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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
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09/08/2019 18:56
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Quite a lot of news to be shared.
I´ll share a list of the main things we´re working on/changes/plans etc.

The past 2 weeks or so, Pawel finished these major things:

-Built a referral competition mechanism on PTCshare which we are currently using for a month-long event.

-Made a number of big changes to the menu of PTCshare to improve user retention and simplicity

-Implemented “activation email” follow up – where if a user doesn't click on activation links it is resent to them in a day, with another 2 emails to follow that one up with a slightly different subject and message.
This should help us get more members activated (currently about 85% of users activates its account) and help them to not miss out on activation links

-Added a separate payment proof page

-Reworked all wagering competition lists to show all of the prizes (even if there is noone eligible for them yet) on all sites

-Added auto opening of SUU when mini SUU reaches under 100, and mega´s under 20 active ones.

Currently he is working on:

-Showing Fixed ad/Login ad discounts

-Preparing live announcements (A new feature that will help us deliver news faster and to everyone who´s active)

-Adding offerwall reversals to deduct abusers' balances + auto ban them

-Adding shootout champs to PTCshare

-Chris (Agency) has been taking over a number of admin tasks to clear up some of Andraz´ schedule.
I´m also learning him some of the basics of sales and I will be doing that with 1 other person.
We are currently still looking to hire a sales expert though (If you´re interested, please email

-We now have a PTCshare log-in ad on Paidverts whenever people do not buy the spot. PTCshare will have the same for PV as soon as the designers finish an image for it.

-We are now promoting PTCshare on a wide variety of PTC´s and as soon as the designers finish the required materials, we will start the promotion of pure ads and playbitcoingames

-PTCshare now has 3 follow up emails whenever someone signs up, to increase user retention. These emails contain information about the system, BAP, where to go for help, link them to Facebook etc.

-We will soon have 3 emails for inactivity on PTCshare as well. Meaning that they get a number of reminders after 1,3 and 7 days of inactivity to keep users engaged and actively earning

-We´ve done a ton of promotions and events and are currently working on a new marketing plan, preparing emails, images etc.

-We fixed various issues which occurred with our offerwalls and payment processors

-We´ve improved elasticemail “private ip pooling” , to help us reduce future costs and improve deliverability of all sites.

-Andraz did the research required to find the best provider to trim down our emailing list.
This means we will be using a service to see with which of our 4 million users we´re able to engage with without destroying our emailing reputation.
We´re hoping we´re left with a list of at least 1-2 million users, which we will then slowly add to our current emailing list, while monitoring the deliverability/engagement rate.

This should lead to a FAR bigger emailing list that we will reach, more engaged traffic, leading to more active users, sales etc.
Overall the $1500 cost for this service seems more than worth it, as we are very likely to make it all back by just emailing the entire database once with a proper event or what not.

-Andraz has been keeping up with his support tickets

-Andraz worked a bit each day on some Warclicks updates/bug fixes. Progress revert issues, better time handling, some much delayed/needed “research system”-updates..

As of now the main focus is on selling our advertising, hiring and training people to generate sales, user retention and overall user experience.

Soon we will be adding a number of extra offerwalls, put some focus back on Warclicks and more.. But for now we´re focusing on the above.
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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09/08/2019 20:20
And the general state of things, how's it looking? Reserves, sales, total BAP accumulation...?
You've increased the ad issue value once, and us being at those ~3k at the moment, will it remain the same or higher/lower?
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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09/08/2019 20:57
We´re healthy and will continue paying off the backers of the fund and the FTQ after.
We´re really just aiming to build further upon it, improve all elements, get a number of dedicated people for sales etc.

The $3k ad issues are actually a bit high.
We can afford them, but it would be healthier for the business if it would be lowered to $2500.
Problem being that people wouldn´t understand it and would think we´re either broke or about to scam.
We´re building up debt pretty fast and we need to focus more on keeping the increase to a minimum.
For now it doesn´t seem like we are going to be able to control it any time soon though, as users are pouring in in masses.
Just the past week alone we gained 10% more active users and 10% more active, unique daily clickers.

We are paying a LOT to the free users.. $700 a day.. But it keeps them active, gives us more traffic for advertisers, some of them do a ton of referring and offerwalls to make up for it..
So yeah a tough one.

This is why I aim to focus a LOT on offerwalls and pure ads sales in order to keep things healthy..
And wagering volume to work on the overall BAP pool.

But things are overall just going very well and this is probably the best time ever to get into referring.
PTCshare is a money making machine for who ever dedicates some time to it.
I´ve seen brand new users collecting 100s to even 1000s of referrals in a couple of weeks..
Offerwall income is growing..
We are improving user retention and education..
You literally can´t ask for anything more.

BUT we are likely to offer an exclusive status soon, that will be available to just a few.
It will include (or rather require) a training given by either Andraz or me in order to be accepted for it and it should be considered an "elite tier status", which will require work to keep.

It will give referrers a much higher percentage of referral income per sale/user.
Traffic Value: $1,804.70567 France
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10/08/2019 11:20
Hey I am happy to hear all the good news ! I've noticed something while poured some money into Ptcshares. First of all, why are we overdelivering bulk ads ? I mean isn't this counter-productive ? Anyways the real thing I wanted to talk about is the Bap market in Paidverts. I've realised that despite the argument being that the bap market brings money, I think it should be retweaked. Why I mean by that is if we compare the earnings from PTCSHARE for any groups levels and those in Paidverts, there is more money to be made whether it's in nominal or ROI. The biggest advantage in PTCshare is the turnover. So I was thinking to make Paidverts more attractive just one feature would be need to be done (it might be presumptuous but I really think) : to disable to possibility to sell shares for Baps. We should still keep the feature of selling its Baps for share or cash but entirely controlled by the site. Thus people will be forced to buy ads on paidverts, creating better ads issues, effectively creating a Keynes effect. In my opinion the ability to sell shares for Baps sucks to much from the main business. I am pretty sure that if this was implemented in PTCshares, our daily issues would fall.
Traffic Value: $32,608.39303 Germany
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10/08/2019 12:07
You are missing the point that the BAP market reduces a lot of BAP debt that otherwise would be consistently rising. 
And if you keep the feature of selling via controll of the site you just make it even less attractive to use the market.
Plus you'll lose all the people that don't have anything to advertise, as it would take years to get the money back using only earnings from ads.

The only way to use the market to stimulate buyers to buy more ads would be to raise (buy up) rp price so the difference between buying and selling for BAP and buying ads would reduce.
Traffic Value: $2,807.19322 Bulgaria
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10/08/2019 14:50
I would like to report potential irregularities with users poii(X), where X it varies from 1 to 1645.
All users are with the same IP .
Each subsequent user in the group has a referral user with a smaller number.
Traffic Value: $1,804.70567 France
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10/08/2019 17:38
I haven’t thought of Bap reduction but I don’t think it’s a solution. If it were so great why it’s not implemented in PTCshare ? Probably because it has the huge drawback of pulling out lots of cash destin to ads. My point being paidverts is stagnant and we need a kick. Moreover how many people on ptcshare are for the advertising ? Isn’t the point of giving 700 dollars per day to the lower groups is to keep them in and click ? Most people are for the profit and if you can free advertising on the side it’s a huge bonus. I just think we should do the same here and push more towards the pure ads like Marc said, but also do it here. I am definitely not an expert and know there is debt but seems like this one feature kills the whole point of paidverts. I haven’t bought a single ad pack here since ages because I am for the profit but had to do in PTCshare and funny enough found other places to advertise and get referrals rolling. I honestly think I am not the only one in this case.
Traffic Value: $1,701.2323 Honduras
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10/08/2019 19:08
@totoer008 Thinking that the combo paidverts-MTV has stagnant is totally missing he point. Right now PV-MTV  has reached a point of stability where users are taking advantage of buying RP's at 0.0005 with PV earnings, selling those RPs at 0.0006 and repeating buy-sell cycle until they have enough to climb a BAP group, selling the shares at 4 BAPs.
If you pay attention, you make way bigger earnings that the 18% you can make in PTC share by clicking ads in groups that are getting more crowded everyday.
Besides that, FBG group (owner of MTV; PV; PTCShare and all the other sites, earn the RP market commisions, which in turn help to reduce BAP debt (5% per BAP sale), and reduce cash debt (3% each sale) so later FTQ can be repaid. 
Stop thinking like the hare, and start seeing things like the turtle. Right now, everything is great as it is, if you know how to use it to your advantage. wink

PS: The only thing I would change, is the impatient guys selling fast at 
0.0006, if they would be a little bit more patient and let the sales at 0.0007 sell, and buyback at 0.0005, the most astute daytraders could be making almost 50% profit.
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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10/08/2019 19:33
Well... looking at it like this is kinda perverted. BAP market is not supposed to be the main feature here, let alone the only one to make a (good) earning. It's but a tool, and although PV is stable-ish, well, the regular earnings are close to null - except for buying refcom and certain good APS positioning (managed to get 2x80c ref ad issue for 2 days this week).

But, since BAP market is in question here, PV is none for worse if it is active. BAP was over-accumulating before it aswell.

So the main point is yes, (much) more sales and (much) more BAP reduction, for both PV and PtcShare. Marketing will be handling the sales part, but as far as debt reduction goes... we really need some new inovative approaches to reduce BAP in a friendly way. Gambling can't exactly be considered as such, and any significant decreases are mainly happening with gamblers specifically anyway (I'd say).

More approaches, functions to reduce BAP in a way that will be useful for those members, or something that would consistently attract a broader audience.

I'm often thinking about it, if I come up with anything good I'll surely let you know.
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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11/08/2019 03:22
People are willing to sell their BAP on the BAP market at 33 cents on the dollar currently. Those are BAP that the site would need to redeem for a much higher price if the BAP market were to go away. That is a huge savings and my only wish would be that, as the sites make more money, some of it would be put towards buying back BAP for .33/1. That is a huge potential profit center for the business.

Instead of needing to pay members $1.20 for every bulk ad purchased and $1 for every 2000 BAP in free activation ads clicked, they are willing to sell for 33 cents
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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11/08/2019 07:50
Let's not put the cart before the horse RE Members buying Ads in PTCShare at such a signicant level.

These are still early days, and thus still new members paying us old members (And $3000 Ad Issue doesn't go as far to the individual either).

YES, members are forced to rebuy (or gamble (house edge, but still) or quit or drop a level), but they only need to buy enough to "maintain" their BAP level. The "profit" does not have to go to trying to climb a group (and even if it does, currently we have the group level capped, at which point after a buffer no real need to keep rebuying, better to spend on pure ads).

Which is to say in order to pay the ROI we constantly need new paying old (which there is only so many potential members worldwide at that, decades? from now) and/or Pure Ads covering the difference. Along with our BAP reductors like Games and Inactivity.

This has been the case for the online industry as a whole since it started (and why my mom doesn't like it). If we could get real advertisers like Coke/Walmart/Netflix/Amazon/Apple/Google to advertise, they would make us fully sustainable as they wouldn't bother with having only 1 account with the max BAP level. Get them to test the waters with a Good $50 package, say a LA, FA, and a few different TA campaigns, with quite a few amount of banners thrown in. Do this for a week or 2, anaylze the traffic to their websites (how long did the member visit, did they click anything, if there was an offer to join a club or get 10% off the product (up to X Dollar) how far did they take it?). Now, that I think about it, $50 per day, for ever, for that type, is actually probably enough of a spend, at least at our membership base (though only 1 LA is avl, so there should be competition among the advertisers on that spot, even if they don't think daily is needed, there should be enough total advertisers to raise that.  But, still, we don't need $3K in real advertisers, more like $500, so get 10 or more at $50 and we are financially stable (well admin/programmers/support server mailer etc cost something, so bit more). And, we don't need the big advertisers all the time, if we can get 100 smaller companies, esp the startups that come and go, like the food delivered to your door services and all those advertisers that sponsors indivdual youtubers (like honey does for Mr Beast), they can just advertise at 1/10th the rate we would want the big co's to and we'd also be in buisness.

A representative of the company needs to find a way to set up a meeting with the advertising dpt of as many companies big and small, and just try. Granted, I know we've said before that the bigger companies want 100K+ min active members before they would even think about us, w/o laughingat us. Which is where we all need to continue to advertise far and wide. We all know that the ownership has proven time and time again, they are here to stay, and pay. So, it's an easy sell. Get the membership numbers up and we can get this ball rolling to bigger and bigger advertisers and reach our full potential (as Ad Issues will also have to grow as membership grows, and while maybe not 1:1 at least some happy medium ROI for the earners).

Also, I continue to say, even if I had something to advertise, I'd much rather spend it on our other forms of advertising, more bang for the buck that way. Heck, for me, give me 10 more BAP per $1, and I'll free up the advertising slots for real ads.

I know it's long, but I think it's got some nice nuggets and hopefully some motiviation throughout.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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11/08/2019 15:23
Just paid attention to a banner ad on PTCShare. Why is this in circulation?
hrjustinptc - Forum moderator
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11/08/2019 15:36
I was thinking the other day that maybe some sort of Business Ads with included perks like Geolocation, 60 second timer as default as one example would be a good Pure Ad. Maybe allow the advertiser to dictate the time users have to view the ad rather then 18 hours or their set recycle time. Then they can target the most active users in set locations with limited time offers. That would also keep users more engaged looking for ads like that since it would still consume BAP and get recycled. I know users might not like that but the focus should be more upon advertisers. Rather then catering mostly to just the viewers that only buy Bulk Ads so they can earn by viewing ads. With more Pure Ad revenue the viewers would make more anyways as BAP would get consumed quicker. 

Something like that might appeal to bigger companies. It could even be a completely separate super simple platform to specifically target ad sales to big business advertisers. Then PV/PTCShare would be used to deliver the traffic. I know paid to view traffic has been bad in general recently. Still there must be content providers that are still willing to pay for quality viewers without ever trying to view ads themselves. I feel like we need less emphasis on the Bulk Ads product on both PV and PTCShare and more on the Pure Ad traffic that can be delivered. 
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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11/08/2019 17:49
I don't want to "poo poo" your idea.

But, Heck no on consuming my BAP while I'm at work or asleep.

I can easily be away from any possible way to view an ad while at work for 10+hrs

If you could set it up so it doesn't consume BAP until I claim it (like Ad Grid in PV), and be limited time, sure, worth trying. Not sure if that much activity of a member will have much spending money, more research has been done to analyze that.
Traffic Value: $1,517.81278 United States
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11/08/2019 18:32
Those big companies do not want to advertise to ptc people. That would be a waste of money. They want buyer traffic, not traffic full of people who want something for nothing.
hrjustinptc - Forum moderator
Traffic Value: $8,376.82638 United States
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11/08/2019 18:46
Well when I imagined the idea it I was mostly thinking of large campaigns with something like a million+ views. Like a trailer for a new movie or the launch of a new product from big brands. I just thought of the idea of letting advertisers choose the timer as I was typing. Probably best leaving that up to the viewers. I just know I do some offers on reward sites that have short videos or 10-12 slides/pages 20 seconds each for $.01-$.02 reward. Sometimes they are repeatable sometimes 100s of times. So maybe have it to where users can request ads like that and have them deduct BAP as they view them. 
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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12/08/2019 05:17
hr & druth, it actually really sounds like an idea, and totally doable, with a slight change of approach.

Ads could be targetable like that, specific timer etc. anything else, but issued in a different way.

When such an campaign would become active, or triggered by preset parameters, an ad would show up, but you would have to "claim it"/"take the offer" for anything to happen. Meaning, the ads would have a fixed value or work in some other way, and would only deduct your BAP after you clicked/watched it.

Somewhat different from what we have now, but certainly worth considering I'd say smile
Traffic Value: $1,804.70567 France
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12/08/2019 12:12
That is kinda the point of me bringing up the subject. I’ve been at paidverts for 3 years now and I’ve seen the worst so I see the outstanding progress we’ve made so far. However I just wish we could stop with the backdoor business. I mean I am using it but I think it’s best to return to a more advertisement focused business so the company could make more money from it. If they do we will too !
On the topic of pure ads why not implement non the future the same business model that YouTube monster has ? I was thinking that vidéos are kinda the future and if we can make money and that we could attract people to the website and they will use it in different ways. I am really hopping that paidverts/ptcshare could become the internet hub of online advertising.
Traffic Value: $680.27326 Philippines
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13/08/2019 07:41
The part that really caught my attention is this:

-Added auto opening of SUU when mini SUU reaches under 100, and mega´s under 20 active ones.

Can we have a clue on how many active SUUs are remaining?
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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13/08/2019 10:43
Since they´re evenly distributed, mini´s are at about 50% filled, mega´s at 25%.

289 mega active, 339 mini.

Mini´s will probably all expire at once about 1.5-2 months from now.
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