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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
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01/04/2019 21:10
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Hi there, it's the silverback speaking.

Today I am giving you just a part of the news as I am extremely tired, but wanted to release something on April fools.
Don't expect anything fancy, it's just a summary of some of the ongoing stuff for now.


PTCshare Development:

The PTCshare development is on schedule.
The core of the website functionality has been copied over from PaidVerts with various improvements, changes and cuts to get a base model to work further on.

As our monkeys are finishing the core parts, they will also start reworking the way we store, read and query various data, (balance history, bap history...) which will have a huge impact on the performance of those pages and the overall upkeep costs.
Good little monkeys.

Meanwhile the major parts of the new layout are being finished in HTML & CSS, which will be the basis for the rest of the pages, which should be finished fairly quickly.
This means that soon we will be able to begin some first tests while the rest of the code is worked on, to catch any issues on the go and bring the overall development time down.
As these main pieces fall together, we will also be able to more accurately predict the amount of time we need to finish the product.


General updates

Our System administrator managed to significantly reduce monthly asset(images, bandwith..) costs for PaidVerts, which had been increasing slowly but surely over time.


We're happy to see a positive trend in our offerwall results, that were a result of some layout, UI and exposure improvements resulting in almost twice the revenue.
This does not only help generate some additional development funds, but also results in our users earning more, fueling the site's economy further.
We will continue working on further improvements to this – primarily by adding surveys, video advertisements and more.

We are also working with another ad provider, that might give us a quality ad inventory that will help fill our 728x90 & 160x600 banner slots on PaidVerts. This same provider, might be able to offer us a video ad solution with worldwide fill.
If this works out, this will give us something that no other PTC out there has! Fingers crossed! The banners might be added this week, but the video solution likely will take 1month + to be added, as our development time is focused on PTCshare.

The 3-month referral competition has ended yesterday, but as we suspect some users have abused the competition with multi-accounts, we will first be verifying these results, and remove any such users before running the final results. Please note this might take a day or two for us to go through before paying the prizes.


War Clicks developments

March started off really great for War Clicks, especially during our 3-year anniversary, which was filled with unique events, during which we had record sales.
Unfortunately due to plethora of other games competing for the promotional spots, we couldn't get any additional exposure on Kongregate during this period, which was a shame. But even without those, we recorded our best result to date there.

While we did great on Kongregate, the rest of the platforms recorded a very bad month, so overall we managed to bounce just south of the $9k mark total.
We had bigger goals for the month, but they took a blow due to Andraz's vacation and focus towards PTCshare, which resulted in some of the War Clicks development being delayed, which impacts the expected results.

We keep wondering why Andraz needs so many holidays, maybe it's a minion thing..

Until PTCshare is released that will be the case, as it will take quite some of Andraz's focus off of War Clicks.
But things are still in full swing and we're continuing to set up some strong fundamentals, for a bigger leap in a few months.

In short this is our priority update focus that will allow us to make some big leaps in the near future:

-Setting up some support/management automation

-Lategame extension (resolving some techonological limits), giving players more content, and some of this content also affecting/Changing the game throughout for a better and more exciting experience, improving user retention and monetization

-Early/day 1 retention improvements

-Automated Personalized sales (allows us to not rely on scheduled global sales only, which miss out 80%+ of players)

-Country HQ/Country vs Country feature improvements (balance, strategy, playability), that will make it more fun and better monetized while providing a better experience to all

These are all very important to “round up” the game, requiring minimal upkeep, and ensure any marketing done is as effective as possible. It is also important from a sense that if/when we revert any attention to a new/different version of the game, for the game to still be exciting and playable for existing users with very little upkeep.
As we are also more limited on Kongregate promotions for now (We likely can get 1 every 2-4 months) we need to make these very effective/big.
Especially if we can go for their badges, some of these improvements can be key to making the most of them.
These are very important, as we will also very likely be very soon working on localization of the game, as we are signing a partnership with the biggest Polish game portal.
So we want to “round up” the game, as the localization will take our focus for a few weeks, and we must ensure that the game remains exciting with us not focusing on it during that time – and also give us the best possible version of the game for releasing on their portal.

The potential there is immense, and separated into 2 stages: a localized existing version of the game (likely with an exclusivity period), and later a fully integrated, separate version for the polish market.

Not to mention, that the work we will put in preparing the game for localization, will also allow us to easily translate the game into other languages & look at other partnerships in the future!


I wish we had something to update you about from our leeches in Malaga, but sadly that's not the case.


Thank you for reading this news topic and you can expect some additions during the next few days, including layout images from PtcShare and more!
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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02/04/2019 13:31
Maybe you should start to work on the Andraz clone software. It could be a great app!
slosumo - Administrator
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02/04/2019 13:45
Tough one dguy... copyright issues:
Traffic Value: $892.42899 India
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04/04/2019 06:55
Cash offers loading time is too high. Please look into this
Traffic Value: $11,569.46477 Australia
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05/04/2019 00:32

It seems to me that Power Points in Boot Camp do not accrue while you're watching the video ads for production boost.

Do you think this will prevent people from watching the ads, hence lowering the revenue for MTV?

I'm talking on Kongregate, but it may be the same elsewhere.

Also, when you log in the chat is always empty, which makes it like noone is there.  Is it possible to have say chat from the last 30 minutes to scroll back through to make it more of a community?
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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05/04/2019 01:48
1. YES, the loss of production (it's not zero) is noticeable. AKA, if I let an ad run, then get interrupted and am gone for a bit what I thought would be the right time to come back and buy the next upgrade turns out not to be the case (not close enough that is).

2. In Game chat is controlled by GameX and that has the last X posts (could be days/weeks depending on how chatty the Country is). The Side Chat I think is just Kong and yes, I wish I could read that chat, but evenDevsknow about it and remind us that is the least perm way to try and get notes to the Devs as they won't see any while they are gone or if they do much of anything.

That said, the very most recent do show upon a refresh like if a chat is fast but you need to refresh you can still get the last couple that were there before you refreshed, so there is at least some code that Kong has, or maybe it's just a communication node delay.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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05/04/2019 05:08
Can we relook into increasing the timers for ads? 18hrs is not ideal. Heck Daily logging in for years on end limits our membership reaches as well.
slosumo - Administrator
Traffic Value: $28,438.4426 Slovenia
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05/04/2019 07:05
First time I hear PPs wouldn't be gathering while watching video, seems to be working fine for me, on all browsers:
* what exactly do you see - this is my case:

But either way, if that happens it wouldn't have a huge overall effect on gains, nor retention on the videos. Definitely some, but shouldn't be huge. We'll be doing some changes to videos in the near future anyway.

On the chat, there are known issues of sometimes messages not loading up, in that case you should try refreshing. We've had a few quick looks at that, but unfortunately no clear solution yet. So it's on the list, but we have many more priority updates right now, over many chat improvements.
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05/04/2019 08:34
I wrote a message about missing upgrades in the e231 range. Please look into it,when you have the time. thanks
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05/04/2019 13:13
there is also a bug on the results page on mtv, 2 days showing 0.00 
Traffic Value: $17,409.62296 Romania
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07/04/2019 05:59
I check all the time stats from paidverts and all are doing well except one that is very important and tell us a lot. Games have good results, everyday medium is more than 1 million baps cleared but even if more than 1000 new users registered everyday the number of active users remains almost the same in the last two months.
Goal of 100 000 active users at the end of the year is still touchable in my opinion but, as always, it seems that when is a new project all others are put in the background. Everything should be treated as very important if we want to have success in most of them.
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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07/04/2019 19:04
i really wished it wasnt allowed to sell millions of shares in 1 takes ages to get that one cleared  sad
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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07/04/2019 20:24
Does the selling actually slow down of quantity or is it just visual and ofc for the time being only that one member is getting there's sold?
Traffic Value: $868.5955 Netherlands
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08/04/2019 01:02

I think it is both
Traffic Value: $11,569.46477 Australia
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08/04/2019 02:31

Apologies for the slow reply.

I get what you get with the ads, but the powerpoints are not accumulating.

(on Chrome)
Traffic Value: $15,993.01608 Canada
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08/04/2019 04:27
It can be both. Some people will not want to sell at that low level so they won't make a trade. It can be a way to jam the market and force low priced sales.

I think a good thing would be to only allow trades to be x times the daily volume. So if there is 1 million shares traded then you can only have 3 or maybe 4 million open trades per person at a time. You could still probably game that though
Traffic Value: $2,179.00664 Slovenia
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08/04/2019 08:49
Nice to hear that PV will increase the ads by a 100$ smile
Traffic Value: $22,712.51463 India
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08/04/2019 11:05
BAP available through bulk ads, BUY bulk ads and get BAP.

Think market as market, wanna buy that or sell on low
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