from PtcShare too much. Though, as much money as possible should remain to PtcShare. Backer repaying could wait some more aswell I'd say.

And, don't forget. While promos/competitions are fine, keep trying to think of any additional functions/systems that will make PtcShare run balanced for the long term in a "natural" way.
Traffic Value: $680.27326 Philippines
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25/07/2019 08:23
What are your plans for the Super User Upgrades exactly?
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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25/07/2019 11:55
Have (almost?) all of them expire, then reopen as an upgrade with risks. (As a test)
Meaning we try and see if people are interested in them being just a mechanism to get their BAP turned to cash quicker, with a CHANCE to gain some profit as well.
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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25/07/2019 17:08
better remove the SUU and bring back the 1% ads when you buy an ad 
Traffic Value: $680.27326 Philippines
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26/07/2019 02:29
Here's a product idea:

Paid Direct Message

Imagine as an advertiser, you can handpick specific users you want to talk to and talk to them in a direct messaging system.

Users then get paid for reading the message. They will then have to click on a link on the message and watch an ad for a certain period of time. (It's like an in-house paid-to-read system.)

Payment can either be direct cash to their account balance. Or it can also have a corresponding reduction in BAP of the user, just like Paid Ads. I like the BAP reduction better.
Traffic Value: $684.68747 Bosnia and Herzegowina
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26/07/2019 06:18
I like your idea richiem , maybe we could pay for those services with money and bap  and taking some commission on top of both  something like networking fee...
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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26/07/2019 06:26
@Richie It's a good idea, and definitely would be quality advertising.

However, one of the things we've learned/experienced from PV and PTCshare, as that all these new/unique/fresh advertising options being added, generate VERY LITTLE results/revenue, and usually don't even end up covering for the development costs. SOME might use them, but very likely it wouldn't come even close to covering the dev costs.

Main reason for that is that the online marketing is pretty dead these days, and there's not that much valuable programs people promote - not that because advertising is shitty, but because they simply don't have good options to promote that make their money back. Of course some smart advertisers still find good options, but there's so few of these.

So until we grow further, to have more likely advertisers, there is really little sense to use limited dev time on new ad products like this. Once tons of priority tasks are out of the way, and we recruit more members/Advertisers, we could potentially go for such additions. But before, it's unfortunately a waste, even if the idea sounds great by itself.
Traffic Value: $680.27326 Philippines
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26/07/2019 06:31
Hey slosumo, while you're here, is the fix of Filters (Purchases or Clicks Only) in Commission Log already in the to-do list?

I also requested on another thread for a history of PIFs, if possible.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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26/07/2019 06:49
Yeah it is on the list, sorry I just don't always reply here due to lack of time.

Pretty much every suggestion/request I see I put on the list to consider/do, just a matter of priorities to go through. Maybe I can post the full confirmed to-do list next week for a general reference.
Traffic Value: $680.27326 Philippines
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26/07/2019 07:38
What is the possibility of re-introducing Sumo Roll under Gamex Studio?
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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26/07/2019 10:41
That possibility is not available we´re afraid.
It´s something we looked into, but is simply very hard due to having pay direct taxes on any sales and vat and such.. And since it´s in btc, with a volatile market.. It´s an accounting/taxing nightmare.
I might have a solution in the future, as it saddens me not being able to launch it either, but for now we have none.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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26/07/2019 10:52
Time to start cross referring!

Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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26/07/2019 18:20
This was weird, i went to Hideout from my PTCshare account and it gave me the message :
"your Dollarclix account was succesfully linked"
I dont even have a Dollarclix account 
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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28/07/2019 19:46
MyTrafficValue is hiring!
We need a sales expert.
Contact if you fit the description.
Traffic Value: $686.89911 France
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29/07/2019 12:51
Why do not you associate PTC Share with My trafficValue as you do with Paidverts. We could have funds from each of its sites on MTV and make transfers easily ...
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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29/07/2019 13:20
Different database, which allowed a quicker, cheaper and cleaner build.
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