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Friday Feb 7th News!

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07/02/2014 12:30
Todays fast track payments have been sent!

Paul has asked Rayner to do the html/css stuff for PaidVerts, so that he and Daniel can focus purely on the coding. And not have to waste time pushing pixels around to make it all pretty.

Paul has also fixed a few little MTV bugs, but he's waiting on Alex for some information regarding pushing the fixes onto the live site.

Carlos assures me the PayPal account is verified and ready for PV. And next he's wrapping up the Skrill and Neteller verification processes.

And a final quote from Paul;

"... I configured basic settings of PV framework and built index page - everything works like a charm smile

That's all for today, work is in progress smile "
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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07/02/2014 12:42 - and at some point, we definitely need to do some work on the Fast Track ETA calculations.

The first round display should be 1-____ days
And I think all subsequent rounds should technically state 8-____ days... As we only know the revenues 7days in advance; the next days one could be anything. And that could in theory repay everyone.

* And maybe we can slot in a column for Kamils progress bar idea... "Progress towards the front of the queue" column or so. And do it a bit like the portfolio page, with a 100% bar... or a start > finish line type bar.

Anyway, we'll save that idea for the moment; as I don't want to distract Paul from PV.
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07/02/2014 12:44
i've already recieved 5 copies of e-mail with todays news
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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07/02/2014 12:59
Yea, my bad!
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07/02/2014 16:43
grin LOL
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07/02/2014 17:11
Click3rs, you have the perfect name for that comment. cool
Traffic Value: $8,649,585.93592 Spain
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07/02/2014 17:13
Yea lol.

I don't know what happened today; the button is supposed to fade out when you click it. To prevent double clicking / let you know the action is being processed. But for some reason it didn't fade - so I gave it a bunch of goes. And they all went through.

Stupid thing! wink
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07/02/2014 18:35
Pagos de la pista de hoy rápidas han sido enviado!

Paul ha pedido Rayner hacer las cosas html / css para PaidVerts, por lo que él y Daniel puede centrarse exclusivamente en la codificación. Y no tiene que perder el tiempo empujando píxeles alrededor para asegurarse de que todos bastante.

Paul también ha fijado unos bichitos MTV, pero está esperando en Alex por alguna información con respecto a empujar las correcciones en el sitio en vivo.

Carlos me asegura la cuenta de PayPal es verificada y lista para PV. Y la próxima que está terminando los procesos de verificación Skrill y Neteller.

Y una última cita de Paul;

"... He configurado los ajustes básicos del marco PV y en la página de índice integrado - todo funciona como una sonrisa encanto

Eso es todo por hoy, se está trabajando smile"
Traffic Value: $32,405.21707 Ukraine
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08/02/2014 08:18
on this page there is misspell of "etc."
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