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January 8th-News "Jumping the final hurdles!"

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slosumo - Administrator
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17/01/2019 08:42
War Clicks just reached a (visible) rating of 3.9! And still consistently rising! Next goal: 4 cool smile

With current averages we have great indications that with keeping this up we're on a good way to join the very few elite of games over time (4.2+), which is one of the best ways to improve retention and traffic, as they get better player reception by default and increased promotional opportunities due to standing out.

And with the release of Events we have a good chance to get consistent coverage in Hot New Games every month, that will help us increase the rating and keep a healthy new user flow to keep growing the game. And as we keep working on some improvements, and reach "rock hard" quality we can also look into adding platform badges, which could single-handedly explode our traffic and expedite that process!
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Forum - News - January 8th-News "Jumping the final hurdles!"
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