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26th August - News

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MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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26/08/2018 18:24
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Even though I have always felt like sharing negative news has deterred investors and activity, I plan to keep giving as much of the story as possible.

So let's start off with some bad news, before the good news.

As you know, Payza is no longer operational due to being sued in the United States.
This has cost us a small chunk of money.

Additionally, Okpay suddenly disappeared 4-6 months ago, until it popped back up under a new domain "", several weeks ago.
After having written to them, they claim not to know of any account we had with them.
We aren't sure about the exact loss, but it sure is a hit.

Furthermore Bitcoin has dropped 70% since January and Litecoin took a whopping 85% dive.
Although we tried managing our funds the best we can, (while keeping cashouts to our users open and using Bitcoin for invoices as it's the easiest method around), this has ultimately led to losses as well.

But since we are seeing positive results on Warclicks and PlayPerfectMoneyGames, we decided to pay off some Fast Track Queue-investments none the less.

Regarding Paidverts:

Purchases seem to steadily decline over time, shrinking our ad distribution pool, which is why we had to shrink the daily ad issues as a natural effect.
We intend to give a boost to the ad pool through doing a number of promotions on advertising, bonuses on bulk ad purchases and host a number of different events surrounding our games.
Any support would be highly appreciated, since we can all agree that it's a special occurence for Paidverts to be wintering the "collapse of the online money making industry", where 97% of the others haven't.

Now on to the good news + an update about Warclicks:

Over the past few weeks we have been doing various quality most pressing updates to War Clicks based on feedback and what would help us increase rating the most. Initially rating dropped to 3.3 due to various reasons, but via the help of the updates it has been slowly increasing and is now at 3.4. We are continuing to deliver some crucial updates to improve especially early experience/rating, but also some long-awaited mid/late game progression, balance and quality improvements, that extend player retention and involvement with the game. We'd like to reach a minimum of 3.5, with 3.8+ being the long term goal, as it open us up to more promotions - and in general, the more the players like the game, the better monetized it will be in the end. These changes not only reflect on Kongregate version, but also the original one, meaning it helps us increase experience, retention and monetization across the board.
To name a few key reasons why rating dropped lower than we'd liked, as that gave us the best idea of what to focus on to improve it: Mainly a lot of negative feedback came from "first impressions" - specifically some people getting the feel of a "Pay To Win" or the game being a clone of other games (i.e. AdVenture capitalist). Also, due to Kongregate hosting a lot of idle/incremental games, Kong users seem a lot more prone to having a faster progression. After looking into this there are quite a few things that we realize might give users that idea, like a lot of options to use gold on, and the very first impression of Boot Camp, which "tent UI" resembles what a quite a few of other games have. When in reality, our game preceeds many other games in the genre, and has mechanics, features and depth to it unlike any other. And Boot Camp looks like it does for a better user experience and thematic reasons and is a natural way to display what happens there. As for gold use, War Clicks is one of the games that has some of the cheapeast in-game "classic idle upgrades", and it's scoring system and War Zone is hardly affected by gold directly. We are extremely careful when adding gold options to the game and have been very conservative with the bonuses they offer.
Yet a lot of users were given that perception - and when we explain some of our decisions and thoughts behind these things, many of these users change their mind and understand that the situation is not as grim and "p2w" as some users get the feeling of. This topic is something I could go on for ages... BUT, what is most important is to realize that that is the impression that a lot of users get and that we have to look into changing it - We are/will be doing this via adjusting progression to favor the Kong playerbase more, removing/Changing UI in some places that might give that "gold spam" look (when in reality those gold purchases have often 0 effect on any progress), and lastly also adjusting/increasing several ways in which we give out free gold, to allow players to afford a least some of the gold upgrades more easily early on. This will not only reduce the feeling of "you have to buy gold", but also give them a kick of a "fun factor", as gold has the biggest effect with the first few upgrades. Then its effects become logarithmic in a way.
We have also prepared a huge list of upcoming updates/improvements, and prepared a plan of what we want to achieve in the following month to consistently increase player base, keep players engaged for longer and drive results up. In short, some of the key updates we are planning till the end of the year that will help achieve this, is a Country vs Country feature, events, major progression updates, re-enaging on reddit heavily, potential addition to other platforms, promo codes... On top of that there will also be improvements related to monetization, from improvements and events/bonuses in ads/offers, to sale personalization and A/B testing.
To end with, despite the non-ideal rating, we are closing in on doubling the results this month - which is impressive considering that so far game discovery was almost 100% natural, without any specific promotions! Regarding that we have also talked with Kongregate staff, and it turns out that rating by itself is not the only condition to start being featured. They also look at game's performance, consistency in improvements and long-term plans. So they should find a spot soon to feature us on the first page for a week in the "Top Games This Month" section, after that they should be able to add us into the "Hot New Games" on the front page. For the latter, they will at start filter us only to users who are likely to rate us higher, which means less traffic but it will help us increase the rating and with that start gaining more exposure. They are also always open to work more closely with active devs, and if we show consistency in improvements we can be looking at additional promotions in the following months.
So we are doing our best to keep delivering as many improvements as possible in the following weeks, before moving onto new, bigger updates that will open us to an even bigger market!

Furthermore, regarding marketing, an update from Rok about what he has been up to lately:

There are a bunch of marketing activities that I’ve been working on lately. I have arranged a huge promotion with AdscendMedia that is currently running on warclicks and AG. ADSM is in this week paying 50% extra for completed tasks/offers/videos (and we are adding additional 50% extra gold on our side as well; total 100% extra) - that results currently in 3-4x higher daily earnings during the promo. I just got an email/confirmation for next week’s promo where adsm will pay 10% extra on some of their videos (that kind of campaign should at least double daily earnings in the Offerwall category, that prediction was made on the previous promo which generates great results).
Then we’ll share our Summer Pack (free cool outfit items) in the following days to all of our current players, also trying to get inactive ones back with such gift. Then there is Reddit as well.. Until the end of the month I will ‘build a presence’ so that we can soon share our development progress and changes on specific subreddits, which usually generates great feedback and also adds onto sales as well. I am preparing marketing materials for our upcoming promo's on Kongregate,for when we get into the Hot new games section. Their stuff might use layered .psd files of War Clicks promotional stuff if they decide to additionally expose WC. So, the materials need to be prepared well, as this might generate huge results. In September I plan to work on specific markets to fill the player-base in some countries by using Press Releases on gaming news sites. In short, lots of activities are ongoing and more are still to come and I am happy to see the potential and this month's result, as this gives us motivation for the future!


Furthermore I, (Marc) have been talking to Christopher (Agency) about finding and hiring additional marketers in Venezuela to help spread PPMG, PBG, PV and Warclicks to Spanish speaking communities around the world.
Venezuelan workers are very affordable and Chris will be there to make sure everything runs/everyone works smoothly.

Meanwhile as aforementioned, Rok will do marketing in a number of European countries to grow specific communities within Warclicks to help even out the odds a bit more and make for a better overall experience.


PlayPerfectMoneyGames has had its best month ever thus far, it nearly generated $15k this month!

Don't forget you can also earn from PlayPerfectMoneyGames' success by referring new users yourself!
You can read more about our referral program and your personal referral link, right here: Click
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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26/08/2018 18:39
Traffic Value: $13,153.21335 Spain
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26/08/2018 21:10
And FTQ? ... 2 years later I'm still waiting, a big investment I made
Traffic Value: $680.27326 Philippines
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27/08/2018 05:58
I was hoping you'd tell us if the recent PV promotion/event has been successful or not.
Traffic Value: $102.55821 Turkey
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27/08/2018 07:20
How may I contact Rok? I may assist him with a gaming website that I'm associated with for marketing.
Traffic Value: $952.82322 Hungary
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27/08/2018 08:39
And what about Fixed Ads auction? It's very effective, I can see that almost every ad is bought daily. Is it only a negligible income? Bulk Ad purchase makes debt, but what about other advertising ways? There could be PTSU, and other cheap advertising that supports PTP. More offerwalls would also be good, there are very few offers at my country.
Some kind of "Login Ad Surfer" would be effective for PTP advertising, especially if you wouldn't allow watching ads in small window. It would also increase the effectiveness of other advertisements.
Also, I would use AdvCash for deposit, because it has credit card option, but it's not available for weeks.
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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27/08/2018 09:09
"And what about Fixed Ads auction? It's very effective, I can see that almost every ad is bought daily. Is it only a negligible income?"

Just a glance and it seems like spots are being won with $4 per slot, so yeah $32 is negligible (esp if you factor in BAP debt 15 BAP x  ~13K = 195K x 0.0005 = 97.5 - 4 = NEGATIVE ~$93.5) OFC we give out AA ads and at the same value even if there are no advertisers and we do have the BAP tax, so anything is positive, but no, we need to sell these a lot higher. I saw some rejected so somu must have been $8, but still that's not much.
Traffic Value: $11,569.46477 Australia
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27/08/2018 09:34

You mentioned you would advise where the PPMG referrals are coming from, so that those who are advertising know where is effective.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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27/08/2018 09:42
@Marcus: You can contact rok here:

@Fraser: We're working on it. The pages returned us with errors, which are currently being fixed by the programmers.
Traffic Value: $952.82322 Hungary
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27/08/2018 10:46
@druth8x: You're right, but there have been AA ads before, so this is better than nothing. And I think it's gaining popularity. Also, AA ads #9-#18 deliver much less views than the others. 10,000 is very far from reality according to one of my referrals who bought it once. No one buys it, because $4 is too much for it. And if someone buy it without looking at the statistics, he/she will be disappointed.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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27/08/2018 10:51
As you can see, we basically live off of natural traffic.
There are very little links from referrers out there.
We have an amazing presence on google, ranking #1 on most keywords we deem viable.

In case you have suggestions of keywords to improve our presence and reach on google for any of our products, please let us know!

MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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27/08/2018 11:38
I've just made a list of keywords we haven't ranked #1 in and should focus on.
I just noticed that we basically never optimized any of our google ranking for Paidverts and just lived off of natural reach/word of mouth of the community..
That actually gives me a boost of confidence, as I will be working on the following list of keywords with one of our employees:

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Traffic Value: $114,601.66988 Spain
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27/08/2018 19:12
Hi Marc, any news about Crypto Trading Fund 2 ?
Traffic Value: $22,417.44153 United States
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27/08/2018 19:26
Crypto's are still down, so no good news.
He will not hesitate to post good news.
Traffic Value: $100.66699 Venezuela
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27/08/2018 22:59
Hi Marc!! How can I contact Christopher?? 
Traffic Value: $962.1283 India
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28/08/2018 05:40
hello admin FTQ payments?
Traffic Value: $680.27326 Philippines
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28/08/2018 06:17
I hope you would consider lowering the price of Super User Upgrades.

I know it's buying these upgrades right now is not a profitable idea. So how about making it a little less unprofitable. 

For example setting the price at $1 to receive at least $2 worth of 1% ads. I think this is much more attractive and much more chance for the buyer to break even.
MarcdeKoning - Administrator
Traffic Value: $468,983.12758 Netherlands
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28/08/2018 09:07
@Kain: Since he doesn't have a company email, the best method to reach him is through making a ticket on the PPMG site.
Traffic Value: $13,639.83048 France
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28/08/2018 09:17
Why is the value of ads paidverts less expensive every week?Until last month, Monday's biggest announcement was $ 5.5, last month's biggest announcement dropped to $ 4.5 a barrel, starting at $ 3.5 a week on Monday.
Traffic Value: $1,850.32389 Romania
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28/08/2018 09:21
Ad sales declining.
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