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slosumo - Administrator
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15/04/2015 17:01
MyTrafficValue Forum Rules and Directions

Welcome to our forum, a place where you can follow the development of MyTrafficValue and discuss or ask questions regarding anything related to our project.

You will notice that we have different categories. Before posting in our forum, make sure you understand what each category is about:

News: Only admins can start topics in this category. It is dedicated to posting our daily news and will contain a topic for each day, where we post news about everything happening behind the scenes and our future projects. You will also find details of daily ad issues for PaidVerts posted here, and any other important up-to-date info from our admins. While you are free to discuss & ask anything related to the news & our business general in here, please refrain yourself from posting if you haven't anything to add to the discussion. We suggest reading this section on a daily basis, as it will contain all you need to know about what is happening with our business!

Questions: Have questions about PaidVerts or My Traffic Value? This is the place to go to. Ask your questions in here and you'll almost surely receive a reply from our members, mods or even admins here. Please do NOT ask account specific questions here - visit our support page for that . On the support page you will also find our Frequently Asked Questions, so make sure to go through those before asking a question in the forum.

Brainstorm: Got an idea to help make MyTrafficValue better? Post it here! We are a crowdfunding project and always eager to look for new ideas and projects to fund! Suggest potential improvements to our business or explain that great idea you have at the back of your mind that we should pursue.

Monitor: If you advertise a program in our Monitor, you can post a topic about it here. Give our users more information about the program you are advertising.

Language Specific Topics:
If you want to speak in any other language than English, the topics in this category are the only place where you can! No topic for your language yet? Create one, and connect with your fellow countrymen!

Misc: Want to chat about anything else not related to the above categories, or just make some friends? Post here!

Now that you know what each category is meant for, you'll also want to read through our forum posting rules. Although we are generally very lenient on what is posted, we have to impose some rules to keep the forum clean and promote healthy discussion.

• Advertising: Referral links are NOT allowed anywhere in the forum - not even in the monitor category!

• Spamming: spamming is not tolerated in any kind. By spamming we mean that you should NOT repeat the same post over and over again, not even if it is repeated in different topics. If you posted it once that is enough and no matter the reason for the spamming it will be frowned upon and deleted. If a mod deletes your post and you then keep repeating/asking about it that is also considered as spamming.

• Ticket Posts: If you have an open ticket, there is no need for you to talk about it in the forum or try to get admins' attention to it. Your ticket will be answered, but it can take up to 7 days for us to reply to it. Complaining about it in the forum can be considered as a breach of these rules.

• Racial or religious comments: MyTrafficValue members come from all over the world. Therefore, a policy of tolerance is mandatory. Please avoid racial or religious comments as they may be offensive to your fellow users and there is no reason for us to argue about such subjects in our forum anyways - respect is mandatory, always;

• Swearing/Insults/Foul Language: Please keep your posts clean and respective. Any swearing, personal insults or foul language are forbidden. Please keep your posts respectful and even if you disagree with a fellow user, try to keep your posts polite and respectful.

• Foreign Languages: The forum´s official language is English. Please do not open threads or make comments in other languages. Our mods are instructed to delete any posts which are not written in English. If you wish to speak in a language other than English, please go to the "Language specific topics" category, where you can speak in language-specific topics, or create a new one for your language if it doesn't exist yet.

• "Pacifier Posts": Please, avoid making threads or posts that state/complain/ask about the following - "where are my ads" or 'the ads didn´t arrive' or 'will the admin do cashouts today?'. If there is any issue with any part of our website or PaidVerts the admins will post about it in the Daily news thread. The ads for the day can be seen in the day´s daily news post, in the News section and will arrive in your account as soon as the system delivers them. If the details about the ads are not posted, they weren´t sent yet or won't be. All of that is posted and informed by our admins each day. Cashouts take up to 7 days and any complaint before that is needless and will be deleted. Forum is not the place to complain about every little hiccup that might occur in our business, or every little detail you might not like about it. Constructive criticism is allowed and welcomed (as long as you don't spam it and is in accordance with our other rules), but blatant complaints and questions will not be tolerated.

• MyTrafficValue team slander: Although we try to keep things as transparent as possible around here, we will not tolerate posts that contain slander, insults or are degrading any of our staff in any way. Constructive criticism is welcomed, but don't expect our staff to reply to your queries in the forum, or to bow to every request/suggestion you make. We encourage our staff to be in touch with our members, but If you will keep "probing" to receive a reply from our staff or constantly repeat your complaints/questions in the forum we reserve every right to edit or delete your posts and/or impose a forum ban on you. If you have a problem with any of our staff please create a ticket about it and our admins will read through it. Public forums are NOT the place to do that.

• Personal Websites: Please do not advertise your personal websites on our forum, even if you think is very beneficial to our members. Note: Admins might allow some exceptions upon prior approval.

Fines and punishments

For any posts or threads that are against our above explained rules, our mods and admins reserve the right to edit or delete your posts/threads. For any severe or repeat breaches of our forum rules we can also our mods/admins also reserve the right to decide on punishments for any user who breaks the above posted forum rules. These punishments can vary from a temporary forum ban (few days to a few months), permanent forum ban, or even BAP fines and in extreme cases a complete suspension (ban) from our website.

PV/MTV´s current staff is as follows:
Admins (marked with a red color in their posts): Jo, Slosumo
Forum Mods (marked with a green color in their posts) : missi, Domen97, MisterDD, yallit, Catt, tupko, hrjustinptc, mriley, MichaelKline, Tanjas, tzussam, Tbiz

slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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15/04/2015 17:02
This post is a placeholder.

I will add a section of moderator instructions here for everyone to see, likely tomorrow.

*Also expect the rules to be edited & fine-tuned in the following days.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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15/04/2015 17:12
"Pacifier Posts"

Now that's epic and appropriate!

Now, I hope more people read and comprehend all that is posted here.
At the very least, mods have this as a clear backup for their actions and as such, reading the forum will become even cleaner and more informative.
Traffic Value: $11,013.37121 Czech Republic
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15/04/2015 17:31
slosumo: hi

Does your post mean that there is some new change in guidlines for mods regarding deleting of topics and posts?
As there was some discussion/arguments recently about this. I mean namely "misc" section, where there were deleted many posts/threads, that some people (me included) regarded as harmless and perfectly fit for misc section.
Traffic Value: $1,193.5857 Brazil
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15/04/2015 17:47
the mod team - as the rest of the forum - will be following tightly to what t he rules state.
It is a huge relief to us, since we will not need to justify every little action we take and it will make our jobs much easier and lighter on us.
Traffic Value: $32,122.18249 Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)
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15/04/2015 19:49
Very good!
slosumo made it perfectly clear what is allowed and what is not.

One thing I'd like to add regarding both, the mods and the users.

I wanna highlight the word

- Tolerance -

it is your best friend in most situations no matter what the discussion is about and it's really a great virtue!

For the clean and helpful forum! smile
Traffic Value: $2,148.94717 Philippines
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15/04/2015 20:02
If I may suggest:
- Ability to lock a topic by a mod.

We all know that not everyone read Rules, TOS or FAQs. So to avoid cases wherein one person will create a thread about "Why my topic was deleted", it would be best for us mods to simply reply to the original topic and then lock the thread afterwards. At least the person who created the topic will still get a reply to his question or comment and won't feel annoyed of having his/her post deleted without any explanation.

IMO, if we keep deleting posts/threads instead of answering them, the Support Ticket team will get flooded by questions that could have been answered in the forum. Questions like "why is my payment pending" can simply get an answer of "max wait time is 7 days" and then lock the topic. Imagine if we keep deleting those threads, their next option is to send a ticket asking about the same wherein it would have been straightened out by a simple reply to the specific thread.
Traffic Value: $4,007.84228 Netherlands
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16/04/2015 00:12

It would be nice if we had a report a bug section like other forums have.
Users feel the need to post about them, mainly to hear from others that they have the same
bug as well, to be sure it is not just on their end.
I don't think one can shuffle that all under the pacifier section.

I would like to see more clarity about what can be reported from the SHP, what kind of question can be asked about users accounts and how.

For the rest, this is a casino after all. People also come here to have fun.
At least I do smile
Traffic Value: $64.27333 Philippines
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16/04/2015 06:10
Another suggestion: Fixing the forum search function. 

This will surely reduce those redundant topics. And possibly pinning/compiling those topics that have helpful information or have resolved a problem/dispute.
Traffic Value: $2,148.94717 Philippines
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18/04/2015 19:30
Another suggestion:

When deleting a post, try to add a box wherein we'll provide a simple explanation for the reason of deleting the specific post. This way, when we check the Mod section in SCP to see why a particular post was deleted, we'll see the explanation and be able to gauge properly if we need to Flag the change.
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