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December 13th - News

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Traffic Value: $354.01015 Serbia
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17/12/2018 12:57
That seems to work...
Only I see 2 active LA campaigns...and I only did 1. ?
Traffic Value: $5,893.23193 Slovenia
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17/12/2018 13:21
It worked for me as well.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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17/12/2018 13:31
Cool great to hear, thx for letting me know. Shame I didn't think of trying that before :/

Jagodinac I see only 1 campaign from you as active, so it seems good. Where do you see 2 campaigns exactly?
Traffic Value: $354.01015 Serbia
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17/12/2018 13:36
The first campaign showed double (and still does in My Campaigns -but now as Refunded) ... until klemen outbid me smile
I made  a new one for the next date and this one shows OK.
Thanks for your time & efforts Slosumo smile
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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17/12/2018 20:09

Did you get a bigger ref ad Issue amount, say if you can get to maintaining them getting 100 ads clicked in their first days, you will get ref issue 5c if just one, $1.07 for a few, $3.75 if you can recruit near the most) only competing with ~61 total and 11 for the Top 2. OFC they also consume BAP so not pure profit.

Also, there is a learning and getting comfortable curve. To climb the groups buying ads will randomly happen, most likely, to a small % of your total. The more you bring in the bigger chance one becomes a whale.

Also, this is just what you earned in 2 weeks, ofc that's nothing compared to $100, so it would take years, but earning just from refs clicking esp at the value of these ads is ofc not going to return your $100 soon.

BTW, it doesn't hurt to try and contact your downline from time to time to try and motivate them to get active/get more involved.

Also, there are more tangential benefits from your recruiting, i.e. help the site and more money for the Ad Issue.

I think you should chat with Dguy for more
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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18/12/2018 00:00
I think the ones who will benefit from referring are site owners (PTC and Bux sites) and those who have access to free traffic via online earnings and referral earnings on other sites

The ones who could also do well are those that buy banner spots since that is lower cost and reaches a broader market.

As for your $100 investment in paidverts, what I would do is this. Buy RPs. Currently, $100 buys you 125,000 RPs. Even at the going rate of 3 BAPs per RP, you would get 356,000 BAP (after 5% BAP commission). Those would be worth $178

That would have given you .2252 in today's distribution (before commissions and not including activation ads). But don't stop there. If you keep on buying shares and converting earnings to BAP you will continue to compound and grow your BAP base larger and faster. So after a year, your cash flow should be quite acceptable relative to your investment. It is hard to say what it would be since cash flows are based on site sales and earnings but we should move forward and higher not backward from here

I did a very rough calculation of today's ads (keep in mind this day is usually the high point for the week) It doesn't include commissions and AAs. If you reinvested everything back into BAPs for 5 days times 52 weeks, you total BAP should be worth $286.79 at that point

If you are willing to put in $100 every few months there is more risk but your earnings would grow faster
Traffic Value: $17,409.62296 Romania
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18/12/2018 08:45
Thank you for all sugestions. I have another question, can i buy from an atm BTC or Litecoin useing the deposit adress given by MTV to avoid same fees?
Traffic Value: $73.34268 Hungary
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18/12/2018 10:50
@jordy186: Thanks for the advice. I've run ccleaner, but unfortunately I still experience the problem quite often:

Only one ad at time, please try again."
Traffic Value: $294.60488 Philippines
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18/12/2018 12:11
hi.Try Firefox too.
Traffic Value: $22,707.14148 Saudi Arabia
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19/12/2018 05:29
Wow! A run of 24 consecutive days of positive results. A record? smile
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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19/12/2018 20:27

lets hope its a good sign and that we are going to see the end of the tunnel soon.
Not much changed in the financial situation so far , hopefully there are some nice suprises in the last weeks of the year to see the debts going down
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