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January 8th-News "Jumping the final hurdles!"

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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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08/01/2019 22:49
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I am sure you will love this news as we are about to solve the final few bottlenecks of taking this business from where we are to where we want to be!

First of all I will be writing about Warclicks as that has been the update you have all been waiting for.

Why are we building it? What are our goals? How much longer do we plan to work on it? What’s next? What are we currently earning?
All those questions will be answered today.

First we’ll discuss the “Why”-part.

Throughout our journey with My Traffic Value we’ve faced some serious challenges here and there, resulting in uncertainty from time to time regarding whether we’d make it or not.
My Traffic Value has allowed Andraz to open a company/office of his own for which he hired a staff.
The moment he became responsible for a staff, everything changed for him.

Many of us have taken ridiculous risks and losses in order to make MTV work.

-Invest 100+ hours a week in it for no extra pay,
-I’ve invested basically my full net worth in MTV to have it face the tough times, running myself into the ground as a result
-We’ve refused various well paid job offers
-Some of our staff members have worked with invoices delayed as much as 6 months, while others even worked for free for multiple months.
-We took some serious risks when our legality wasn’t handled at all.

ALL of that is a personal choice when you don’t face any responsibility for others.
The moment you hire a staff, your priorities should change.
Your staff are like your kids and you should do whatever you can to keep them safe, nor do you have the RIGHT to make such decisions for them.

Long story short: Andraz needed more stability and peace of mind, so he started a side project with his office to build a safety net in case MTV wouldn’t get through the tough period.

After 9 or so months he proposed it to me as he would either have to choose to go full time on Warclicks to make it work, or we would have to find another solution.
As I simply need Andraz to make MTV work and Warclicks had potential, we came up with a cooperation that allowed our bills to get reduced, fund Warclicks and get a new project on our hands which had already been built for quite a bit and allowed us to hit a new market.

Warclicks is interesting as it is scalable, duplicable and paves the way for any other games we can come up with due to partnerships and an existing member base of gamers to market it to.

Second part is the “Goals”-part.

We are aiming to have a game running basically on its own, which scales due to simply marketing it and hosting fun events here and there, turning it into a cash cow.

In terms of monetary goals here is the ladder I am personally aiming for to climb:
(All of these figures are before taxes/cuts of platforms and Gamex)

March: $15k
June: $25k
December: $50k

4-5 months ago we were doing $1500-$2k a month, which was right before we were releasing our game to external platforms and before adding key elements to the game, which have both resulted in a massive growth.
In December we were striving to do $10.000,-, which we did.

Our break even point for a full team working on it, meaning design, support, marketing, programming, new key elements to the game and constant improvements to the progression and mid and late-game elements is $15k.
This doesn’t mean we are spending $15.000,- per month on it, we are actually only spending about $6000 a month on it.
The break even figure is so different due to the fact that we have taxes to pay, we are splitting revenues with Kongregate and Armorgames and then after that we take a 60% part of the remainder.

Last month our designer quit, as her boyfriend got hired by Google and they’re moving to another country.
She was able to finish whatever we needed for the key elements of the game and for now we can simply rely on Domingo for marketing materials for the time being.
This means that our new costs will most likely be more towards the $4500/month area and therefore the break even point will be even lower (December’s result would be about break even)

(Also keep in mind that because of this structure we save about 5-8% in payment fees for Gamex invoices)

Next question to answer: How much longer do we plan to work at it with the current force?

As of now we have about 1.5-2 months of work left on improvements that will result in a higher retention, better monetization/results and will allow us to make the $15k target in or before March.
After that we will discuss what our next big step will be.

Leading to the final question to answer today: What’s next?

Next we’ll either be building a Warclicks app or build some sort of a Warclicks clone.
If we get the growth we want, an app would make sense to even further monetise and grow the game.
But we could also use a number of the core code and elements of the game to build either a clone that would suit a different public (non war related) or work on “Warclicks 2”.

Early February I am going to Slovenia for 10~ days and we will decide our next steps.
Every time I went to Slovenia before, we were able to prepare many, many months of work for the entire team, a number of new projects etc etc.
This time won’t be any different.

To continue on the above:

Not only will we work on various elements related to Warclicks, plan our next step in that field, discuss marketing and other things, but also..
The new project we have been talking about for a while.
As of now we have already picked what project we are going to work on, but we simply don’t have any time to discuss specifics, write specs and have something of value to present you.
So that will also be worked on and fully mapped while I am in Slovenia.

Last but certainly not least, we are in the middle of solving the last few bottlenecks of our business.

The final straws that cause our day to day operations most issues until now have been spotty marketing and poor customer support related to payment processor issues and other "more difficult" issues.

Since the start of December we’ve taken a new route with our marketing and promotions and we’ve kicked it up a notch and improved our workflow.
At the start of every month we now prepare a marketing plan, so everyone can start doing their work.
I write the emails for the rest of the month and the designers prepare all of the necessary materials/run the social media pages.

Until now I would come up with a promotion here and there and it would often result in either not having time to write an email or the designers not finishing their materials in time or Andraz who forgot to send the email.
Now, the program is clear for everyone and materials and texts are prepared beforehand.
In December this resulted in far better results compared to the 3 months before that and on the back of the latest Paidverts changes we also experienced some nice growth.

But not only that:
We’ve analysed which sales and promotions worked best in the past few years and will continue to monitor these results 1-2x a month and change our approach accordingly.

Payment support. This is a big one.
The only part of the support we were never able to improve thus far has been a part which can actually be quite vital to the business and its growth.
Due to the fact that it’s a hard but above all risky position to fill, it has always been done by Andraz, who got more and more work on his plate as time passed.
But we are about to change this.

Starting in February we are going to be filling up this position with one of our most trusted and long time employees.
This will take time as it’s a very tricky job and will take quite some mentoring/help from both Andraz and I, but we will make it work.
Also, even though we trust him, we simply have to be cautious and keep some level of control/safety.
I expect it will take until Mid March at the very least for it to turn into an element of support I feel confident backing with a 48 hour claim, but expect to see some serious improvement starting in February.

There you have it!
Solving the final issues, new projects will start to come to life in February and then we’re up for an amazing year in which we’ll finally get the growth necessary to pay off the investors and reward those that have put faith in our business for so long.
Thank you for trusting the process and having gone on this journey with us this far.
Traffic Value: $3,310.91297 Argentina
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08/01/2019 23:13
That's good news. Warclicks have a nice future!
I'm waiting impatiently news about new proyect!

Thanks for this great update.
Traffic Value: $2,081.0882 United States
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09/01/2019 08:04
As in soon you think dividends will be paid again?   or your talking about paying off the FTQ?
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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09/01/2019 08:08
Payment Support is a big one indeed.

I know you trust "him" but I'd still be wary about having too much funds that they can ready access at once. I think you've already reduced this risk but can you look into 2nd acccounts that are Andraz/Marc accessible only for excess funds, esp like for when a PM gambler loses big? I don't know how much fees are for transferingfrom one PM to another or one BTC to another (and then back as needed) I also know the whole point is so Andraz doesn't have to do anything, but once a week transfering back funds as requested shouldn't be that big an issue for security reasons. It's all the hundreds/thousands of transactions that is the time consuming aspect.

Also, this is the first I have heard that the company (well GameX isn't our's) hired a female, and I only hear of this after she's gone, oh well.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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09/01/2019 08:24
Just wanted to clarify some points further:

Payment support in majority of cases doesn't require access to any sensitive info/ payment accounts. And majority of cases for deposit issues aren't handled by me, mostly it's the "weird/bigger" ones that need a second check from me, which typically requires some broader knowledge of how things work.

Also one of the main issues with our current support are "unusual/not your everyday" tickets, which where the main delays and discontent comes from for users. These are basically tickets that require someone with experience/knowledge of how our sites etc. work or in other words - an active member of our community, to best solve them. And then it's about going through them and see if any require a programmer's look, which should be forwarded to them in an organized manner. I've kinda taken a role that could often cut out that middle process, but it can be improved by being separated/more organized.

Another note is that WC Dev costs on MTV side aren't ~$6000 consistently, that's merely been a high-end in a few months, but the average through the 2 years or so that we've worked on it partnered has been much smaller.

@druth She was actually our second female designer, and the first one moved away as well. The first one we scared off to another city, this time to another country LOL But yeah, we managed to sort out the important things, and for the time being don't have any updates with a lot of design required planned, so we simply reorganized a bit and it actually allows us to focus on some other things better.
Traffic Value: $62,710.15909 United States
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09/01/2019 10:49
How about a real life $# from you all hard working, unbelievably,  sacrificing workers?
No more getting you feelings hurt on getting called out on acting professional.

How much into Warclicks?
How much has it made:
Just a # please

I've asked much EXACTLY is it in the negative.
NO more endless bullshit. Just an actual $#? Its simple....

This a business. Act professional.

What happened to all that endless cryptic, years worth of nonsense about legality, etc...
Why has all $ went to Warclicks...

Give us a real # $
How much EXACTLY is Warclicks in the negative ?

All these jobs you have turned down, etc...maybe its time to move on,
For those of us who are from the old days when we had some ballers and are wealthy in the scheme of things how do we get a hold of Carlos? Maybe make some changes.
Traffic Value: $3,681.91012 Switzerland
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10/01/2019 08:41
Nice to hear that Warclick is performing well, but to be honest, everybody wants to know the status of FTQ and potentially future dividends. 

We need a clear statement with values!
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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10/01/2019 12:55
MTV is currently running at about break even.
We have faced some losses due to the crypto bear market and declining results during September until November, but overall we're on our way up.
The moment we make profits we pay the FTQ, like we did several times before during 2018.

Overall I don't think the strength/importance of the news is being valued adequately enough, we are really onto something here.
You don't suddenly go from $1500/month to $10k/month in 4 months unless you're really doing something good/you've gained some serious momentum.

As said before: $15k is the BEP when working at full force.
This means we are not making a profit, yet.
Since Warclicks is a startup, it requires an investment to get it to a certain level.
95% of startups fail in the first 2 years because they don't have a big enough budget to weather that time period.
Most people don't know or aren't able to comprehend what that means.
It basically means that every company deals with a net loss, until and IF you happen to turn it into a profitable company with a desired item/product.

Giving you the current balance sheet would do nothing good.
Most people would simply see a loss and think it's a bad product.
It's about perspective, a perspective you get by having ran your own business(es).
During this year we'll start to churn profits, with which we'll start paying off the FTQ and expanding the business.
As we are running in a stable and sustainable way now, we feel confident to start new projects for the crowdfunding page.

You've made it this far, you might as well enjoy the good part of the journey as well.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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10/01/2019 18:53
Is naeem a common name because we have two on the contest list
Traffic Value: $4,428.2217 Romania
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12/01/2019 13:21
To any administrator!!!
STP payment processor bank transactions was recently declined on some romanian banks. The reason they told me was that STP is suspect of money fraud. Do you have any reports of such fraud transaction. Should we be aware of that? 
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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12/01/2019 16:27
We never experienced any issues on our end other than not being able to use bank wires from time to time, we'll keep an eye on it.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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12/01/2019 23:56
Paidverts' active memberbase is currently growing at a pace of about 10% per month.
We went from 22000 active users to 26400 active users in under 2 months.

Furthermore we have launched "Alliance fights" on Warclicks today, so make sure to check that out as well!
Traffic Value: $159.22316 India
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14/01/2019 08:55
Many this and that explanation but not clarified anything ,simple question->
1) will FTQ  investor get paid in future?
2) what you all thinking about rp market which is going down and down?
3)Marc you said you will give us  clean spreadsheet of this whole 2018's earning deposit inevst all stats  clear presentation where that is?
4)how much current products making are they really in profit?
5)why not any new product which will totally make some good money from the beginning i mean not why not any worthy product going to launch ?just games which still in middle of everything 
6)when will MTV will start relying on real money making product rather than gambling games?

well i was banned for telling some bitter truth i might get ban again by mods but truth will never change plz answer these questions
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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14/01/2019 09:16
@stobb a lot of your questions are already answered in Marc's above post

For the most part (probably 95%+) product results are visible/transparent under Results tab on MTV. PBG/PPMG are there, PV is as well (but requires some math), but we also have a public accounting sheet anyone can check:
Traffic Value: $9,606.72522 Portugal
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14/01/2019 10:36
Is there a possibility for that sheet to be fixed on MTV like a Banner? 
Traffic Value: $1,654.17 Spain
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14/01/2019 12:46
Marc, is there a way to contact with you to present you a project im working on that could give MTV profit? im Jordi not sure if you remember me, we met in Holland, I also developed the game scissor-rock-paper for MTV. Mods just keep deleting my post dunno why?

MODS: Dont delete please. I just want to show Marc a project im working on that maybe could be integrate with MTV.

MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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14/01/2019 13:21
Stobb, you were banned for very different reasons and you know it.
Redigaffi, you can contact me on telegram at @Marcdekoning
Traffic Value: $1,654.17 Spain
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14/01/2019 14:42
Thanks Marc, I already contacted you but telegram is only showing 1 tick, would be nice if you could atleast confirm that you received the msg, just in case it's a wrong Marc.
Traffic Value: $729.96203 Hungary
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14/01/2019 15:47
Warclicks is on the main page on Kongregate again. And the rating is growing countinously!
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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15/01/2019 12:09
Btw, if no one noticed, Cryptopia exchange seems to have gotten rekt hard.
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